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  • Yuji Naka Promotes SA2 Battle at Cannes Gaming Show

    Andrew P


    Europe is just about the last place where Sonic Adventure 2 Battle will launch, thanks to the delay in Nintendo's Gamecube launch in the region. But, seemingly to make up for it, Sonic Team head Yuji Naka is personally touring the continent to promote the game, and he was spotted doing so in Cannes recently.

    According to a report by GamerWeb of the Milia 2002 trade show, the legendary developer was seen showcasing the game and even spoke at Nintendo's press conference during the event.


    Sonic Adventure 2 Battle was a crowd puller, with Yuji Naka himself at the show to promote the game. As a side note, Naka-san, who spoke at Ninty's press conference on day two, also dined at the same Cannes restaurant as GamerWeb on the first night, on the table next to us. Frankly I was surprised he was there, quite a coup for the show and only serving to strengthen world-wide support for this industry show.

    That's all the detail on Yuji Naka, but there's a lot more in the full report about the rest of the Milia 2002 event - you can check that out on GamerWeb here, pictures and all.

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