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  • Get Retro With This Official SEGA Saturn Backpack



    The Dreamcast may be recently dead and buried (sob), but how do you go about honouring SEGA's previous home console, the failed SEGA Saturn? Well, if you live in Japan, you can get yourself a tidy little rucksack that can hold all of your retro bits and bobs.


    The above item is an official piece of Saturn merchandise, straight from SEGA of Japan themselves. It will be available on their online store, D-Direct, from 20th June and will set you back 6,800yen.

    Which may seem like a lot, but also consider that if you don't live in Japan and you can manage to buy one, you have to worry about import costs and figure out how to get it home! Eeep! Good luck!

    via Swirlvision

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