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  • SA2 Limited Edition Box Set Releasing in Europe



    Well, this is it. The day that everyone in Europe and Japan gets Sonic Adventure 2. If you aren't considering getting SA2, why the hell not? All the coverage of the sequel (that appeared here FIRST ^_-) must have convinced you by now to go out and shell out a mere £40 in exchange for the best Sonic game to date.

    One last thing about the SA2 limited edition box set: we recently heard that fans in North America will be able to buy the set, after it was initially revealed for a Japanese release. But European gamers do not fret, because if you haven't bought SA2 yet, DON'T! Why?


    Because the limited edition box set WILL make it to UK shores! The box, a special edition Sonic music CD, a Sonic history book, a gold Sonic coin, and of course the game, will be selling TONIGHT at www.dreamcast-europe.com for £40! The same price as a normal game!

    The one catch - there are only 200 box sets. So get a box - like I definitely will - and be one of the lucky 200 to grab one. You can only purchase the box set at dreamcast-europe.com's online store, and the copies will become available from midnight onwards! So get those notes ready! I'll see you at the mad rush!

    Source: Sega Europe

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