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  • Sonic Team Reveals Sonic Store in Japan



    Hold on to your hats, because Sega has just opened a Sonic fan's paradise! An official Sonic store recently opened near Universal Studios's theme park in Osaka, Japan, and contains a treasure trove of branded merchandise and clothing that we'd love to get our hands on.

    As you can see from the pictures below, there's some pretty nifty t-shirts and jackets available to buy, along with Sonic Adventure-style plush toys and other apparel. Makes me want to buy a ticket to Osaka right now!

    2001-sonicstore-01.jpg 2001-sonicstore-02.jpg 2001-sonicstore-03.jpg 2001-sonicstore-04.jpg 2001-sonicstore-05.jpg 2001-sonicstore-06.jpg

    The store itself is called R-MIX, and can be found on the Universal City Walk in Osaka, which is free to enter (nearby is the Universal Studios theme park, which does cost money for admission). You can find the store on 4F of the mall near Osaka's JR Universal City station. Details below and on the Sonic Team website:

    Address: Osaka City Konohana-ku, Shimaya 6-2-61
    Tel: 06-4804-3838
    Opening Hours: 10:00 - 21:00


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