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  • New Phantasy Star Online Card Game Announced By... Nintendo?



    Surprise! If an upgraded version of Phantasy Star Online on Gamecube isn't enough to satisfy your Sonic Team RPG appetite, Nintendo has decided to let everyone know that a brand new entry in the series is in development. This one, though, involves playing cards!

    Shigeru Miyamoto himself revealed the existence of the new PSO title at a roundtable discussion at E3 expo this week. According to the legendary Mario creator, SEGA got inspiration to make this card-based game after seeing Nintendo's own LCD screen peripheral for the Gamecube.

    The thinking goes, if multiple players own an LCD screen (which attaches to the top of a Gamecube console) they would each have a private screen with which to plan strategies without others knowing. Apparently that lends itself nicely to a card game.

    No other details are known about this project, or whether it is considered by SEGA to be a true continuation of the PSO series or a spinoff in some way.

    Source: Nintendo (via TSSZ)

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