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  • New PSO Soundtrack Releasing 19 September in Japan



    It didn't take long for more information on the PSO Soundtrack to come to light, and we now have some concrete knowledge on release date and track listing. The official title of the OST will be "Phantasy Star Online: Song of Ragol Odyssey ~Soundtrack Episode I & II~" and will launch in Japan on 19 September.

    The 2CD collection will include a number of songs from the original Phantasy Star Online as well as Episode I & II - with even a few previously unreleased tracks thrown in for good measure. According to a new report from TSSZ, the track listing will look like this:

    Disc One:

    19 tracks total, focusing only on Episode I themes and featuring music left out of the original PSO OST for Dreamcast. Tracks include...

    • Phantasy Star Online OPENING THEME ~The whole new world~ (Lala Version)
    • Prenotion (Advertise)|
    • Image of hero (Character Creation)
    • Crossing3084 (Hunter's Guild)
    • Healing (Medical Center)
    • Chaotic (Shop)
    • Day dawns (Visual Lobby)
    • Valentine (Valentine's Day Event)
    • Easter (Easter Event)

    Disc Two:

    16 tracks total, focusing on Episode II. Tracks include...

    • The whole new world ~Phantasy Star Online EPISODE2 OPENING THEME~
    • Silent palace
    • A longing to ancient times PART1
    • A longing to ancient times PART2
    • Tricktrack PART1
    • Tricktrack PART2
    • Jungle -A lush road-
    • Jungle -A forest cage-

    Sounds like it will be one heck of a collection for PSO fans!

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