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  • NiGHTS and Puyo Puyo Minigames Unlockable on PSO Gamecube

    GC-GBA connectivity will happen in Sonic Team's online RPG.



    Missing Sonic Team's Saturn classic, NiGHTS into Dreams? Yeah, we are too. Puyo Puyo too. Well, if you're planning to pick up the Gamecube version of Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II, you will be able to play micro-sized versions of both games on your Game Boy Advance!

    IGN, reporting from the E3 2002 show floor, reveals the Nintendo-specific mode in the latest version of PSO, where minigames can be downloaded to a GBA after connecting it to a Gamecube via link cable. The two games are Puyo Pop and NiGHTS: Score Attack.

    "[NiGHTS Score Attack] is, essentially, a 2D conversion of the 3D game released on the Saturn system several years ago," IGN writes. "The GBA version features scrolling bitmap backgrounds instead of a full polygonal world, but the flying action was pretty faithfully converted on the digital GBA pad."

    Exciting, huh? Below you can find screens and footage of NiGHTS in action.



    Source: IGN "Article"

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