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  • PSO Features in SEGA's E3 2002 Lineup - But No Sonic



    SEGA has unveiled its E3 2002 showcase lineup, and it looks like Phantasy Star Online will get a fair bit of attention on the Sonic Team side of things. But, unless there's a sneak announcement happening during the show, it appears that Sonic himself won't be showing up in any form.

    The lineup reflects SEGA's moves to third-party, with a broad selection of titles represented across a number of different platforms. On PlayStation 2, F355 Challenge, Gungrave, SEGFA Bass Fishing Diel and Shinobi will be shown exclusively on the console, while Xbox will be getting SEGA GT 2002, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Crazy Taxi 3, House of the Dead III and ToeJam & Earl III.

    Beach Spikers, PSO Episode I & II and Super Monkey Ball 2 will exclusively hit Nintendo's Gamecube, and besides a baseball game only hitting Xbox and a tennis game heading to PS2 only, the SEGA Sports series will also be present on the show floor as multi-platform titles.

    Bear in mind that this doesn't seem to account for Game Boy Advance titles, which was one of the first platforms SEGA committed to as a third party, so it's possible that if there are any Sonic-related surprises it might show up on Nintendo's handheld.

    Source: IGN Xbox

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