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  • PSO Servers to Undergo Maintenance in May to Prep for Gamecube Version



    If you're an avid Phantasy Star Online player, you should be aware that on one particular day this month you may not be able to access the online RPG at all. It's all in preparation for something greater, trust us...

    That's right, it sounds like SEGA and Sonic Team are finally close to giving fans a taste of the Nintendo Gamecube version of PSO, as several servers will shut down for maintenance in preparation for incoming users of the Episode I & II Trial Version.

    The affected servers will be Carme, Anake and Leda, and the maintenance will take place on May 25th. So if your online experience is negatively impacted on that day, check the server name and this might be the reason.

    PSO Episode I & II Trial Version is expected to release in Japan later this Spring, so SEGA is getting ahead of itself to prepare for the influx of new users. We're looking forward to it!

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