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  • PSO Version 2 Confirmed for North American Release


    It's official - Phantasy Star Online ver 2 will indeed be hitting North American Dreamcast consoles, as well as Japan. Sega confirmed the existence of the Western release when announcing server downtime for the original Phantasy Star Online.

    "In preparation for [Phantasy Star Online Version 2's] launch [in Japan and the US], the 'Phantasy Star Online' gaming servers will be temporarily unavailable beginning the evening of April 24th," reads a report on fansite Sega Swirl Vision.

    "The update will be completed on Friday, April 27th, at which time the servers will be available for worldwide gameplay. During this time, players will be unable to log onto the 'Phantasy Star Online' network. Details on the US release of 'Phantasy Star Online Version 2' will be announced soon."

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