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  • PSO Version 2 to Feature More Monsters, Grave Markers

    PSO fansite tells of a few new additions to the upcoming update.

    Fresh info straight from PSO World, involving markers indicating a player's death spot, new dialogue trees, more accessible co-op play and a range of interesting new creatures that can help mix up an online game. Hit the jump for full details of the changes.

    1. Grave Marker: When a player dies on Ragol and is revived on Pioneer 2, the spot where the victim died is marked with the victim's name and level, as well as information of the murderer! Teammates can avenge the victim by hunting down the monster!
    2. Change Room: As mentioned by PSO Maneuver, this costs 100,000 Meseta a pop.
    3. More Interesting NPC Dialogue: NPC dialogue will be different based on time. If the user is using a pirate copy, the NPC might say, "Why do you want to use a pirate copy?"
    4. More Flexibility In Co-op Play: Multiple-door switch pads are replaced by one giant pad. This eliminates the chances of getting stuck when there aren't enough players. Also, more situations requiring teamwork will be added, such as blowing up granite boulders that are blocking the way.
    5. More Monsters: New types, such as laser-shooting ivy and some kind of unicorn (??), as well as more variations of existing monsters.

    PSO Version 2 is sounding cooler every day!

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