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  • Sega Europe Plans Dreamcast Parties at Sports Cafe and Wacky Warehouse

    SEGA Europe to provide Dreamcast pods in various restaurants.

    No, that's not the name of a weird new Sonic zone. Sega Europe has reportedly teamed up with a chain of popular bars and restaurants to promote upcoming Dreamcast games to kids and adults alike in the UK.

    The aim is to stage special events and host exclusive Dreamcast-themed play experiences at select locations of Wacky Warehouse (a chain of kid-friendly restaurants and play zones) and The Sports Cafe (a series of sport-themed bars and restaurants). Something to pass the time while patrons wait for their food.

    Playable demos of Sonic Adventure 2 and Daytona USA 2001 - the latter of which has yet to be confirmed for a UK release - are said to be a part of the festivities, along with the occasional Dreamcast promotional party. Anyone hungry?

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