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  • SEGA Sued For 'Causing Epileptic Seizures' with Crazy Taxi



    We all know that SEGA's arcade hit Crazy Taxi is a wacky game. But just how 'ker-azy' is it? Well, if you're the unfortunate daughter of a parent current suing Sega Corp in the US, it can be quite epileptic.

    Reports have surfaced around the web concerning a legal case that has been brought against Sega Corp by Claire Richoux in New Orleans. The lawsuit claims that Richoux's daughter suffered an epileptic seizure after playing Crazy Taxi in November 2000. Because the lawsuit also states that the child has never exhibited symptoms of epilepsy, it alleges that the fault for the incident lies with Sega.

    "Sega sold products which were defective and unreasonably dangerous," reads a statement from Richoux's lawyers. The lawsuit began in the New Orleans state court and has since progressed to the federal court.

    A number of video game companies have been sued for similar incidents, including Nintendo last year when two families alleged that their children had seizures while playing Mario Kart. We'll let you know if this progresses any further.

    Source: Press Release (via Gamerweb)

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