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  • SEGA Sues Kmart for Alleged Non-Payment of Dreamcast Shipments


    With all the news/rumours flying around about Sega ceasing production of the Dreamcast, you'd be forgiven for thinking that US retailer Kmart's removal of the console from its shelves was some sort of reaction to that. Well, you'd be wrong - Sega is suing the chain for allegedly failing to pay around $2.2 million for hardware shipments since 1999.

    IGN is reporting, via Reuters, that Kmart stopped stocking Dreamcast consoles since August, and that the reason is down to Sega ceasing deliveries to the retailer since June. According to Sega's claim, Kmart has yet to pay $2.2m of a $25.9m bill for the machines.

    Sega America's VP of Communications, Charles Bellfield, got chest-beaty about it. "This ongoing, malicious lack of payment by Kmart does not produce a working environment for companies to trade with one another,'' he said.

    Source: IGN

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