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  • Yuji Naka Places Some Blame For His Insider Trading on Secretary’s Mistake

    Claims his activity was not pre-meditated.



    The Yuji Naka insider trading scandal has taken another turn this week, with Naka reportedly blaming his recent activity whilst at Square Enix on a secretarial mistake.

    Naka was arrested late last year for insider trading, and admitted to it in a trial last month. Naka claims that a secretary sent him information he was not meant to see.

    According to Gosokkyu, who has been a good source of information over the course of this story, Naka is likely trying to make the case that this was not pre-meditated, in the hopes of getting a lighter sentence. Whether this defense will help at all, we’ll just have to see.

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    "You don't get it! A secretary tempted me to commit insider trading by sending me confidential information! Now throw them in jail as well!"

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