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  • Rouge Admires Her Emerald Reward in Holiday-Themed Sonic Pict Artwork

    Can you guess where Rouge is staying?



    Sonic Channel has posted a new episode of its ongoing 'Sonic Pict' series today, ahead of Japan's national 'Golden Week' holidays - this time focusing on Rouge the Bat, who is enjoying a little bit of alone time admiring one particularly precious gem.


    Posted on the official Sonic JP Twitter account, the wonderfully-coloured and incredibly stylish scene is accompanied with flavour text that suggests that the sometimes-secret-agent has just completed some work for the government, with some kind words of appreciation from the President. We can see the scenery of Radical Highway in the background, along with a billboard featuring Big the Cat and a NiGHTS themed tower across the night sky.

    Here's the short story that accompanies the piece (machine translated):


    “You did a great job, didn’t you? President Arigato💛

    After a certain big incident, there was a figure of Rouge enjoying the vacation in the suite while enjoying the beautifully shining "reward".

    The finest brilliance weaves the happy moments of the night…🌉

    From tomorrow #GoldenWeek! Have a nice vacation everyone!

    Happy vacation, Japan!

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    Hmm, bridge in the background and NIGHTS head clearly implies city from SA2.

    And of course there is Big hidden on the billboard. You know, one day I want them to make fan art starring Big, with like everyone else hidden on the back ground.

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