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  • Tails Goes For A Spin in March 2023 Sonic Channel Wallpaper

    Get your mobile and desktop wallpapers here.

    Sonic's best friend takes centre stage in this month's Sonic Channel artwork, as fans can now plaster Tails all over their desktop or mobile with some specialised wallpapers.


    Following the 2023 theme established by Super Sonic and Amy Rose in the months prior, March's prints features a Miles Prower in a cool action pose while his name is displayed behind him. Very stylish.


    We're not sure what Tails is so worried about - maybe someone's fiddling with the Tornado without his permission off-screen there - but we're sure he won't mind making a home on your computer screen. You can download the wallpapers either from the images embedded in this story (the Desktop one is for sizes 1920x1080), or you can head straight to the Sonic Channel website to grab the largest resolution sizes yourself.

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    Oh this is cool. I quite like the vibe they're going for with the 2023 Series of wallpaper art. Tails always looks so worried in official artworks though. :cough:

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    I’m so happy they decided to use Tails this month!  I wish his pose were more dynamic though.  Super Sonic and Amy Rose look so badass, so this is a bit of a let down.  He’s still very cute though!

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