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  • SSMB UPDATE: Exclusive Sneak Peek At The New Sonic Stadium



    Because this is my Message Board and all, I'd like to give my members a little sweet something every now and again. Sometimes I do, and right now is one of those moments. As you may know, The Sonic Stadium has been going through what has been noted as "Ein Rough Patch". This will all change in September, because with any luck, we will get hosted by Zifei, who founded none other than Sonic HQ!

    The servers are expected to be ready by September/Autumn, which is why not a lot of updates have been happening lately - because I'm on my own at the moment, I'm trying to get things ready so we can upload as soon as the servers are available to us.

    Furthermore, I noted once in an update that the layout of the Sonic Stadium is a better modified version of SSNG's. Well, as luck would have it, I'm changing the look for the final time. I want The Sonic Stadium to look 'El Professionale' when it comes back up on the new servers, and here - right here - is the very first screengrab you'll ever see from now until September....


    Savour that screengrab, because it's all you're getting until it's safe to explain more. It pretty much explains itself anyway, but that's what you're getting when the 'Stadium hits later on.

    The Sonic Stadium is finally getting a professional makeover.

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