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  • SSMB UPDATE: OK, I have had enough! EzBoard has got to go!



    I know we've all had this conversation before, but I am serious this time. We need a change from ezBread. Period. Now, I don't know whether I've told any of you this yet, but in the next month or so, The Sonic Stadium is getting new hosting facilities. I don't mean simply moving to a better 'free' host, I'm talking the _real deal_ here - and we owe thanks to Zifei, founder of Sonic HQ, no less.

    Now, when we get the go ahead to move the 'Stadium there, the facilities there will give us the opportunity to host a Message Board of our own - no free ezBoard or anything like that, because it can handle the most trivial of PHP and MySQL (prolly means nothing to you - let's just say these are what you need to have your 'own' MB).

    Now, I think when we get the space offered to us, that we'll be doing the Message Board first, mostly because the 'Stadium's renovation is nowhere near completion. ^_^ By this, we mean by holding an all-new type of Message Board. Soon, this ezBoard will not be the subject of our SSMB frivolities anymore.

    I know many people won't be willing to move to the other board, and some SSMB purists here will definitely not warm to the idea. Believe me, I have given this a LOT of thought... unlike last time, I'm not going to rush in, choose three random MB softwares and expect you pick one.

    No, this time, I've picked only one... and I'm not showing you yet... because I want you lot to warm to it very nicely... it really is a fantastic Message Board...

    The new home is phpBB, not YaBB, not Woltlab. phpBB. I've been on a site that has recently revamped it's ezBoard to a phpBB, and it looks gorgeous. I fell in love with the MB as soon as I clapped eyes on it. Trust, this is not some dodgy choice decision made by myself. This is why I'm not letting you have the test forum until I have made it perfect.

    In fact, I have it all uploaded on a free site, before we move to the new servers, but something tells me I should really rather wait...

    Anyways, when the test forums are up, this ezBoard will still be here, as a backup in case the phpBB goes down the pits. So, all in all, we're moving. ^_^ But, this place'll still be open, and there's no cause for panic yet... because the test forums are a month or two away yet ^^

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