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  • SSMB Update: Please Guys, Just... Trust Me



    Right, I want everyone in the entire Message Board to read this message, so if you know anyone who has not read this topic yet, then direct them right here. Also, keep this topic bumped for as long as possible please, because as Head of the SSMB, this message to all of you is important to everyone, newbies and oldies.

    You may have noticed a string of events happening to the good old SSMB recently. First a cosmetic change, then an attempt to revolutionise the Battle Stadium (which, thank you very much, I'm not in the mood of trying out now...), then an attempt to even change Message Boards! You guys must be pretty confused as to the future of this popular cult that everyone else who is not "one of us" merely grunts as 'SSMB'.

    However, those people that merely grunt those letters are missing out on something big. That 'Something Big' is this. You lot. Even those that have just joined us are having a great time here, and I'm proud to say that standing tall. And erm, everything. You see, at the end of the day, when it comes to the future of the Sega Sonic Message Board, remember this.

    It is NOT about which servers we use to post messages to each other online. It is NOT about familiarity, and not wanting to move or change a feature merely because we are so used to having things the way they are - in fact, change is very much an exciting aspect. Do you guys do EXACTLY THE SAME THING every day, day in - day out? Even if you go out every night, having exactly the same old routine must get pretty damn boring at times. That is why change is so exciting half the time.

    But regardless of that sentence, the SSMB is NOT about having the same old things. No, those words 'SSMB' mean only one thing - YOU. It is US that makes the SSMB what it is, not where we actually stay in doing so. Changing boards or aspects of things shouldn't even be a second consideration, if not exciting to all of us. So just remember that everyone, SSMB means US, not EZBOARD and as long as WE don't change, it really doesn't matter what else does change. Got it?

    However, one of those things that come under 'US' is 'TRUST' - and it is this and the following may may explain my recent attitudes to your honest and unbiased opinions of the change that really is insignificant to US:

    The real problem I had along with this 'Trust' business lies with people trusting ME. Sonic Guy put it to himself that he is no ordinary person (when he thought that the reason for my gittish-ness was because of him).

    Well, I'm no ordinary person either (apparently ^_^). In a space of two years, I created The Sonic Stadium (soon to be SSNG now, thank the lord), Sega Sonic Radio, Sega Sonic Message Board, The Sonic Fan Club, The Sonic Site Awards, and maintained every one of those creations I've had.

    This board in particular is my favourite accomplishment - I'm glad that what I have done to this board has actually made a bizarre community (which I like :P) in which we talk about anything, Sonic, death of Bill Gates, and anything again.

    But, when I even so much as breathe at an attempt to try something new, it immediately gets blown away by everyone, almost all of which follow Sonic Guy's original opinion and have no real insight to the matter [probably] (not that that's your fault SG). Now that may not be the case, but it very much feels like it.

    I mean, your blowouts to my ideas probably wouldn't be so hard-hitting to me if The Sonic Stadium, Sega Sonic Radio, The Sonic Fan Club, The Sonic Site Awards, and this Message Board wasn't as popular with the Sonic Online Community in the first place, and ended up being complete toss. I'd respect your opinions to say "Nah, this is a naff idea" to EVERYTHING I try, if that was the case. But the fact is, all of my past creations ARE extremely well-recieved and critically acclaimed, yet the people on my own Message Board, the guys I trust the most, can't even trust me if I attempt to make one tiny modification. It really does sadden me. 馃槥

    Anyway, after all this I just hope that the community on my Ezboard are willing to allow any changes I make for the better. If in doubt, just look at my track record of all my past creations - I'm sure you'll find that's a lot of popular events and sites in just a mere two year period of actually being existent online. I'm not saying I'll ever get anything wrong of course, but you'll never know if something is a proper shat idea if you don't TRY it first.

    And remember, as long as we don't change, anything else that changes is irrelevant.

    Cheers for reading you guys.

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