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  • SSMB Update: Rargh! First Nomination for Replacement Board Here!



    Right, last time I spoke on this matter I was torn between three main MBs to replace SSMB (over time). The three were: YaBB, IkonBoard and Woltlab. The first of the three, the YaBB one, is now fully configured and functional. Try it out now, because this may be the board that could be the new home for you lot!


    I found netfirms, that use Perl scripting, which is nice ^^ I would have had the Ikonboard ready, but I foolishly uploaded it all on Tripod because I thought it had Perl support.

    And I would have had the Woltlab board up as long as a week ago, but there is a severe bug with the boards - you gotta register to post, which isn't that bad, but there's a bug that keeps logging you out, so you have to keep logging in every time you try to do something. >_< Woltlab's site is down too, so that may come a measly last between the three if the bug keeps up.

    There IS a small bug with the YaBB, in that when you register you can't access the Profile pages (so you can edit your personal photo, custom sig etc), but it's only a small bug, and you can still do everything else.

    Plus, you can post as a guest too! Marvellous!

    Get settled into the YaBB board right away!


    P.S Oh, BTW, The Sonic Battle Stadium Season 2 will start... when the new board has been chosen! ^_^ Until then you can battle here, because there's no point in battling in two possible reject boards...

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