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  • SSMB Update: We're All Moving Boards Soon...



    Let's face it, Ezboard has been fun hasn't it? We've had some quality chatting, some excellent battling and even some hilarious fluffing. But times change. People change... *SLAP* Ow. Ezboard is getting slower and slower by the minute (and I don't think it's by accident - stupid assholes want our money so bad...). I know because it even bogs down on my connection... and I have BROADBAND >_<

    I've been looking for an alternative to Ezboard. However, don't be discouraged, the move will not be immediate, it's not as if I'm gonna suddenly shut off the greatest MB on the net, now am I?

    But I think that Ezboard has had its time, there are greener pastures, if you will, that should deserve to continue the SSMB legacy forward.

    I've been looking at the alternatives (I'm not going to settle for second best, trust me on this one - I'm getting a better board with much more features, if not the same amount of, as Ezboard, albeit faster and more efficient), and YaBB seemed good, if only I could find a bloody free host that accepts CGI >_<

    So, I canned that idea for www.woltlab.de board. Soon I will have it ready, and I will give a link - there won't be all the forums there to start with - after all, it'll take some time before the legacy is regained in a new home - think of it as a BETA New MB, in which you can try out all the new stuff and get accustomed to it before the slow and gradual move.

    Like I said, a SLOW and GRADUAL move - as long as everyone is content with this board, the two can co-exist together, but sooner or later I may have to speed up the process, if only a few people start coming to the Ezboard, and everyone else takes residence in the new one, for example.

    I KNOW I'm gonna get a pounding from you lot AGAIN - especially Sonic Guy - but trust me, I know what I'm doing, and it won't be a successful move if I didn't know what I was doing.

    The new BETA version of the SSMB will be online soon, and a link will be available as soon as. To get you started, only three main forums will be up - BETA Chit Chat, Sonic Battle Stadium (New Home, New Stadium ^^) and BETA Request forum and comments. As none of the other forums are quite as popular, they will all be moved across later on in the new board's life, as not to kill it off as soon as the new MB shows itself, see. 🙂

    The only downfall with the new MB is that you have to be registered to post, which in all honesty isn't really much, I mean, it's good to be part of an MB TEAM, rather than just guest posting all the time eh? 😉

    So, prepare for a more advanced Sega Sonic Message Board, the BETA will be arriving soon.......

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