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  • TSS Update: Birthday Bonanza, Sonic Site Awards Launched



    My Birthday has passed, and I am extremely happy. Not only does the Linkin Park album rock to hell (well, I kinda knew that anyway) but I also bagged myself a Game Boy Advance. I’ve yet to play any GBA games for it though – I could only afford a trade in, but I still got some of my GBC games. Just gotta get a GBA game next week then. Sigh.

    As I said before, I’m very happy. And today marks the opening for the First Annual Sonic Stadium ‘Sonic Site Awards 2001’. Yes, YOU and YOUR site can get recognised, it’s time the Sonic Stadium took a step back and let all you talented HTML guys battle it out in over 10 different categories for supremacy! The whole point of the Awards is to acknowledge all those who have worked hard on Sonic sites, like I have, and commend them for their efforts to make you, the Sonic site surfer, happy.

    This is another chance for the Sonic community to get together here and have a friendly fight to victory. Of course, like me, I suppose none of the other webmasters care if they got an award (modest!), but it’s always nice to say to them all that we know they’ve worked hard, so they should be congratulated. Don’t forget, if you don’t own a Sonic website, you can still submit your favourite Sonic site, whether it be the Moogle Cavern, H Hog’s Zone, SharkAttack, the Sonic Stadium itself or Sonic HQ.

    On another note, someone collared the 1,000th visit recently. SO WHY DIDN’T THEY POST A PICTURE AND MAIL IT? ^__^ I suppose since no-one’s replied for this long, the new target is 1,100, so KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE HIT COUNTER!!! It’s at the bottom of the page! So go, go now to see if you’re visitor 1,100.

    Apart from the opening of the Awards, which I suppose most people have gone off to view now, not much else is happening here still. Again, this may be due to my hyperactive updating recently, but I had to open the awards. It’s time the webmasters for the recognition they deserve… even more! ^_^ Well, since not a lot is going on here, why are you reading what I’m saying for? Go and submit your favourite site to qualify for the final polls. Forget me, just submit! This is your chance to make your site heard! You have two months to submit, so hurry.

    Well, it seems that apart from the Awards, this is has been pretty dry again. No doubt my mailbox will become flooded with site award submissions, so even if I wanted to, I probably wouldn’t be able to update until September/October. Still, it gives you a chance, if you’re not interested in the Awards, to submit your own fine work to the Sonic Fan Club. Come on, the SFC if there for YOU! It can’t survive without your ongoing input! I mean, what better things have you got to do? ^_^


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