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  • TSS Update: Fans Fans Fans, and GCSE Preparations


    Welcome to the Sonic Stadium! The place that's kicking with ALL the right vibes this start of spring! Well well now, what do I find in my e-mail inbox earlier on this month but a piece of fan art! Great! This'll be the first Sonic fan-pic in Sonic Stadium history. I've also added my own, so now you have no reason to not send any in!


    It’s all ‘Fans Fans Fans’ this month. Not only do I get a lovely piece of fan art from Hunter00x (see above – special thanks!), I get the fab opportunity to review my pal H Hog’s fine fan game! Called Sonanoid, it’s basically Arkanoid with a difference! You can read the review and download it at your pleasure here. Great work H! ^_^

    Right, now I'm looking in my Message Board, and not only am I chatting to cool Sonic fans such as yourselves in there, but I also find the start of a Fan-Fic! Well... it's an add-on story, but it counts and the interactivity is what makes it so fun, right? ^_- As soon as it's finished, it'll go up in the Fan Fiction area, which I'll make when I have time.

    Ah, Sonic CD! Yes, this godly game HAS indeed been reviewed, you can check the Back Catalogue now for information on the great game. As well as Sonic Pocket Adventure! Another piece of great news is that my buddy BlazeHedgehog's special expo, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo (SAGE), is open for the second time in Sonic history! It's only open for a couple more days, and I was late to announce the first opening, but this time Dreadknux will give you all the inside scoop on upcoming Fan Games!

    Now, this has gotten me in the mood for making my own fan games! Indeed, I am making one right now! But... AH! I can't tell anyone about this, for fear of my non-completion and everyone's disappointment.

    AND!!! I got past the 500 hit-mark on my stats counter! Thank you to all you Sonic fans for helping me achieve this amount in less than half a year! Keep it up! I can tell you that (by word of mouth only) the 500th was Slipknux!!! Well done to him! Although next time, if such a memorable mark is to be reached, prove that you're "The One". Or just press 'Print Screen' on the counter. Whatever. ^_^

    As my fave saying goes; whenever something good happens, something bad has to also happen. This is also true in today's case. Dreadknux will be taking some time out and will be completely, erm, 'disconnected' from the Internet world (except for e-mail), starting April. Why? This is where the evil four letters come in: GCSE. Yes, I must start revising for the dreaded tests before I end up getting a grade that only qualifies me to be a piece of seaweed.

    So I must say Goodbye to all of you for the next few months, I WILL return in the Summer, but for now you can only contact me via e-mail. For my big return though, make sure it is a pleasant one. Make YOUR mark. Send me Sonic fan art, info about your fan games and fan fiction via e-mail (it's the only way I'll be able to contact you) and other general Sonic stuff - and you'll see a whole new Sonic Stadium come Summer. Oh yes. Keep well, my amigos, and may the time we meet again be joyous. Ah the frivolous enticements of GCSE life eh? >_<

    Stay ICE, until we meet again.

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