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  • TSS UPDATE: Merry Christmas!



    What's Up everyone? Yes, it's that time of year again, you go and buy presents for others *groan*, but then you get some really cool ones in return! Yippee! Unless your granny misread the Sonic Advance you asked for and she gets you 'Carvello's Putting Challenge' instead. ^_^

    I didn't do a Christmas update last year, unfortunately, so I'm doing one now, I'm really in the festive spirit, and so should you. This update is not big I'm afraid - The Sonic Site Awards Ceremony is what everyone wants right now, so I'm preparing massively in advance. Thanks to everyone this year for your support of this site, things will get even better next year - promise! Speaking of which, expect something different starting next year...

    All the submissions I've had now will be shown in the New Year's update, which is next year, natch. Other than that, More Fan Art, More Links and More Hoaxes for you to salivate over. Remember the Sonic Site Awards 2001. BE THERE! All you have to do is visit THIS SITE on the day and the site will do the rest for you - it will have a different layout, so don't get freaked, OK? ^_^ If you've been living under a rock for the last 6 months (read: don't know about the Sonic Site Awards 2001).

    Finally, Hope everyone gets what they wanted for Chrimbo, Santa is pleased this year... have a happy New Year too, make those resolutions stick y'all, I'm sure I won't... 馃檪

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