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  • TSS Update: New Sections, Old Sonic Game?


    Hi there all you Sonic fanatics! Well, I promised something for all you guys - I'm about to reveal my new 'Zones' for the Stadium! Introducing the 'Community' and 'Art' sections!

    In 'Community' you can sign my Guestbook, view what you have written and post messages on my all new Message Board! Talk about whatever you want. 'Art' is just that - Sonic art. There's box art, official art, screenshots and your fan art, which shall open soon (assuming people send me fan art of course. USUAL MAIL ADDRESS!)

    It seems that a lot of people like my site. As well as getting a good response from the poll, it seems that over 70 people have visited since the Stadium opened some three weeks ago! Thanks everyone. That's made my day! AND some rumours have leaked about new info on a past Sonic game, want to know what it is? I... CANNOT SAY! Not just yet, nothings been said YET. You now have a right to be in MY good mood now.

    Unfortunately, where there's good news, there's almost always BAD news. I surfed on my site on my Dreamcast, and the site looked all over the place, so don't even attempt to go on my site on your DC's. A pain I know, but I'll try and get it fixed soon. ^_^

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