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  • TSS UPDATE: SAGE 2002 and Our 10,000th Visit!



    Woah, so much going on this month - SAGE 2002 is here if you hadn't noticed, and The Sonic Stadium, yet again, is ready with ALL the exclusives! Click here to see it. Also, someone got the 10,000th Visit to this website! Sadly, no-one owned up except for SegaSonic15 who was hit 10,020-something - so he will get mentioned in the Sonic Stadium History page.

    While all this is going on, prepare for a reform of the current layout - it won't affect anything like closing the site down again or anything. Take this as kind of a 'beta' version of what is to come. You won't be disappointed.

    Finally, shockingly, there's a bill waiting to be passed through the U.S Government - another one of those 'Computer Protections Act' rubbish. Only this time it's MUCH worse - should this law be passed, it means that anyone caught using freeware programs to create their own utilities will be arrested - that means Fan Games, Midi Creations. Anything that needs the help of shareware/freeware programs like CnC, TGF, MMF et al.

    BUT, there is a way you can help stop it. Click this link and sign the petition! Don't let the U.S ruin the Sonic Fan Community!

    On another note, if you wish to make any programs with "The Sonic Stadium" name on it (the trend seems to be catching on fast!), then you must contact me, whether it will be Official or not - this saves a lot of "You stole my site name for your program" rubbish, so please get in touch with me first, eh?

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