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  • TSS UPDATE: Sonic Adventure 2 Hits Today!


    Hi everyone, I'm back, and I feel great! For four reasons.

    1. My GCSE's are over!
    2. It's the Summer Holidays!
    3. The Sonic Stadium's back, and kicking ass!
    4. Sonic Adventure 2 is coming out TODAY!!!

    My God, I'm glad I'm back, I haven't seen you for so long, it's unbelievable. You must be glad your holidays are here too!

    Woah, if I wasn't revising for my GCSE's, I've been on my PC for the last couple of months ensuring that this new look Stadium will kick some major ass. I am incredibly pleased with it, and I hope you are too. Well, new stuff, new stuff... I changed every page, because it took too long to load when it was online, especially the main page (this page). I had thought about a frame, where all the sections go, but instead I opted for a navi bar down the side, and a small extra nav text bar across the top of each page, so now you can select what you want with ease.

    I have some VMU Games online, thanks to JaoVMU. There's more Sonic Wallpaper, and I have archived all the Sonic ROMS you'll need. I have added more info pages to the Back Catalogue (Game Info Page), I have a new section where I review BETAs and other weird Sonic games too. The Walkthroughs and Game Genie Codes sections are finally up, Dreadknux's Forum has had a makeover, and there's a new section that you should get excited about.

    The Sonic Fan Club. There's been so much unpredicted hype about all this, and if you don't know what it's all about go to the Sonic Fan Club Information Page. At the moment there's 7 sections to SFC, there's SFCNews, where you tell me any news about your new fan game, or new fan fic etc. Sonic Fan Game Club, or SFGC as its more popularly known, is all about your fan games, so send them in and take a look at what Fan Games I've reviewed. Sonic Fan Art Club is where you send in your Fan Art and it gets put up in the gallery.

    Sonic Fan Fic Club is the place to send your talented Sonic stories, whether they be written or cartoon stories. There's even Add-on Fan Fics going on in Dreadknux's forum, so go and take part! Sonic VMU Club is for people with a liking towards making their own VMU games, animations and even hacked save files. If you like creating Sonic hoaxes, then the Sonic Hoaxers Club is the place to send them. And if you have anything to say about any Sonic related topic, whether it be a review of a game or just a personal view on Sega's position etc, you can have your say in the Sonic Shout section. Explore the Sonic Fan Club, it's here for YOU! Go on, it's your section, enter your marvellous work.

    Other new additions, you can view Sonic music Album covers in the Album Artwork section. The Music Archives has had a complete overhaul, and now you can send in your own masterpieces of Sonic music. Plus, the Sega Sonic Radio is back online, with more Sonic tunes, click on the link for 24 hours of Sonic music, 7 days a week! Also, the Interact section has had a few additions, including a new home for the polls, a new section called Petitions Pageant so you can vote for whatever the Sonic community want, and the start of the Sonic World League, a place where you can prove your Sonic games-playing greatness to the rest of the Sonic community.

    On top of this, there's a special section, called Ask Dr. Dre(ad). If you have ANY questions relating to Sonic, upon any aspect of Sonic, then check in with the Doctor and he'll answer your questions with a slightly precarious medical vocabulary. Finally, the Links Section has been updated, and there is the Universal Form, to send anything to Dreadknux, whether it be links to your new fan games, cheats for a Sonic game not covered, or even just to say 'hi', I love hearing from all of you, so don't hesitate to send me anything related to Sonic.

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Bet you weren't expecting THIS for a new look Stadium eh? Unless of course, you saw the new look trial a while back. But then again, the new-look trial was nothing like this! ^__^ I'm glad, and I hope you are glad of the re-furbishment too. Well, enjoy what there is. Have a great Summer holiday, or whatever there is of it until I update. Make sure you send something in, whether it be Music, World League entries or even questions to Dr. Dre(ad). Above all else, please take part in the Sonic Fan Club. The SFC is a brilliant new idea just for you, and I'd hate to see it all go to waste like most things have in the past in the Stadium. TAKE PART. No, TAKE PART!!!!!!!!! Do your bit - send me something, anything and I'll see you when I next Update. See ya soon. Dreadknux ^_^

    Oh, just testing whether you're reading this (of course you are ^_^), but if you are reading this bit, and you REALLY SHOULD, you REALLY SHOULD check out the News Section. And I mean it! News on a new Sonic game that will blow you away! I don't wanna spoil the surprise. But promise me when you do find out the little surprise (and you'll KNOW what it is when you've found it in the News section), make sure you post your thoughts on the Message Board by clicking the links below.

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