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  • TSS UPDATE: SSNG and Sonic Battle Stadium Season II Launch Dates!



    OK, it's 'Announcement Time' with everyone's favourite echidna. Erm, yes. ^^ Right, first off: Sonic Battle Stadium Season II. Creation of the new season's rules are well underway and should be finished very soon. I'm hoping to launch the new Season next week - probably Saturday.

    New things to expect in the battles: Items; Weapons; more Element-based battling; Battle Variations such as Team Battles and Sudden Death matches; Boss Matches; Item purchasing and Trading between fellow battlers; and even the opportunity to create a Battle Variation based on your own rules (as long as they are easy to comprehend, and don't stray too far from the basic rules).

    I'm hoping to implement an 'Adventure' feature too, separate from the Battling part - it will give players Special Items when they complete the Adventures available, and is set more like an RPG adventure based on the SBS, rather than straight out battling (although the battling is key and the whole point of the SBS).

    The best bit? I've successfully done away with the crappy Level Up System - this ties in very nicely with the Items system, which has been primarily implemented to replace it. More details when the new SBS is launched next week. Also, expect the actual watching audience to play a part in battles as well...

    Sonic Stadium News Group

    OK, the second announcement of the day/week/month/whatever. If you hadn't plainly noticed, there's a new Sonic site doing the rounds, and will be nearing completion soon.

    That site is called the Sonic Stadium News Group (SSNG), and since our first announcement in February, you would not believe the amount of support for this new site! People have been offering exclusive stuff, advertising the site on their own website, and talking about it, saying that it could even crush Sonic HQ and TSSZ! I wouldn't go that far, but Andrew (Sonic_Hedgehogs) and I are hoping that you'll like it.

    For those that do not know, SSNG is a collaboration between the two excellent websites - The Sonic Stadium and Sonic News. Open since 2000, the two webmasters decided to team up and kick some real ass - Zifei has even offered us webspace as soon as September, so we'll be moving with any luck from Angelfire as soon as we make a successive impact.

    The date of SSNG is.... JUNE 23rd, as already announced. That means that Sonic's birthday will also be a time to celebrate the SSNG launch, and loadsa people'll be invited both here, and chat rooms to enjoy the supreme launch of it all.

    Furthermore, with SSNG becoming the centre force for all of my creations as well (i.e. Sega Sonic Radio, Sonic Fan Club), the Sega Sonic Message Board will be, as of June 23rd, the OFFICIAL MESSAGE BOARD OF SSNG! Much like the Mobius Forum for Sonic HQ, only we kick ass.......... just joking, I like the MoFo actually. ^_-

    But, that can only be excellent news for us lot - more and more people will start visiting SSMB, because it'll be directly tied to SSNG!

    That's not all. June 23rd, if you recall, was the re-launch of the Sonic Stadium website last year, and with that, the launch of four new Sonic Stadium elements.

    • Sega Sonic Radio
    • The Sonic Site Awards
    • The Sonic Fan Club
    • The Sega Sonic Message Board

    So, not only will June 23rd THIS YEAR be the launch of SSNG, it'll also be the FIRST BIRTHDAY of:

    • Sega Sonic Radio
      (Radio Station - http://listen.to/segasonic)
    • The Sonic Site Awards
      (began in 2001, now coming back for 2002! The BIGGEST Sonic Awards ceremony on the net!)
    • The Sonic Fan Club
      (the biggest Sonic Fan Fair online - home to hoaxes, Fan Games, Fan Fics, Fan Art and more!)
      Take a bow, because on that very day it'll be the SSMB's first birthday, as well as the other three above, and you'll be a part of the launch and the birthday celebrations!
    • Heh, also, it's my birthday on the 30th June... so many birthdays!!! ^__^

    So...... prepare yourselves, as the SSMB will soon be entering a new era, an era with SSNG, and with its first year almost behind us, the future is certainly looking rosy.

    I couldn't have been doing this without @Andrew P, so *salutes* I salute you sir! ^.^

    Right, that's about it for the announcements - June 23rd, important date (SSNG opening, Birthday of SSR, SFC, SSMB and SSA), and SSMB = Official SSNG Message Board. Oh, and Season II of SBS.

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