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  • TSS UPDATE: The Sonic Site Awards PHASE 3: The Ceremony!!!



    OK, you've all been sitting on the edge of your seats for it. I can tell what question you are going to ask. "WHEN WILL THE WINNERS BE ANNOUNCED DREADKNUX, YOU SCURVY TEASER YOU!?" Ah, the magic begins. For now, it is time to let you in on the little secret...

    The Sonic Stadium's Sonic Site Awards 2001 has had a phenomenal response, it's truly the biggest event this year. So, naturally, to announce the winners would need some kind of... celebration, let's say. And don't worry - yes, I have thought of everything. ^_^

    The Sonic Site Awards PHASE 3: The Ceremony, as it's dubbed, will be taking place on... DECEMBER 29TH!!! That's the last Saturday OF THE YEAR, just a few days before the New Year. 🙂

    The time of the event will occur...

    3:00 PM GMT (UK)

    Got that? Make sure you have, as time zones are about five hours apart between the United Kingdom and the USA, so there has to be two separate times. So - British Sonic Fans, make a date for the afternoon... and US Sonic chums, clear everything you have set for that Saturday morning.


    Please please please, make your way to the Sonic Stadium BEFORE 3:00pm/10:00am (US Eastern Time), that is paramount - otherwise you may be late for the results!

    What you must do is head to The Sonic Stadium, as normal. The main page will be replaced temporarily with a special PHASE 3: The Ceremony page, with an intro to the event, a link to continue on to The Sonic Stadium if you choose not to attend, and links to (1) A Universal Free Chat Room, (2) The Sonic Stadium's Message Board and most importantly (3) Sega Sonic Radio.

    Why all the links? Because the whole ceremony's going to be totally interactive! All visitors will head for the Chat Room, along with the nominees (ALL NOMINEES ARE EXPECTED TO TURN UP) and chat to each other throughout the whole ceremony, bringing the community much closer together than ever before.

    But, where's Dreadknux you ask? And how are the results going to be announced? Simple... This is where I do all the hard work. ^^ Dreadknux will be online, and announcing the winners in the FIRST EVER SEGA SONIC RADIO LiVECAST! So, visitors can simply listen to the broadcast to find out who's won.

    Also in the LiVECAST show, there'll be decent Sonic music of all sorts, special Sonic remixes, and other Sonic songs previously never heard before on Sega Sonic Radio! Should the winners want to leave a speech (I mean, WHEN the winners...), they can do so either instantaneously on the Chat Room, or leave it in a Topic on the Sega Sonic Message Board.

    After the whole ceremony ends, the first edition of the monthly 'Sega Sonic Radio: LiVECAST' show will be Live and ready, from yours truly himself. Cor blimey, what a day it'll be! There's a poll on the Sonic Stadium splash page, asking people if they will turn up to the event. Vote in the poll now - and expect news about this event on many a Message Board, and exclusively on TSSZ News...

    It should be great fun, and I'm hoping it'll be an online Sonic event to remember. All Sonic Fans of all levels of fanaticism will be there - the question is, will you? Make sure you set the date, and turn up to the biggest Sonic event of the YEAR!

    If there are ANY problems regarding the event (except the dates, I am not changing them...) such as hearing disabilities (which will make it hard to listen to the winners) and other issues, please contact Dreadknux immediately! Don't leave it until the last minute, as I won't be able to help you!

    See you at the show!

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