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  • Sega Japan: A New Sonic CG Anime Could Happen


    Well, at least Sonic's not dead even if the Dreamcast is. According to a top Sega Japan representative, the company is exploring ways to celebrate the blue blur's 10th Anniversary via the medium of CG animation. Could we get a new Sonic the Movie in 2001?

    The comments come from Satoshi Kayama, who has quite a bit of sway in the operations of Sega. When asked about the publisher's strategy for Sonic in this strange new, third-party world, Kayama said:


    Sonic for Game Boy Advance will arrive in celebration of Sonic's 10th anniversary. Sega hopes the game will spur interest in Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamcast. Sega is also considering doing other things besides games, including the release of a possible anime using CG.

    Don't bank on a new home console any time soon though. Kayama was asked about this and reportedly responded 'with a strong 'no', and a laugh'. No Dreamcast 2 for us, then.

    Source: IGNDC

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