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Sonic Colours Ultimate - Trophies/Achievements Revealed
A bit later than normal, but trophy tracking sites have finally been updated with the trophy/achievement information for Colours Ultimate, just hours ahead of Ultimate's release.
  • 5 replies

Sonic Colors Ultimate Review Scores
The embargo has lifted on Sonic Colours Ultimate reviews - let's see what the critics think of this remaster of the 2010 Wii classic!
  • 270 replies

Discussion: How Might the Sonic Encyclo-speed-ia Fix Series Lore Inconsistencies?
In November, Sega is going to release the Sonic Encyclo-speed-ia. A book that's going to deep dive into the games' universe lore, and it's going to provide the official timeline and tell which games are canon and which ones are not... Time to discuss what kind of series lore black holes will be addressed in this upcoming book!
  • 64 replies

Hot Topic: One Fan's Attempt to Play All Sonic Games
Something for the Weekend: fellow SSMBer 'Cube' has taken it upon themselves to play as many games in Sonic's 30-year history as they can, with an aim to share their impressions of each with the community. Cube has done a great job dipping a toe into the more rare and esoteric Sonic titles, and has sparked some interesting conversation with other fans about the highs (and lows) of each game release.
  • 59 replies

Community: Sonic & Tails R Episode 9 Out Now
The latest episode of community-made radio drama Sonic & Tails R is out now! Share your thoughts on the latest episode in the official SSMB Topic!
  • 70 replies

News: SEGA Releases Sonic Colours Ultimate Web Comic
It looks like Sonic Colors Ultimate is getting more than just a web series: Sonic’s Japanese Twitter account has released a three page web comic! At the moment, the comic is only available in Japanese, but Kazuyuki Hoshino has confirmed that an English translation will be released soon. This web comic is considered “episode 1,” so there will be more.
  • 6 replies

Sonic Channel September Artwork: "Sonic x Wisps"
The latest artwork from SEGA Japan's Sonic Channel has been released! With Sonic Colours Ultimate releasing in the next month or so worldwide, it makes sense that the September entry for the 'Sonic x ...' series would focus on the colourful Wisp creatures.
  • 7 replies

Surge the Tenrec and Kit the Fennec: IDW's 'Imposter Syndrome' Miniseries' New Characters Revealed
The names of the mysterious new characters in IDW's Sonic spinoff 'Imposter Syndrome' has been revealed, thanks to the publication of an advance preview magazine showcasing the upcoming miniseries. Say hello to Surge the Tenrec and Kit the Fennec.
  • 8 replies

Happening Now: Paramount Cinemacon 2021 Panel. Sonic Movie News? [Update: Nope]
Today is the panel for Paramount! It starts at 10AM PST/1PM EST/6 PM UK time. While we obviously can't stream it live or see the contents at the same time (there is decent chance we won't see the trailer the same day), assuming the Sonic movie does in fact show up at Cinemacon (which would be odd if it didn't) we will be able to learn a few things.
  • 16 replies

Sonic Colors: Rise of the Wisps (Episode 2 - August 26)
The latest series of Sonic promotional shorts, inspired by the upcoming Sonic Colors Ultimate! Part 2 drops August 25 at 9AM PST/12PM EST!
  • 23 replies

How to Order the Sonic Colors Ultimate 30th Anniversary Japanese Special Edition
I have seen a lot of people claim that this artbook bundle is amazing, and how it sucks there is no way to get it if you don't live in Japan. This is frankly not true... There are lots of sites online that have the book bundle, whilst they're all Japanese places, the easiest place to order... Is Amazon Japan.
  • 3 replies

News: Sonic Colours Ultimate Physical Copies Delayed on Europe
SEGA published a notice that states the European release date of all physical copies of Sonic Colours Ultimate have been indefinitely delayed.

  • 6 replies

Hot Discussion: What One Sonic Product Would You Buy Without Question?
I hear it commonly said that people should speak with their money, meaning that they inform companies of their interests or opinions on a product by choosing what to purchase. So when it comes to Sonic, what is something that you would drop an unspecified amount of money for as soon as it released? Be it music/vinyls, figures, DVDs, games, etc.
  • 33 replies

Now Happening: SAGE 2021
This week, the Sonic Amateur Games Expo 2021 is well underway, and there's a huge number of games on show this year. From traditional Sonic games, to 3D platformers, ROM hacks and even engine frameworks to help you get your own project off the ground should any of these games inspire you. Join the discussion and share your opinions on the latest fan games!
  • 7 replies

The Real Life 'Sonic Man' Exists... As A Wrestler?
A few months ago, I was researching the old Shadow the Hedgehog wrestling event (see link) and stumbled across something... else... For the last 14-20 years, this guy has been wrestling (unofficially) as Sonic The Hedgehog.
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