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  1. The worth will be wait it. /cringe

    1. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      I considered making that status and decided against it because it would have been too cringe. 

    2. Dreadknux


      I am the king of cringe. :)

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Hey guys I heard the next Sonic game has Sonic in it 

  2. Yeah sorry about this - we're still incredibly new to the whole Discord thing (and there's no simple way to include a cool link/CTA in the forums or on the site just yet), maybe I'll just shoehorn in the invite link or something somewhere. Thanks for bringing it to our attention!
  3. I'll have a look, we definitely had several Shadow skins in the past... but check my original post and un-spoiler the 'Random Banners' section
  4. It's our 20th anniversary this week! Yay! I made a thread with some old-man style reminiscing! You can do that too!


    1. KHCast


      @Ferno is officially part of SSMB history with that status lol 

  5. Hey everyone! This week it will be our 20th anniversary! How mad is that? Time really does fly, huh? I wanted to spend some time reminiscing about the good times we've had on this forum, over the two decades we've been around. Please feel free to post in this topic with your fondest memories. I will list a few of mine, in no particular order... Sonic Battle Stadium This was one of the first 'interactive' things I created to help drive the community and overall 'togetherness', and it was pretty popular at the time (2001). In fact the only reason it died really was because it required constant moderation and observation so people would pay attention to rules etc. SSMB members created their own 'mighty warrior' who would take part in the specialised Sonic Battle Stadium forum where they'd battle others for rings (which you had to keep a note of, like you'd keep a note of your stats etc on a piece of paper during a DnD game). You set yourself as an elemental type, chose some moves (which you could name whatever but had to assign damage points out of a limited pool - bit like creating your character in Skyrim). To kick off a match, they would have to alert 'GrandMaster Dreadknux' to initiate a battle. And I'd oversee the proceedings and make sure it was fair. It was a pretty cool mix of battling and online RPG creation - users wouldn't just list attacks that they'd make to their opponent, there'd be a whole backstory that they'd create for themselves. Things like, why they had beef with this other SSMB user (they never really had beef, it was mostly a roleplay thing), or during battles they'd give their attacks some written flair. And some really got into the 'lore', what little there was of it (members mostly created it for themselves). Anyway, it lasted a full season (where the finale was a tournament to whittle down to one person who'd face GrandMaster Dreadknux himself...), before introducing a second season which wasn't as popular. I changed the rules around a bit and I think people just didn't get into it as much. I wonder if we could do something automated, we could kick something like this up again... SSMB Music Projects It always amazes me how this community bands together to create some amazing content. The TSS Music project was like lightning in a bottle - several times over! And what's more, I really had nothing to do with it. A bunch of very talented SSMB'ers decided to club up and create the most KICK-ASS remix soundtrack the community had ever known... And then they did it three more times! There's the Sonic Stadium Music Album 2011, the absolutely INSANE 2012 follow-up, as well as two more albums under the name The Sound of TSS. I'm extremely proud of how creative our fellow Sonic fans are, and am hyper-proud of these collaboration projects. Maybe one day there'll be another one... until then, I'll keep listening to all of these albums when I'm working on the site or forum. SSMB Sings... I'm trying to figure out if you guys are all as good at singing as you are making remixes... we have a habit of making little collab pieces on SSMB, don't we? We did a Christmas sing-a-long one year, but my favourite is by far this rendition of Pumpkin Hill from Sonic Adventure 2. We all sang it even better than Hunnid-P, I reckon. 10th Anniversary Banner Creation Contest This was just too cool to not mention. You will have noticed that we restored a lot of classic banners on SSMB over the last few months, before settling on this new header for our Anniversary week. Well, a LOT of those classic banners were actually created by SSMB members. They wanted to club together to make a set of rotating banners to celebrate TSS' then-10th anniversary (boy, time really DOES fly!). I'd love to do this again - when the new-look site TSS/SSMB comes rolling around, I'd love to kick off a community initiative like the good old days and have some collaborations once more. That Time We Got Really into the Chuckle Brothers and Started Calling Each Other Barry or Paul or Something I really don't remember that meme/trend, but I do remember it being weird. Mind you, it all kicked off because I have a habit of meme'ing the Chuckle Brothers into the Sonic Stadium when I get the chance (see April Fools gag above). So it's probably my own fault. SSMB Images From The TSS Vault... WARNING: Lots of images included. Click the spoiler tag to view them. Split by category. 2001: SEGA Sonic Message Board Title Banners 2002: SSNG Forums Title Banners 2002: Sonic Battle Stadium Awards 2001 - 2006: Random Banners Reminisce about the good times - both back then, and right now - in this topic! I will leave you with this gem of a screenshot from way back in 2009...
  6. Anyone having issues with the forum design, please clear cache and reload. Something went awry trying to install a plugin on the site. Apologies for the inconvenience!

  7. WHOOPS I tripped and dropped this link to The Sonic Stadium's brand new Discord Server:


    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Is it alright if I share the link on the old SSMB Discord server? I said before I was planning on closing it when the official server went up, so I thought I’d post the new server, before doing so.

    2. Dreadknux


      Go for it!

  8.  So... a TSS/SSMB Discord.

    Who'd be up for it?

    1. Blue Wisp
    2. Indigo Rush
    3. Wraith
    4. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      People have been asking for this for a while now

      Personally I'd be down with it so everyone can be even more annoyed by CROW!

    5. Teoskaven
    6. Dejimon11



    7. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Worth a try

  9. Bagged meself a PS5 last night thank god. Was umming and ahhing about the digital edition (as I don't really buy disc anymore anyway) but figured I'd get the disc one just in case something happens to the world's internet or something haha.

    1. KHCast


      I mean it’s Sony, and they’re notorious for rocky servers and security issues when it comes to PlayStation, so it’s probably for the best long term 

    2. TheOcelot


      I was too late to pre-order one. Oh well, will just have to be patient.

  10. We do have a Discord server prepped and ready - we're just road testing it for staff at the moment, but I'd love to invite people who are interested in helping us grow it as we look to officially launch it. My main concern with stuff like this is getting overrun with spam etc, and my real-life commitments mean I can't be as present on something like Discord as much as I'd like to, to moderate that stuff (and I'd rather not put that burden on SSMB staff who already do an amazing job with the forums as-is and may not be interested in having more stuff to look after)... But, if there's to be a TSS/SSMB Discord at all, I'd like to launch a proper one instead of letting someone else do it. If people are interested in helping me get this off the ground, send me a DM here or on Discord (Dreadknux#3657) and I'll look to invite you to the server.
  11. Happy to announce that @SSF1991 is our latest addition to the TSS Writing Team! Everyone give him a hearty congratulations! :) 

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


    2. DryLagoon



    3. Stasis


      Welcome to your new home

    4. The Master

      The Master

      Hooray for Donnie!

    5. Chris
    6. Ellipsis-Ultima
  12. So! Which of the classic TSS Banners (or old-school SSMB Community-Made Banners) is your favourite so far? :) 

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      No way? No way!

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      "To all visitors to the Sonic Stadium

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      See ya in SA3, Sonic"

      And Sonic was never heard from again

  13. oh my god, I don't think I even have this in my archive anymore! That's awesome! I also love the little Easter Egg I placed in the Sonic Team logo there... (In green) "OG..." (in white) "cards". This was a reference to 'Operation Grandslam' at the time, which was going to be Sonic Smash Cards... which was going to be a trading card game tied to SSMB accounts. Never happened, obviously, haha. Thanks for sharing!! Edit: Ah no I did have that saved. We followed it up with this one: One of my favourite splash page banners is 2003, our SAGE coverage:
  14. Happy June! Did some work on the SSMB header to bring back a rotation of ALL our classic banners. From 2000 to present day! :)

    1. Original Character

      Original Character

      Including the Christmas ones apparently?

    2. Dreadknux



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