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  1. OK well I really need to apologise because I was joking and being a bit of a dick haha. I assumed that only people who owned one actually cared about why it gets dragged so much. But seriously, I think it gets talked about a lot because it's an interesting case study for both crowdfunded projects and how they turn out (it was certainly one of the first high-profile ones that I can remember, that was video game related), and for its original idea for being an indie machine. It was a great idea. They just messed up the execution. I guess people talk about OUYA for the same reasons they talk about the N-GAGE to this day. Loving that Side-Talking action. Also I'm being really serious what high-profile games beside Sonic and Towerfall Ascension was on the OUYA again? I really don't remember...
  2. Get ready for PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: The Movie! Truly the Most Ambitious Crossover Event of All Time
  3. This is good news but I did giggle at the tweet that said '[Sony/PlayStation] aren't wasting ANY time' when they've been sitting on this obvious answer to produce their own movie material for like, at least ten years. They've wasted ALL the time, lol. Still, it's great that they kicked this into gear at long last. My concern is that everyone who has tried to 'MCU' their movie brands have largely failed by creating duff films and damaging their project (besides Marvel themselves and one or two exceptions - Godzilla/Kong monsters universe being the only other good example I can think of). Sony Pictures has been hit and miss with creating Movie Universes, so I'm hoping that PlayStation Productions hits home runs by investing in great talent.
  4. I can see why they did kept the stats the same. It gives you a choice of whether you want to run in a gold car or not. Purely cosmetic. I know that I chose to use some gold versions of mods (wheels for example) while opting for the regular version of others, so that I can take advantage of the colour schemes and vinyls you can unlock (the Desert Mirage palette with a metal finish on Sonic's car is dope af). I think I'd actually be annoyed if they changed the stats of the gold versions, means I'd be forced to roll around in a car that looks like a Goldfinger victim.
  5. Hey remember the OUYA? The crowdfunded console that promised an indie revolution, but ended up being nothing more than a wet fart? Well, if you weren't aware, Razer (the peripheral company) bought the brand and the console rights for a stupidly large sum of money some time ago (for some reason)... and now it seems like that was money that was thrown onto the fire, because now the company is shutting down the OUYA Store in June. https://support.razer.com/console/razer-forge-tv End of an era. *salutes*
  6. I think the handling of the cars really depends on who you're playing as. They've obviously changed them since the last couple of racing games, but I think the differences between Speed and Power types (for example) is a lot more drastic. Essentially, you're driven to adopting mods that you unlock in order to get the best out of each character (and later in the Story Mode this basically becomes a necessity to complete stages with any kind of finesse).
  7. Here's the TSS Review of Team Sonic Racing! Give it a read! :) https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/05/tss-review-team-sonic-racing/

  8. I am always watching... Maybe it's because it's been YEARS since I last played Transformed, but I didn't get the impression that it was clunky per se. Maybe drifting was the part that required a bit more muscle memory than other things, need to make sure you're turning the right direction of how you drift. It's messed me up before on the Daredevil trials. Yeah that took a bit of getting used to. Technique characters are better at the Ring challenges, as they can pull rings closer to them from certain distances, but just make sure you're drifting as much as you can because that's how you get more time. Luckily it's pretty easy in this game to drift while driving effectively 'straight forward', assuming the road is wide enough (and they usually are on the challenge courses). For the post-skimming ones, it takes a lot of practice but always aim to drift (not drive through) the red side as that gives you the score multiplier (up to 1.5x).
  9. Just a quick note to let you all know that our review has gone live! Check it out here: https://www.sonicstadium.org/2019/05/tss-review-team-sonic-racing/ Overall, I really enjoyed it! It's not beating out ASR or ASR Transformed, but in my head I don't think that was its goal; it introduces a lot of unique gameplay mechanics and if you look at it as a kind of experiment I think it's one that's paid off! I actually ended up enjoying the Team modes a lot more than the 'Standard' kart racing play (whether that's just because the tracks aren't designed so much to be interesting for solo / non-team play or not, I'm not sure), and I'll probably miss any kart racer without an ability to fling items to teammates now haha. 😄
  10. Oh cool the guy behind Dexter's Lab and (an integral part of) The Powerpuff Girls has got a new project, let's take a look at-- *sees brutal animation and blood* WAT. Seriously though, I'm really intrigued about this. Genndy's done some great stuff over the years, I'll keep an eye on this. Thanks for sharing!
  11. Sonic Forces wasn't actually announced at one of these panels, was it? My memory Is hazy. I don't know if we should expect anything huge like next-mainline-game-reveal, but it should be a good platform to announce something smaller scale like a cross-promotional deal or something media related. I think the main franchise focus is going to be the movie this year, most likely, and we barely know anything about it so it's likely there could be some teaser trailer or something for it (although, like a new mainline game might be saved for E3, something like that might be saved for Comic Con instead). I suppose SEGA wouldn't want to waste Iizuka-san and Senoue-san's time (the latter would be travelling from Japan to make the event I expect, unless he's gonna be in California finishing off TSR stuff with Sonic Team HQ) if they had basically nothing to share, though.
  12. Maybe we'll finally get to see mutant movie Sonic... in the 'flesh'.
  13. I think you should do some reading on the effects on online harassment / bullying, as it's not as simple as you seem to be making it out to be. There are clear negative psychological effects and people have been driven from homes and moved to attempted suicide over things like this. Just because it's online doesn't mean it's not as real or dangerous as 'real life bullying'. In fact on some levels it can be worse because bullies don't even need to own up to their actions (they can be anonymous) or suffer any consequences (a block is not going to deter a troll from making someone feel like they're not worth a penny). Celebrities are people too. Criticism is one thing, but you should know that the shit that Jones et al went through went far beyond that. Just because you may not have seen it, doesn't mean it didn't happen. Let's move on from this debate, okay? ----- I don't know how much stock to put into this, given the source covering it, but it's possible that the 'next generation' of Ghostbusters might end up being closer to Gen Z than Millennial in nature: https://www.dreadcentral.com/news/288372/ghostbusters-3-audition-tapes-offer-insight-into-what-fans-can-expect/ Young Ghostbusters, anyone?
  14. Yeah that's true enough, but I wouldn't exactly blame Leslie Jones for that. It's Sony that's consistently screwing up, Jones just worked hard on a movie and got nothing but abuse for her effort. I don't know how truly difficult it is for talented minorities (women in general, but particularly black women in this case) to get a good gig in the entertainment industry, being a dude and all, but I know that an all-female starring cast for a brand like Ghostbusters is an absolute rarity, at the very least. Opportunities like that for minorities are super-thin on the ground, so I can only imagine how gut-wrenching it must be to work hard on something like that, only for it to be casually taken/thrown away or worse, forgotten. I think Jones didn't do herself any favours by flying off the handle like that, but I can certainly empathise with her frustrations in general.
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