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  1. Happy to announce that @SSF1991 is our latest addition to the TSS Writing Team! Everyone give him a hearty congratulations! :) 

    1. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


    2. DryLagoon



    3. Stasis


      Welcome to your new home

    4. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Hooray for Donnie!

    5. Chris
    6. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      Congrats man!

  2. So! Which of the classic TSS Banners (or old-school SSMB Community-Made Banners) is your favourite so far? :) 

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      No way? No way!

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      "To all visitors to the Sonic Stadium

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

      See ya in SA3, Sonic"

      And Sonic was never heard from again

  3. Happy June! Did some work on the SSMB header to bring back a rotation of ALL our classic banners. From 2000 to present day! :)

    1. Original Character

      Original Character

      Including the Christmas ones apparently?

    2. Dreadknux



  4. Happy June everyone! We're a little closer to The Sonic Stadium's 20th Anniversary (October 24th) and to continue our celebrations we've adapted the SSMB header so that you can see TSS' title banner evolution over the years. If you are viewing SSMB on Desktop, you'll notice on Sonical 2020 or Sonical Dark 2020, the header area includes a smaller 'TSS 20 YEARS' logo in the corner (always available in case you want a quick-link back to the landing page) and a random banner in the centre background. This area will show you a random banner from our 20 years in operation - from our very first logo from 2000 to our last banners back in 2015. We also have included almost all of our SSMB-user-created banners from back when we marked our TENTH anniversary in 2010. Man, how time flies - it's been ten years since that moment already! Some of the creators of these community banners are still on these forums today. We hope it will draw some positive nostalgic feelings for all of us. The next step here is for us to be open to NEW rotating banners. I'd like to explore ways we can have the community here today create the next generation of TSS/SSMB banners to mark our 20th anniversary. Let me know if you'd be up for getting your artistic hat on, and we'll formally kick off a campaign to create new banners soon!
  5. Yeah, this is quite a surprising turn of events. For what it's worth, I was supporting of TSSZ's coverage/amplification of news surrounding the BLM protests before the 'Sonic Adventure 2/Sonic Forces comparison' tweet happened. I can certainly see the argument that, as long as you're not editorialising anything, letting your audience (who may only know about Sonic depending on what accounts they follow) know about a huge cultural event taking place is important. Even if he did go a bit ham on the retweets, but that's neither here or there. The comparison tweet was a misstep though, and should have resulted in a walkback from TSSZ. Sadly, that didn't happen - maybe it was heat of the moment (always a good reason to take a break from social media every now and then), or lockdown anxiety or something, but the response to community reaction to that particular tweet could have been handled better. It certainly doesn't necessitate a shutdown of the site. For better or worse, TSSZ has been an important part of the online Sonic community and we're all the poorer for it not existing (at the very least, in archive form). I hope Tristan takes a few days to cool off and figure out a new way forward.
  6. OK you guys probably know that the @sonicstadium Twitter account is currently kaput. I've revived my old Twitter account in the meantime, feel free to follow me there: @Dreadknux

    1. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Saw it go down a few weeks ago, what happened?

    2. Dreadknux


      Trying to figure that out with Twitter right now, they're being super slow to respond to anything we send them (likely due to covid delaying everything), but what we do know for sure is that it's not the result of a hack or malicious activity. Something to do with Twitter thinking the account is a 'minor' (in terms of age) or something.

    3. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Confirmed: Twitter has no respect for "minorities"

    4. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      The corporate entity of the Sonic Stadium is 20 this year so that's hilarious.

  7. Hi guys - sorry about the weirdness with Sonical Dark 2020 theme there. I've fixed it - please feel free to change back (you may need to reset cache). Let me know if you have any more issues!

  8. @Wraith you might want to avoid making text a certain colour (the text in the quote tags are white), I'm unable to read it in the light theme. This is a total surprise, straight outta nowhere! I mean, we all 'knew' a Paper Mario was coming due to all the rumours... but coming in July? That's quite soon! I know a lot of people rag on the Paper Mario series these days, but I'm one of those weirdos that likes it (I enjoyed Sticker Star, until I got stuck helplessly on the world map with no idea what to do or where to go, lol!). If they tweak the battle system so you're not SOL if you happen to not have a particular item, it should be a much more refined experience.
  9. Mephiles

    1. Ryannumber1gamer
    2. Original Character

      Original Character

      My name is Memphis Tennessee and I'll have you respect my name.

    3. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      Mii Files

    4. TheOcelot
    5. Zaysho


      I don't know her

  10. My teenage years were spent round a mates house almost living and breathing that warehouse. Man, I feel old.
  11. Thanks for the feedback, Solister! All good suggestions - definitely will work on them (although not sure how or why posting is going slow or buggy, might be a code/server thing). The alt themes are going to be deprecated (they already should be - I thought I moved everyone over to the Sonical 2020 theme a while ago but I guess it didn’t take) as some of them are super old and the wonks on them won’t be fixed. Instead we will introduce new versions based on this new design (we just needed to finalise and get it 100% right before we started doing that). I just need to tighten up one or two things (the subforum icons being one of them!!) and we can get to work And yes, the plan is to make sure there is some kind of uniformity between site and forum so at some point I’ll bring STK Maniacs over to SSMB, when I have time.
  12. What’s your favourite quote to pop up in the header? And can you guess where they’re all from (there are some deep cuts in there)?

    1. Dr. Mechano

      Dr. Mechano

      "Find the computer room" will always be a classic.


      "No way! I can't believe this!" is great too.

    2. Dreadknux


      Sometimes the simplest ones get me. "I'm the coolest!" :D 

    3. CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      CrownSlayer’s Shadow

      “Get a load of THIS!”

      ”Prepare to be SCHOOLED!”

      ”Time for a change of PACE!”

  13. First step towards a revised TSS/SSMB design to prep for our 20th anniversary! What do you think? :) 

    1. TheBlueGuardian


      Now with random quotes from the franchise. Seriously I like it.

    2. Faseeh


      Damn this place has been around for 20 years, great job! :)

    3. Perkilator


      Huh…just now noticed it. Nice!

    4. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush

      makes me happy

    5. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Looks good man!

    6. Stay at Home Ultima
  14. Starting to think of what we can do for TSS and SSMB's 20th Anniversary... anyone have any requests/ideas they want to share? :) 

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      I think it'd be interesting to maybe do some forum events this year. Myself and Motobug staff have already begun work organising our yearly Musical Spectacular event for the board, and hopefully that goes smoothly, but I'd love to see a few other events this year this well, especially during Winter or something.

      I'd also love to see some themes get updated to the new Sonical style. I used to use the Vector theme a lot, because I liked the green/white style, but ended up switching to Sonical 2020 because I liked the modern look it had, so it'd be great to have them both in one theme, and I'm sure people would feel the same about modernising some of the other themes.

    2. Ferno


      I don't know if its still possible with the current IP Board, but I thought the member-made forum banners thing we did almost a decade ago was pretty neat, and on top of other forum events we had going on, it was one of the most fun times to be on here during the 2010's.

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      Oh yeah, I totally forgot about the fan-made banners. IIRC, there was even a special badge or something for making one, wasn't there?

    4. Ferno


      I think there was. Also this tangent makes me even more sad that we lost a chunk of 2014-2015 SSMB when that mini-wipe happened

    5. Ryannumber1gamer


      Oh yeah, the great SSMB fart of ‘15. Can’t believe that was five years ago.

      and I also can’t forget I’ve nearly been here six years now. Jeez, I’m beginning to feel old

    6. Ferno


      i-i've been on here since 2006 so i feel ancient. hopped on board on and off when the '06 hype discussions were going on

    7. Ryannumber1gamer


      It feels weird knowing even though I've been here for over half a decade, and yet I'm still probably a noob compared to some of the longtime members, lol.

      Although I can relate to the hype cycle. I joined right around Rise of Lyric 

    8. Sean


      My gut tells me I was here around when Shadow the Hedgehog was the latest game, if not Heroes.

    9. Ferno


      Tbh even as old as I am on here, I still feel like a new kid compared to the Heroes-era members, or the ones who were here even earlier than that. That feeling never really goes away, lol

    10. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      Lmao I remember the ssmb 2014 fart

      My account got "Thanos snapped" that day

    11. Stay at Home Ultima
    12. Dreadknux


      Great suggestions guys. Yeah, I'd love to plan out some forum-related stuff, and design some new badges too. I like the idea of custom banners like our 10th anniversary too... it might be difficult with the current design. I've been thinking about how I can tweak the header design to incorporate something like that.

      I'm very keen on 'porting' the older character designs to this new look as well, actually. When I designed Sonical 2020, I did it in a way that would be super-easy to make new child themes, so this could be something I could turn around pretty quickly. Might get one done this weekend actually.

      I really liked the community-driven events we used to have on here - the Sonic Stadium Music Album projects for example, or the collab fan art stuff we used to do. Maybe some of us can get together and make some kind of mural or something. :) 

  15. Doing a lot of TSS Legacy restoration work lately, and every time I see old site and SSMB designs I think about rejigging the current look to make it look like those old pages.

    ...And then I come back on here and see the current 2020 Sonical themes and realise it looks pretty boss already. Maybe some things best left to the past?

    1. Polkadi~☆


      You can always find a happy fusion between the two. Add in the best of both worlds.

  16. ? Sonic Runners died in like, 2016 though. Or do you mean the tie-ins that are happening with Sonic Forces Speed Battle? It’s probably the best thing they could do in lieu of an actual game I suppose. It’s weird because I’m sort of the same... half of why Sonic 2006 is so god damn unbearable (besides the fact that it’s cack) is that it insists on contextually unreasonable goals for S Ranks (for example, they should have given S Ranks out for simply surviving Crisis City, not avoiding getting hit which is impossible). But with Sonic Adventure 2, the system was fair and rewarding if you took the time to explore the stage. I remember spending DAYS constantly replaying Pyramid Cave just trying to find extra ways I can eke a little more juice out of the grind rails or Light Dashes, and loving every minute of it. I didn’t enjoy doing that half as much in, say, Sonic Unleashed, because the difference in getting an A or an S simply depended on whether you remembered to press the B Button at the right time. Boring.
  17. From a purely business perspective, the fact that SEGA/Sonic Team didn't have a new game or something to tie in with the Sonic movie (doesn't have to be a 'Sonic Movie' game, just... like, anything...) will always be a little bit baffling. I like the idea of talking about game mechanics as missed opportunities rather than entire games, and I agree with the OP on the trick system. Really quite liked it in the Advance series, especially Sonic's Up move which had him do an extra splits vault in the air. Was pretty cool. But yeah. Missed opportunity #1: Shields/Power Ups. I feel like, with the move to 3D, the ability to power up Sonic in new and interesting ways during the level fell by the wayside. It's probably difficult to replicate things like the Fire Shield from Sonic 3 into, say, a Sonic Unleashed or Sonic Adventure 2 style experience, but when I saw the electric shield in the original Sonic Adventure I thought 'oh boy it's like the 2D games'... and then in future games item boxes have pretty much held either rings, lives or some other macguffin. I guess it's also one of the reasons I actually liked the Wisps in Sonic Colours, because they were power-ups that had a purpose. I'd love to see some of the crazy things we saw in the 8-bit games, like snowboards (Sonic Triple Trouble) or spring platforms (Sonic Chaos), or the Sonic 3&K trinity (Fire/Electric/Bubble), that can be used temporarily within a stage to add to Sonic's abilities and explore new areas. That'd be so cool. The other missed opportunity I see: Scoring. Part of what made Sonic Adventure 2 incredible to me, was the Ranking system. Completed the level? Ah, but you got a C. Try again. ... Try again? What else can you do? You already ran as fast as you could through the stage, right? Well, maybe you did, but did you chain-attack that series of enemies in that hidden room? Did you expertly grind on those three rails in quick succession without touching the ground? Did you hop through all the rings in the circular tunnel (each of which would have given you extra points)? This is where I thought Sonic Adventure 2 really innovated in the series, in a way that future 3D games never really explored further. Stages were built with little tricks and gimmicks you could use to build up a combo score, and even though the levels were super-linear, there was a lot of replayability there. Of course, Ranking still exists in modern Sonic games, but almost all of them are simply based on whether you died, how fast you sped through the stage, and sometimes how many rings you collected. It somehow just feels like the ability to obtain an S Rank merely exists as a courtesy these days, rather than something the game is encouraging you to accomplish.
  18. It only took me seven months, but I -THINK- I finally figured out how to fix the slow-loading/lagging of Topics on here! Scroll down a long topic real fast -- let me know if it takes ages to render still, or if it's much better!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Just did a quick test on one of my older topics (Sonic Musical Spectacular 2 topic) since I remembered that one in particular used to have a lot of issues trying to load everything in a timely manner.

      But upon my testing, it loaded near-instantly this time, even with a quick scroll up and down, so it looks like you've got it working, nice work!

    2. Dreadknux


      Awesome! This will actually encourage me to make some new themes for this place as well, as it's about time... I wanted to make sure I fixed that first because it sure as hell was bugging me so can't imagine what it was doing to all of you!

  19. Happy New Year everyone! It's TSS and SSMB's 20th anniversary this year! CLICK HERE for the Topic! It'd be amazing if the SSMB community got involved by celebrating it together! :) Here's to a great 2020!

    1. Sonic Fan J

      Sonic Fan J

      It's hard to think it's been going for 20. Congrats for starting a place for fans to hang out and share their love of all things Sonic that outlasted even the Official SEGA Forums.

    2. Indigo Rush

      Indigo Rush


  20. I've already written a story about this on the news side of this site, but I wanted to make a note of all this right here too because SSMB has been such an important part of the TSS journey... but this year will be our 20th anniversary! Hooray!!! We've created some new imagery to promote the occasion, the banner can be found on our social media channels but I've also included it here. Over the years, we've had loads of SSMB members and site fans create fan art / fan banners for TSS and SSMB. It'd be awesome if anyone here got inspired to do the same for our 20th year on the internet! Over the years, Sonic Stadium has come to cover all sorts of things. The site and forums are still standing, but we had an Awards Ceremony, SEGASonic Radio station, Shadow Team fan game studio, Sonic Spriters Network resource, a TSS Network family of sites to wrap all of them together... and obviously we established Summer of Sonic, which is still going every now and then with new events. Even on the SSMB there's so much history to talk about over the last 20 years. We have had the Sonic Battle Stadium (a role playing forum which allowed members to battle one another), various events with account Badges up for grabs as prizes, SSMB community-produced music albums and much more! You guys have really helped to shape the story of these forums and the site, and I'd love for you guys to help celebrate this anniversary because it belongs just as much to you as it does to little old me. The big month is October 2020, but over the course of the year I'll be sharing various things on social media and on the main site (and on here too where it makes sense and doesn't get in the way). Retrospectives on our biggest events, best features, old looks and things like that. I hope you guys can join me in helping making this year one to remember for the site and forums! Here's to a great 2020! Happy New Year!
  21. Happy Birthday to us! ^_^ How do you like the new Sonical + Sonical Dark skins? My aim is to convert all of the existing character skins to this style very soon. Stay tuned!

    1. Teoskaven


      I do, but as i stated here, the news images are still messing up with the layout by making the right coloumn extremely long compared to the main board one (the news section itself was already doing this, but the images are adding more to the pile).

    2. Polkadi~☆


      They’re pretty neat skins, but some improvements can be made. On the profile side of topic posts, the formatting doesn’t seem quite right. And to echo Teo, I said this on your topic post:


      Just one minor suggestion, wouldn’t the news articles be better as a row at the top of the boards, like how they are on the main page? It takes too long to scroll down to the new topics and status updates otherwise...

      On the other hand, the boards could use some optimisation, because holy hell, it takes forever to load pages now, as the filesize of each page got bigger. My browser is struggling to keep up...

    3. Dreadknux


      I may do some tweaks over time if it's really problematic, but for now it's a design choice to give the forum the same design language as the website (plus to effectively provide the news feed in a way that matches the site). I did listen to feedback beforehand when it comes to the mobile view of the news feed however, so now there's a columned view if you browse the forums with a smaller device.

      Hopefully this won't be too much of a dramatic adjustment to make, but see how you get on. Always open to feedback.

    4. Dreadknux


      The slowdown might be related to the issues we're having atm with search/content indexing. Hopefully we'll figure out a fix soon. @Polkadi~☆ can you send me a screengrab of what you mean about the profile side of topic posts? I basically spent a bunch of time re-organising it (it was all a complete mess in the old layout - unaligned icons, ugly looking awards layouts etc) so if something looks wrong I'll take a look. It's probably something browser-specific I missed.

    5. Polkadi~☆



      Here’s such an example.

    6. Ryannumber1gamer


      I really like the themes, probably the best we’ve had in a long time. The mobile version in particular feels really nice now.

      My only real criticism is as said, I’m not a big fan of where the news is placed, since it pushes new topics so far down. I’ve had times where I’ve totally forgotten new topics as a thing exists since it’s pushed so far down the site now

      My on,y 

    7. Dreadknux


      @Polkadi~☆ What looks strange about that?

      EDIT: So the thinking here goes (underneath 'member' banner):

      Left side: Reputation Icon
      Right side: Reputation, number of posts
      Next line, left side: Gender/Country
      Next line, right side: Social media profile icons

      Just in case your point is about the social media icons sitting on the right. It's meant to look like that.

  22. Well well well. It's been a while since I posted an update here, isn't it!? Howdy folks, how's it going? Today - 24 October (as it now is in the UK - don't you Americans get me on a technicality now! ) is a special day in the SSMB/TSS calendar. Namely, that it's this website's birthday! We launched in the Year 2000 - when everyone was just getting over the non-threat of the Y2K Bug, The Matrix was the biggest movie on the planet and everyone was catching on the Y2K aesthetic. That makes us 19 YEARS OLD. Whaaaaaat. This site is four years older than me when I first launched it. o_o; The next year will be the big 2-0, so I'm plotting some things for us all to do during that time. In the meantime, I thought I'd give this forum a little love as I realised that I had spent so much time tarting up the main site that the SSMB needed a new lick of paint. So here we are! A brand new, modern 'Sonical' theme for 2020! Do you like it? I spent a lot of time tweaking it for mobile use as well, so please let me know your feedback (any bugs should be reported in the Feedback and Bugs forum as per usual). And... for those of you that like your Night Mode settings, I also created a new 'Sonical Dark' theme too! All of the existing SSMB character themes will be converted into this new modern style soon, but for now I'm keeping them up just in case you really like the Shadow theme or something... But Sonical will be the new default, and I really recommend Sonical Dark too. I hope you enjoy them! Please feel free to celebrate our birthday with us in any way you like! I know how creative this forum can be! If you fancy making anything - art, music, banners, whatever - or if you want to just write some fancy words - please be my guest. I love hearing about your experiences on this site. Anyway, I'm off to have a bit of a lie down and paw through some old topics and news stories. Happy Birthday TSS!
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