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  1. Hey, I'm back!

    1. Mick


      Welcome back, man!

  2. Happy Birthday lol

  3. Well, at least FMA was finished before this went into effect! I always said I would buy if when its all released over here, but honestly I won't. I am not paying Ten bucks a pop for a manga book when there are so many other things to pay for. A few years ago when I was really into comics and manga I bought everything without thinking. I probably had about 60 or so volumes of various series before I looked around and saw how much cash I had wasted. I quickly turned around and sold them all for maybe $200 at a second hand store, which is okay, but since I had spent $600+ on them... yuck. When they start putting out the volumes quicker and cheaper then I will cough up my money again. Alternatively, give me a yearly subscription price to read manga online but they've still gotta speed it up on translation.
  4. Sarge


    I believe is some weird existence, I don't know if they're ghosts or not. Somewhere around the graveyard of Myspace my buddy Jeremy posted a blog about our Ouija board experience and that was crazy enough to convince anyone. Not to mention there's always a just a little trickle of me who get's excited about the idea of spirits and crap. Like, the fact this was posted the a couple days before this topic. Go figure, clever irony or a sign??? XD
  5. Well, that was short lived! Shame, it seemed like a good idea but I suppose the idea of WoW players actually being nice was a little out there.
  6. Ah, I always get a little misty when I think about how awesome my introduction to gaming was. For all purposes, I was a kid who didn't have friends over very often and I spent most of my time in my room playing pretend games with my action figures, legos, and clay things I would make. Don't get me wrong, we had a NES growing up and even a SNES in my room as I recall, but I was always too afraid to play the games without someone next to me. Probably because my mom bought me fucking Killer Instinct as one of the first games I remember playing. Still have it and boy, that shit fucks with a 7 year old's mind! However, that wasn't the end for me, fast forward a few years later I would always run off in WalMart to go play the N64 demo kiosk they had. Remember my neck always hurting after playing it, that shit was at the worst angle EVER! The one game I remember playing a lot was Banjo-Kazooie and I always told my mom about it. The Chirstmas, I finally got a N64 and a copy of BK and boy, color me the happiest kid alive! I spent forever playing it (yet it still took me years to beat, I only just beat it back in summer of 2001) and every time I unlocked a new level, or opened a new door, I was so happy! I also remember getting Mario Kart 64, Yoshi Story, and Diddy Kong Racing that year. Man, what an awesome way to begin my gaming obsession! Yeah, awesome! I remember the day they changed out the game, too. I kept pestering the lady to "Put Banjo in" XD! Man, if I could go back in time I would stand there for 8 hours and beat the game ;D.
  7. Well, considering I tend to go by my real name mostly, it doesn't bother me. But seriously, anyone actually browse the Blizzard forums? Its full of fuckwits so if this curves that and makes it tolerable to go back into their forums, fine by me. Not every forum is blessed with the average user intelligence being that of a human like the SSMB is. That being said, I also don't like the idea of using first and last names. Not that I'm worried someone would find my house, the Internet is full of big talkers after all, but I'm more concerned about sensitive information like bank accounts and the like. You could get into a lot of trouble with ready access to someone's last name and a little bit of digging. Regardless, I don't post their so it doesn't hurt me :>
  8. Sarge

    Toy Story

    I agree a lot with this. It was like a perfect capture of a child's imagination. Kinda makes me want to play the game... XD
  9. The day I have my normal glasses and on one side I can apply pressure to make sunglasses appear and the other side make them 3D glasses is the day I buy into this. Glasses over glasses it annoying as it is and I really could care less for stuff to pop out. Just give us virtual reality already!
  10. Sarge

    Toy Story

    Boy, I saw it last weekend and I cried MANLY TEARS. My friend described it as the only thing we have from our childhoods that grew up with us and it really feels like each movie did grow up with its audience. I know I will show my kids one day all three movies, its that good. I can't really say anything... but stop by the gas station and pick up a pack of tissues before you go . Misty eyes ruin the 3D effect.
  11. Funny this popped up, because I started playing Starfox Adventures again and I remember it being hard as hell, but now I am breezing through it like nothing XD. Also, Diddy Kong Racing. Crap, that was hard for some reason! And various levels in Banjo-Kazooie when if first came out.
  12. I just snagged my three Jirachi, one for Platinum, SS, and HG. I doubt he'll replace my Mew in my party, but its cool to have some extras now.
  13. Sarge


    Ouch, yellow text? XD You should spice it up to make it more watchable and entertaining. Or else anyone who sees it will just hit the Back button. Looking at my copy of Nights, I would love to help 'ya more, but my capture card doesn't work with Windows 7 D;.
  14. Ha! Maybe we will get to have rumble on the 3DS! Anyone still have that GBA slot card that added rumble to the DS? XD
  15. Go figure, the week before this E3 announcement, I beat the game again on my Wii >_>. Stop toying with my heart, Nintendo.
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