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  1. It feels like SEGA/Sonic Team just don't give a damn about worldbuilding anymore beyond the absolute bare minimum to set up a new game's plot. Forces is probably the apex of Sonic Team's laziness when it comes to this sort of thing nowadays - the premise had a lot of potential, but they did absolutely nothing interesting with it beyond perhaps Shadow accidentally creating a major antagonist due to the jackal who would become Infinite being an enemy in a routine mission. The fact that Flynn and co. actually salvaged the post-Forces status quo into something worth reading is nothing short of a miracle considering the garbage fire of material they had to continue from. Which still doesn't make a goddamn bit of sense, by the way. Eggman Nega as some weird psychotic alternate universe counterpart of Eggman (which was clearly the original intent for the character) I could easily accept, because, well, that sort of thing is makes sense for alternate universe stuff and is a staple trope of alternate universe shenanigans, but Nega being his descendant is a significantly greater leap of logic that isn't given the time or effort to justify itself. It really just feels like a half-assed means of justifying Silver showing up, really, which is infuriating, because Nega is supposed to be Blaze's nemesis. Which seems to be a moot point, though, since Nega apparently has legal issues surrounding him that makes it difficult for anyone to use him again, but that's not surprising since Sega is absolutely terrible at getting their ducks in a row when it comes to securing to rights to rights for stuff related to Sonic (this was a problem even before Penders started his temper tantrum - for example, Sega never properly secured the rights for the OVA material, which caused problems when the Archie comics referenced it).
  2. So, perhaps a slightly controversial opinion: I think the non-environmental aesthetics of Minecraft are hot garbage. Like... Absolutely unappealing. The environmental stuff is okay, I guess, but the characters and monsters all look like crap.

  3. I think part of the problem is, story in MMOs have been basically treated as periphery and/or just a series of stepping-stones to get to the "real" content, aka the endgame. But that's also part and parcel with how MMO stories in general feel so out of place in an MMO, they're all single-player storylines that rarely if ever acknowledge that player isn't the only hero around. But I guess part of my problem is that I'm not a fan of static theme park MMOs - they're unimmersive, the NPCs are all in the same places, the spawns are all the same, the world never changes, etc. And to make matters worse, the gameplay is usually rather lacking. It's kinda why I've gravitated towards pseudo-MMOs like PSO2 and Warframe. (I used to also play Destiny 2, but I dropped off that train after realizing how fucking pointless the grind is.) And I don't think there's any sandbox MMOs out there that scratch my itch of both really good real-time gameplay and a dynamic narrative.
  4. Apparently the story was streamlined a truckload even in the JP version, according to what I've heard. Unfortunately, it also makes the narrative seem disjointed and unnatural since you're literally just warping to story scenes instead of going through proper missions.
  5. A good summary of a lot of why everything's so fucked up. Long story short, the Windows Store is absolute trash and you shouldn't be using it for anything other than the initial install. Hopefully, PSO2 Tweaker will eventually be able to allow you to download, install and run the game entirely without dealing with the Windows Store, but for now, limit your usage of the Windows Store to installation, and just launch the game from the start menu or via Tweaker.
  6. Oh god oh god oh god, Microsoft and Sega, what have you done, you fucking imbeciles. Sorry for the language, but as usual, the Windows Store is a disaster and half the PC userbase practically predicted the launch would be a shitshow. Oh, and here's the kicker: Arks-Layer's PSO2 Tweaker now supports the NA version already, and within 24 hours has already fixed a great many issues plaguing the NA version. Hopefully, once the Tweaker can download PSO2 NA entirely without the need for the Windows Store, being able to play PSO2 again will be significantly less of a disaster.
  7. Playing Sonic Chrono Adventure again (fangame by LakeFepard, third in the Before/After The Sequel trilogy), this game actually figured out how to make a sword compliment Sonic's regular moves by making the sword have larger attack range, able to hit harder, be able to hit without risking contact damage against enemies with spikes or any kind of contact damage that can damage Sonic even when he's spinning, and hit enemies that are normally invincible all the time or invincible in certain attack states, all but at the cost of 1) not being able to just jump on enemies while the sword is out, making Sonic vulnerable to contact damage even when jumping (providing a risk/reward dynamic compared to regular spinning), and 2) you can't spin-dash (or spin period) while the sword is out, meaning you have to put it away to have access to one of Sonic's core mobility tools. It legit works really well.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      You really think so? I tried Chrono Adventure back when it first game out and ditched it within about an hour and a half after finding the sword stuff just unfun and irritating. It ruined the fun flow of what makes Sonic, well, "Sonic" and didn't really feel like it had a well made purpose. To me, it was like Black Knight done horribly wrong since slicing through enemies quickly and then still moving fast was easy to do in that game as long as you actually knew what you were doing.

  8. Well, it sucks, but it's not all that surprising. Could be worse, really - as they said, 60 was a fantastic end to the whole thing. No Buu Saga is ultimately a minor loss. (It honestly had more missteps than good ideas - Vegeta's character development was great, but bringing Goku back into the main character role over Gohan was a bad idea long-term and massively undercuts the potential promised at the end of the Cell Saga.) Well, obviously you haven't been paying attention to all the other stuff they've been working on. Other projects, original series, and even the official (and actually serious) dub of Hells. There's also the gaming stuff, which while it's been more and more geared towards basically edited versions of streaming content, is less their fault and more due to it being significantly more time/cost effective thanks to Youtube's fuckery. Part of the reason they're going in this whole direction in the first place is to move on to more independent professional productions, as DBZA, as much as they loved working on it, was also absolute hell for their professional careers for obvious reasons.
  9. The one silver lining is that all the Democrats voted to convict and Mitt Romney broke ranks and became the first senator in an impeachment trial to vote against a president from his own party, crippling the "partisan" argument the GOP had, and, of course, enraging the MAGA drones who was infuriated that he dared to follow his conscience and vote against the god-king.
  10. So Ian Flynn, now that the Transformers/MLP crossover is official and he's on the writing team, has officially said he's totally down for a Sonic/MLP crossover:


    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


      he's totally down for a Sonic/MLP crossover


    2. Snowragnarok


      As long as they don't address Cozy Glow... meh. I hope she does finally get a redemption, if STARLIGHT GLIMMER also got one.

    3. blueblur98
    4. shdowhunt60
    5. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I’d be up for it, if only because I have a major soft spot for insane crossover premises.

    6. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      It's not that long ago that I'd be all for this... which is crazy to think about now.

    7. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Wake me up when we get Sonic/Transformers.

    8. Ellipsis-Ultima


      What about a crossover with Usagi Yojimbo

  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/1225495576462139398 Ian says he is totally down with crossing over MLP with Sonic. OH BOY.
  12. Been on a Usagi Yojimbo binge. Goddamn, this is one of my favorite comic series ever, Stan Sakai consistently knows his shit, and he knows restraint, even knowing how to utilize entire pages (or even entire issues) without dialogue. It's violent and there's blood, but the latter is in limited quantities and battles are often swift and decisive. There's a reason why the late Stan Lee spoke so highly of him.

    And just a reminder, Usagi is now being published by IDW alongside Sonic and the TMNT.

    1. Zaysho


      Huh, had no idea IDW picked up Usagi, thought it was still with Dark Horse. I know they did that TMNT crossover recently, though I assumed that was a collaboration like with the Batman crossovers.

      Usagi Yojimbo's been on my "to read" list for a while though; I've always had a passing interest in it because of the connection the series had to TMNT's history and how it's practically been a part of nearly every continuity.

    2. Candescence


      @Zaysho Yeah, they picked up Usagi early last year. Aside from the normal run, they also plan to remaster the older comics in full color - issue one of "Usagi Yojimbo Color Classics" is gonna be released on the 29th.

      If you want the best value for money at the moment for reading digitally, the entire Fantagraphics run is in a special edition omnibus on sale on Comixology right now (though the entire run is available for free via Comixology Unlimited, apparently, but that's not available outside of the US). After that, you can get almost the entire Dark Horse run in the Usagi Yojimbo Saga set for significantly better value than buying the the regular volumes, though those don't include Vol. 33, "The Hidden", which is available by itself with the regular Dark Horse collected editions. Also, speaking of which, said collected editions include a complete collection of Usagi's crossovers with the TMNT up until 2018.

  13. So if there's one big issue I have with Spyro Reignited, is that the walking speed is literally only 8 directions even with an analog stick. Like, WTF? This wouldn't be too bad if the direction for going forward wasn't extremely precise and extremely hard to not move diagonally, and even when moving to full tilt this can screw up your direction and mess up stuff where moving precisely forward is necessary.

    This is probably where having a keyboard is actually advantageous over a gamepad (I own a Cooler Master MK850, it's a really dope as fuck keyboard with analog keys). There's no ambiguity with the inputs, and having an analog keyboard allows me to move Spyro into a direction quickly and precisely without moving him very far without having to worry about stick input precision.

  14. Wait, some people actually dislike the visual style of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy? The graphics and visual direction were one of the parts of the original trilogy that aged the worst by far. (Also, I don't have any nostalgia for the PS1 games, so I have little issue saying that.)

    Well, there is one thing from the PS1 games that aged nearly as poorly - Spyro 1's "boss battles". Gnasty Gnorc is probably the most pathetic and cowardly final boss of all time, all he does is shoot projectiles and then run away like a pansy for the rest of the "fight".

    1. TheOcelot


      I think the Reignited trilogy looks fantastic. I love the creative design given to the dragons in Spyro 1.

      Yeah the boss fights were less than steller in Spyro 1. The stages they are in are more challenging than the actually fights with the boss.

    2. Jango


      What, no?! Who said that. Easily one of the top 5 best looking platformers of this generation. 

    3. Dejimon11


      The only negative I have with art style are the enemies. 

  15. So while the modding scene for Spyro Reginited is pretty small, what is there is actually pretty impressive. I've played level mods of Savannah Citadel Night from Unleashed and Half Life 2: Lost Coast.

    Also there are mods for putting boobs on Elora and Bianca (complete with physics), but that's not surprising to anyone.

    1. Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      Jovahexeon Jax Joranvexeon

      All mods in good favor of course. 

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