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  1. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    So since they're trying to blame anyone for why the Charlottesville "protest event" went south, "Unite The Right" organizer Jason Kessler is being accused by alternative right-wing media outlets of being a "deep state operative" in the payroll of George Soros, because he was briefly an Obama supporter (but then changed his mind because he wasn't a fan of the use of "identity politics"), and was briefly involved in an Occupy demonstration, amongst other probably false stuff that happened. Oh, right-wingers. Never stop looking like delusion idiots.
  2. Welp, didn't expect someone to add vocals to Mania's opening theme, but I'm glad they did.

  3. *Sigh* I wish Fire Emblem: Mount and Blade was a thing. It'd be so much better than Warriors.

    1. Teoskaven


      How would the weapon triangle work there?

    2. Candescence


      Like it would in Warriors or any other action-based game - probably not as big a deal as it is in the main series, but still a thing. Axe users can probably shut down cavalry lance charges, I bet, which are normally critical hits, especially at full gallop.

      Though, really, M&B is closer in spirit to FE than Musou in general - strategy, troop permadeath (granted, companions don't die in battle, but still), a mixture of infantry, cavalry and ranged units... M&B also has a much better tangible feel of actually fighting in a grand battle between armies, since units aren't just bowling pins to be knocked down, they're all credible individual threats, though seeing what is basically a simulation of armies crash into each other in real-time is incredible in general.

  4. I knew Toby Fox would take the absolute piss with the trophies for Undertale, I'm surprised he didn't take it further. For context, the trophies are really easy to get, a quarter of them are just unmissable area checkpoints, and the rest are comically easy joke trophies.

    1. Candescence


      Seriously, you can plat the game before you even finish it.

    2. PaddyFancy


      I think he ran the joke into the ground as it is.

  5. Well, Mania is about as awesome as I expected it to be. Currently having an absolute blast.

    1. Inkling Cooper

      Inkling Cooper

      How much have you played so far?

    2. Candescence


      Gotten up to Flying Battery Zone.

  6. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Goddamn fucking nazis. And Trump's statement blaming both sides has only emboldened them because they consider it vindication for their "the left are terrible too, guys" defense.
  7. Yeah, no, not happening. Battle Network is quite literally done as a series, already superseded by Star Force. I mean, fuck, the last Battle Network game was a Japan-only port of the first game that was also a crossover with Star Force. This is... Intruiging. Lel at Capcom fucking up again, but the relief that we're quite possibly getting a proper Mega Man classic game instead of a tie-in to that abominable cartoon is palpable. That being said, I'll believe it when I see the actual game.
  8. Bloody hell, Sonic Team is worse than I thought. I thought they were just flagrantly paranoid about the attention spans of their players (hence their inability to maintain one main core gameplay loop throughout their games ever since SA1) but this is just stupid.

  9. So, just inquiring, would people be okay with RPG elements being introduced in the next BOTW-style Zelda if it meant removing the breakable weapon system? Because it's the only way to make a game like that work, to be frank, but I think some people wouldn't be comfortable with RPG elements in a Zelda game.

    1. Princess Jellicent

      Princess Jellicent

      ...But I already have Skyrim

    2. Strickerx5


      Not gonna lie, I sort of like how they handled things with the breakable weapons. I know people can get attached to a certain weapon but there are like a dozen cool ones waiting around the corner like 90% of the time.

      Adding more rpg elements into it would just clutter things. It also would just make certain enemies damage sponges... more than they already are.

    3. Shaddy the guy

      Shaddy the guy

      I'd honestly be totally fine with the way BotW handled things if they just put a fuckin timer on the Master Sword recharge.

    4. Diogenes


      most rpg elements are bad, and the durability system worked fine. that's not a trade I'd gain anything from.

    5. Candescence


      @Shaddy the guy But there is a timer...? You need to actually select the Master Sword to see how much time you've got left, but still. Also, completing the Trials basically makes the Master Sword the most durable weapon in the game by a country mile, and all the timers are drastically reduced in Hyrule Castle.


      I'm fine with the current weapon system as is, but I wouldn't mind a simple skill system ala the original Deus Ex (proficiencies in different areas) if actually getting skill 'points' was tied to exploration and overcoming specific encounters rather than grinding.

    6. JaidynReiman


      I like the idea of skills, but agree that traditional stats wouldn't work.

      I also agree that BotW needs breakable weapons to make this work without full RPG stats. I think the best way to resolve it, though, is just limit freedom ever so slightly. Keep it mostly open, but still restrict access to some areas. That way, you can't get endgame weapons at the start of the game.

      I also think that things like climbing, gliding, swimming, etc., should be item-restricted as well so you have to unlock them as you go. For one game the complete freedom aspect was fine, but its not sustainable in the long run.

      Another possible change could be having weapons in shops, make weapons rarer to find at random, and increasing the durability of weapons. Enemy weapons, though, would have decreased durability to compensate.

      Its a tricky thing to balance, but it definitely doesn't need full RPG stats.

    7. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      The weapon system as-is is probably the most elegant and natural solution to it all, but so many people have an issue with it by now I don't really feel comfortable with a "Screw you, got mine" mentality here. Something needs to be done to make them feel more comfortable with it all, though I don't think leveling and skill trees are the way to go about it at aaaaall. They can't be lost or adapt to their environment half as well as weapons can for an open world and it's gradual enemy scaling.

      @JaidynReiman: we don't need to get rid of the freedom. Freedom was the best part, and it's not even the problem in the first place. It did the best job at making enemies actually desirable in a 3D space, as well. Scale it down a bit for a sense of progression, maybe, but don't lock weapons behind shops and keep skilled players away from hard-to-reach areas with the killer weapons or anything. It's one of the most rewarding things in the series so far.


      The problems with weapon breaking that needs to be addressed are:

      The fact that people don't like weapons breaking fundamentally

      People somehow thinking fighting enemies and breaking their weapons is a waste of time, bypassing the entire reason the system works so well in the process

      The rate at which weapons break, and the condition they're shown to be in throwing players off

      Hoarding weapons or items en masse under the impression it'd be better to save them for "when they really need them"

      Growing attached to weapons with special traits and/or cool designs

      And menu management of items (easy fix)


      Other than that, it'd just be people who want to run through the game with just one weapon that'd be an issue, though I don't know if that's worth listening to or not

    8. JezMM


      I was fine with it really, I just feel it could have used some better tutorialing to encourage players to not constantly try and save their best stuff for last all the time.  Whether you're okay with the durability system seems to depend on your willingness to have fun and just use what you want to use when you want to use it.

      Oh yeah, I definitely wouldn't want RPG elements in Zelda, the lack of RPG elements is one of my favourite things about the franchise.  "What you see is what you get" kinda gameplay that's easy to understand.

  10. IDW is what I was hoping for, and I'm thankful it is. Hopefully Capcom follows suit with Mega Man, but even then, Sonic crossovers with the Hasbroverse, TMNT and MLP and such would be neat.

  11. Archie Sonic Hiatus Discussion

    I really hope the license goes over to IDW. Ian, Tyson, etc. have been doing good work, I don't see any reason why SEGA would partner up with anyone else at this point. That being said, I do worry for the state of the comics going forward in terms of cast, particularly since SEGA has been becoming more restrictive with what people can do with the series. I wouldn't have an issue with rebooting the whole thing to be much closer to the games but keeping the SATAM cast to liven things up somewhat, but if it's just games-only material rigidly close to SEGA's 'guidelines'? Fuck, what's even the point, then?
  12. Two different threads complaining about mouse and keyboard adaptors for consoles on GAF lately. My response? It wouldn't be a problem if Sony and MS actually bothered to update their controllers properly. Considering the Steam Controller exists with its haptic trackpads making the right stick obsolete and both it and Nintendo's controllers demonstrating how useful gyro can be for supplemental aiming, Sony and MS are both woefully behind the times on controller design.

    1. Strickerx5


      Yeah, gonna have to complete disagree here. Gyro controls are nice when utilized well like in Splatoon or botw but where exactly have they actually worked out anywhere else? The One and PS4 controllers, to me, still remain the most solid with their button mapping and external features like (unlocked) Bluetooth and a headphone jack. The Pro controller, while definitely a step up from the joy-cons, has some pretty awkward mapping in place honestly.

      Like, if you're playing on a console to begin with you should already be adapted to using analog sticks for aiming.

      Also, as a side note, I pretty sure the dualshock has a gyro sensor.

      Forgot to put this in DX: Have to say that I personally can't get with the Steam controller either. Those touch pads are way to awkward to use for most means.

    2. Ferno


      if the pro controller had analog triggers it would've pretty much been perfect for most games

    3. Candescence


      The bare few games on the Vita and PS4 that actually use gyro for aiming (one of those being the Vita Killzone game, I think) I've heard positive things about its use there. And the Steam Controller has gyro, with Valve's games having default configs with gyro supplementary aiming that turns on just from touching the right pad, meaning no need for a button for recalibration. Gyro goes great with trackpad aiming.

      I can play with dual stick controls, but I still consider them abominable, and only workable with auto-aim, which should be a red flag. The DS4 has gyro, but not even Sony's first-party devs use it - if I did, I wouldn't be using a roundabout method via remote play to play Uncharted and Destiny with a mouse.

      I personally consider the Steam Controller to be the proper evolution of the dualshock paradigm - the right trackpad, grip buttons, gyro and dual-stage triggers make it a fantastic piece of kit. All it needs is to replace the redundant analog stick with a proper d-pad (the left pad is fine for analog movement, IMO), make the grip buttons proper buttons instead of part of the case and add two more, and perhaps make the trackpads more concave like Valve's new 'knuckles' VR controllers and perhaps polish up the ergonomics a bit, and it'd be a fantastic general-purpose alternative to mouse and keyboard.

  13. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    The Switch is a different device compared to both the PS4 and the Wii. Nintendo were conservative with stock at first after the Wii U's failure, but they're not having stock issues for the same reasons as the NES Classic or Amiibo. There is an active industry-wide shortage of NAND memory, with supply mainly being consumed by Apple, Chinese companies and data centres, that really only affects handheld devices that need that sort of memory, including the Switch. Nintendo obviously wants to expand its production considerably (because it currently has a hit on its hands), but it also needs parts that are in extreme demand at the moment. Seriously, "Nintendo is bad at production runs" isn't always true, nor is it likely to be true when there's evidence of bigger factors affecting production. Also, playing the 'fanboy' card merely when people disagree with you (especially when they have perfectly valid reasons to) is downright condescending, mate.
  14. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Not in this case, the Switch actually is facing some nasty issues with supply that are basically out of Nintendo's hands, mainly to do with highly-valued components used by a variety of tech devices, mainly smartphones and tablets, and companies like Apple and Samsung have the lion's share of the demand.
  15. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    Well, there are still supply issues, though none of those are Nintendo's fault - they're essentially competing with the likes of Apple for the allocation of production of certain parts, particularly NAND memory.