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  1. So apparently I'm getting a VR headset as a bonus for purchasing my new laptop. Bad news is, is quite probably gonna be one of the crappy "mixed reality" headsets, and not even the Samsung one. Oh well, better than nothing, I guess.

    1. The Deleter

      The Deleter

      Sell it on Amazon or eBay. I just did it a while ago, and it net me $240 overall, bringing the cost of the Pc down in a way.

      There's that $200 PSVR deal going on, as well, so you could ideally trade them out with no additional cost, if you're still looking into the tech, though...

    2. Candescence


      Well, it's somewhat more complicated than that. The headset itself is valued at $799 AUD (all the MRHs are at that price point, it's stupid), and PSVR is currently at about $479, whereas I could get a PS4 Pro for $469, and the Vive is $999. I'd preferably want a Vive as far as VR options go.

      Apparently, Sony decided not to extend the PS4/PSVR deal to Australia, those assholes.

  2. Well, this is a bit of an old chestnut. Normally I'd revive the old thread, but the thread is so old, with barely any content and the project has changed so significantly that, frankly, I think it'd just be better to make a new one and start from scratch. Trapped With Us is a 3D action-adventure/fighting game in development in UE4, currently in the prototyping stage, inspired by games like Super Smash Bros, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Souls, and others, blending melee and ranged combat designed to be easy to learn but hard to master, as well as unique dialogue and interaction mechanics. The premise revolves around the player working to free several fighters from across the multiverse who are being forced to participate in sadistic 'tournaments' for the sick pleasure of a mysterious being. The game is planned to have at least six playable characters at eventual release, as well as a full single-player campaign and multiplayer. - "Easy to learn, hard to master" combat mechanics with aspects from the likes of Smash Bros, Kid Icarus: Uprising, Dark Souls, and so on, using directional movement inputs, a focus on both melee and ranged attacks, as well as customizable secondary abilities - Interaction mechanics inspired by classic point-and-click adventure games, integrated into just one button - Real-time dialogue and narrative mechanics that don't take control away from the player - A unique and varied cast - Stylized anime-esque visuals - A single-player story mode comprised of both "bot match" gameplay and adventure areas - Multiplayer with multiple game modes So this thing used to be a full-on 2D 'roguelite' deal, but the nature and the scope of the project changed significantly to accommodate 1) realities that the project probably would've run into that would've made the whole thing non-viable as an indie project, mainly the scope, and 2) design decisions I felt needed to be changed to better suit what I felt was best for the game overall, and 3) my insanely bad luck with getting and retaining team members who could actually work on the project more than once in a blue moon, if any at all. So, in the the end, the project changed from Unity to Unreal Engine 4, and to a 3D game. And yet, somehow, I've gotten way more done than any previous non-fangame indie project before now: In the end, aside from various stock/marketplace visual assets, a couple of plugins, the base locomotion system and some minor blueprint code, I've basically had to roll almost everything custom, even the dialogue and interaction system. Nearly all the baseline mechanics are implemented in some form, despite my amateurish programming skills. I'd be getting a lot more done if I had the help of a superior programmer and people who can handle modelling and animation, but I have had incredibly poor luck on that front - people either disappear off the face of the Earth or end up having other commitments that force them to leave. On the bright side, I actually have some kind of character concept art to show as well: More recent concept art: Slightly outdated (as in, no longer going to be directly used) concept art: So, now what? I'm just gonna have to keep on trucking by myself and hope for the best, really. Until I can get a stable team going who can at least help me finish the prototype, that's the most I can do. I feel I can only go so far with just myself, but I'll have to eventually find out where I hit that limit.
  3. The Nintendo Switch Thread

    The Switch is being extremely competitive with the PS4's sales from the same nine-month period, and it hasn't even hit holiday sales yet. That's pretty crazy, and it's increasingly difficult for third parties to ignore.

    1. Peppermint Ellipsis

      Peppermint Ellipsis



      Wait wrong song

  5. While there are some awkward animations that need fixing, this actually looks significantly better than MN9 ever did. I'm actually pleasantly surprised! I mean, it's another 2D classic game, but it's not another 8-bit title, and certainly not basically another sequel to MM2 (aka junking the slide and charge shot again), so that's progress. They really didn't need to take so fucking long to make this, though.
  6. Prediction: The Universe 7 team wins (because of course), but Goku wishes for all the erased universes to be restored... As part of Universe 7, raising the mortal level up to the others.

    1. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      That wouldn't exactly help, as the amount of primitive planets would outnumber the amount of superior planets.

    2. Candescence


      Well, that depends on the makeup of the universes that had been erased, so...

  7. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    On a positive note, Trump has very likely incriminated himself with a single tweet. tl;dr: Trump has potentially admitted that he knew Flynn had lied to the FBI when he tried to convince Comey to "let Flynn go". This could bolster Mueller's obstruction of justice case against him.
  8. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    I'm pretty sure basically banning abortion by legally setting the start of life at conception and allowing drilling in Alaska alone should disqualify the bill from reconciliation, so I hope they junk those bits first.
  9. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    While the attempted repeal of net neutrality by the FCC is a given at this point, what isn't so much a given is the whole attempt making it through the courts, because make no mistake, the FCC is gonna get sued immediately after making the decision. They're gonna have to properly justify the decision to the courts, and that's gonna be difficult - it's not the sort of regulatory decision that can be made without proper evidence-based justification (because the Administrative Procedure Act prevents regulatory agencies from making "capricious" decision, to prevent said agencies from just changing position whenever control of the government changes hands), and the Pai-controlled FCC simply doesn't have it. What Pai and his anti-regulation associates are hoping for is for congress to pass "net neutrality" legislation literally written by the telecom lobby so it's basically worthless. Fortunately, the Dems aren't gonna stand for that bullshit, so that route is still fraught with problems. Edit: Wired has a good article on why the FCC will have an extremely difficult legal fight on its hands in much more detail.
  10. Oh, wow. Belgium is looking to get loot boxes banned in the EU and Hawaii is looking into working with other prohibit sale of games with loot boxes to minors. Looks like EA flew too close to the sun and set everyone else on fire on the way down.

    1. KHCast


      It only took one fuck up. Who knew we'd be wanting government intervention with video games lol. Quite the turn from our attitude in the early 2000's

    2. Ryannumber1Santa


      It was going to happen eventually. As Jim Sterling says, it only takes one scummy company to push things too far, to make things too anti-consumer, and having the nerve to charge what's basically an overpriced gambling simulator for a slim chance of playing the game you purchased and then people snap, push back, and regulations have to be brought in.

      EA deserve everything they're getting. The same way Microsoft deserved all of the backlash and hatred when they had the nerve to claim Nintendo was going to die, to try make people always be online and to try enforce DRM constantly and restricting the product you purchased all with a smug arrogance about them. EA pushed things too far and they deserve every piece of backlash and hatred they get for their underhanded ways.

      Frankly, depending on how this goes, it could be one of the best things to happen to this Industry to date, killing off this bullshit method of squeezing more cash out of people just to enjoy the game you bought.

  11. Just finished Odyssey. The ending was incredible, nevermind the stages and bosses leading up to it I think this might actually be my newest favourite 3D Mario.

  12. The Trump campaign people were using facebook messenger to discuss Russian collusion. I didn't think I could be more amazed by their incompetence, but wow.

    1. GhostOfChiliDawgYetToCome


      Keeping a conspiracy under wraps requires smarts

      safe to say team trump can't keep it together much longer

    2. MKG/Key


      Noob question. Messenger is always tracked?

    3. KHCast



  13. The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Wait, there's more. George Papadopoulos, foreign policy advisor for Trump campaign, secretly pleaded guilty months ago and has been cooperating with the FBI since then. Someone already flipped. The documents coming out of this whole thing have been stunning, what we know now makes it fairly clear that there was undeniable collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. If Mueller is releasing that sort of material, I can't imagine what dirt he still has under wraps. Investigations like this normally take a year at least to bear fruit. It's only been months since Mueller's investigation started and they're already making arrests. That speaks volumes about how easy it's been for him to draw up at least one damning case. Edit: Dear God, these people were using Facebook Messenger to collude.The staggering incompetence is amazing.
  14. By the way, Odyssey feels a lot like a Mario version of the Rare-style collectathon. I mean, for pete's sake, Mario has a companion with googly eyes who he carries around with him.

  15. Okay, Mario Odyssey has been very fun so far, but not really challeng-*goes into the first Bowser fight*-I DON'T CARE THIS IS AMAZING

    1. Conando Claus

      Conando Claus

      If there's ever another Punch-Out!!, Bowser has to be the guest boxer.