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  1. Infinity War was terrible.

    Because the Thanos-copter didn't show up even once.

    1. KHCast


      >When a lego game gets it right before the MCU


    2. Ratcicle King

      Ratcicle King

      I was fully expecting Thanos to cause an earthquake with the Infinity Gauntlet then trip because of the shockwaves and drop the gauntlet.


  2. How to solve the issue of beam struggles/clashes in fighters being either button mashers or games of random chance: have them be represented by 'mental battles' with a timer of say, 5-10 seconds, and whoever has inflicted the most damage wins out. If neither fighter takes damage during the clash, they both lose health, and the more 'mental' damage inflicted during the clash, the higher the damage done to the loser, encouraging aggressive play.

  3. Holy crap, a shoot-em-up racer? I never knew I wanted this. That sounds dope as fuck. And from reading the ERA thread on this rumor, I also found out there's an arcade SHUMP called Kingdom Grandprix that is basically a vertical SHUMP but also racing against seven other racers, and also gives you either shoot by tapping the fire button or speeding up by holding it down, and how fast you go depends on how close to the top of the screen you are. Knowing Retro, I think this will look gorgeous and being a fucking blast to play.
  4. I might as well bring this up, as while I understand why the different scope might put you off BG&E2, but I honestly wasn't surprised by the game's significantly larger scope and world, because the original BG&E was also supposed to have a significantly bigger scope as well - multiple planets to visit and explore, more characters, and a an entire third alien race who would've taken the primary antagonist role that the DomZ have in the final game. I'm skeptical of how good the final game is gonna be as well, but this seems to be the dream game Michel Ancel has been wanting to make since Rayman 2, so I really doubt he'll want to screw this one up.
  5. A Star Fox racing game described as "Diddy Kong Racng mixed with F-Zero" implies a flight racer with combat. To be perfectly honest, if it's executed well enough, I would be totally down for that. I'm also gonna echo Jez and say Zero was great and that free-aiming should be the standard for Star Fox going forward, albeit perhaps some modifications to accommodate the lack of dual-screen stuff, though, really, free-aim rail shooting worked perfectly fine for Sin & Punishment.
  6. I got spoiled on Infinity War, but it's no big deal because it happened in the comics anyway and I was basically expecting it to happen. (Spoilers in replies.)

    1. Candescence


      I mean,


      erasing half the universe's population is literally how The Infinity Gauntlet basically is kicked off.

      Hilariously, Thanos only does it after he remembers that Death tasked him with doing that after trying to woo her over and wondering why she was annoyed at him, and he basically said "oh shit I forgot you asked me to do that sorry I'll get on that right now."

      I'm more interested in whether Thanos turns Nebula into a nearly-dead zombie thing or if he creates a female version of himself as a lover, because that's literally what happens in The Infinity Gauntlet.

    2. goku262002


      ........comics are weird yo.

  7. Candescence

    Mega Man

    Yeah, I don't have any confidence in Archie as a publisher anymore. Their mismanagement goes back decades and has resulted in numerous issues for their licensed material, especially Sonic. And they clearly aren't interested in anything other than the "Archieverse" anymore, either. It's for the best that IDW continue things from where they left off - they've already got a lot of existing talent who were working on the comic, and the comic was so well done that I honestly feel it'd be a massive waste (and frankly pointless) to start anew. Though I do feel Flynn isn't handling the X side of things quite as well as I hoped, if only because he's adhering a bit too closely to the original material, which honestly could do with some revisions and expanding, and is too unrealistically unconnected from its predecessor.
  8. Candescence

    Mega Man

    Capcom has a better legal grasp of its own properties than Sega does, really. There are bizarre legal issues with certain bits of the Sonic franchise such as the OVA to the point where Sega actually got mad at the Archie writers for referencing it at one point. Continuing from where the Archie run of Mega Man left will be significantly easier. The only issue right now with Mega Man is Viz Media having the publishing rights to Battle Network and Star Force stuff despite not having utilised either of them for a long time and only for translated material.
  9. Candescence

    Mega Man

    Of course, it could also hint at an opportunity - there has to be a reason Archie is dropping its exposure of its last licensed comic now rather than earlier. Archie has been heavily focused on consolidating its lineup on its in-house properties for a while now, and Mega Man was already on 'hiatus' as it is. And I doubt Capcom would like the comic to stay on hiatus with the MM11 on the way. Considering Sonic's move to IDW, I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom decided to follow suit - the existing comic was already well-received as it is, the events of the crossovers can be retconned or ignored, and IDW would probably do a better job of promoting and getting decent sales than Archie. But considering how long it took for news of the Sonic comic move to come out, we could be waiting a while for word on what the license's status is.
  10. Candescence

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Say what you will about Pelosi, she's a brilliant whip and a smart woman. It'd be difficult say if anyone is capable of replacing her as leader of the house Dems at this time, considering how competent she is.
  11. Oh, welp, Chrome's giving me an unsafe site warning, someone needs to renew the HTTPS certificate.

  12. Candescence

    "Privacy Error" In Need of Fixing

    Apparently the HTTPS certificate expired, according to Chrome. Did someone forget to renew it or something?
  13. I find it both hilarious and infuriating how the regular version of Fortnite is so utterly ignored that Mattpat has gotten his latest theory completely wrong because he didn't play the new event questline.

    1. KHCast


      I mean outside FNAF I rarely trust the guy anyway so...par for the course in my eyes lol

  14. Candescence

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    Yeah, someone is obviously lying in this instance, but it's Hannity who probably fucked up the hardest:
  15. Candescence

    The General 'Murican Politics Thread

    So due to the recent raid on Michael Cohen's stuff by the FBI (he's Trump's lawyer), he's been forced to disclose the name of one of his other major clients. And it's Sean fucking Hannity. Considering Cohen is less a lawyer and more a 'fixer', this throws an interesting curveball into the whole investigation. Hannity being in orbit of someone who could very well be deeply involved in various criminal activities is not a good look for him, at least.

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