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  1. Playing Sonic Chrono Adventure again (fangame by LakeFepard, third in the Before/After The Sequel trilogy), this game actually figured out how to make a sword compliment Sonic's regular moves by making the sword have larger attack range, able to hit harder, be able to hit without risking contact damage against enemies with spikes or any kind of contact damage that can damage Sonic even when he's spinning, and hit enemies that are normally invincible all the time or invincible in certain attack states, all but at the cost of 1) not being able to just jump on enemies while the sword is out, making Sonic vulnerable to contact damage even when jumping (providing a risk/reward dynamic compared to regular spinning), and 2) you can't spin-dash (or spin period) while the sword is out, meaning you have to put it away to have access to one of Sonic's core mobility tools. It legit works really well.

    1. Waveshocker Sigma

      Waveshocker Sigma

      You really think so? I tried Chrono Adventure back when it first game out and ditched it within about an hour and a half after finding the sword stuff just unfun and irritating. It ruined the fun flow of what makes Sonic, well, "Sonic" and didn't really feel like it had a well made purpose. To me, it was like Black Knight done horribly wrong since slicing through enemies quickly and then still moving fast was easy to do in that game as long as you actually knew what you were doing.

  2. Well, it sucks, but it's not all that surprising. Could be worse, really - as they said, 60 was a fantastic end to the whole thing. No Buu Saga is ultimately a minor loss. (It honestly had more missteps than good ideas - Vegeta's character development was great, but bringing Goku back into the main character role over Gohan was a bad idea long-term and massively undercuts the potential promised at the end of the Cell Saga.) Well, obviously you haven't been paying attention to all the other stuff they've been working on. Other projects, original series, and even the official (and actually serious) dub of Hells. There's also the gaming stuff, which while it's been more and more geared towards basically edited versions of streaming content, is less their fault and more due to it being significantly more time/cost effective thanks to Youtube's fuckery. Part of the reason they're going in this whole direction in the first place is to move on to more independent professional productions, as DBZA, as much as they loved working on it, was also absolute hell for their professional careers for obvious reasons.
  3. So Ian Flynn, now that the Transformers/MLP crossover is official and he's on the writing team, has officially said he's totally down for a Sonic/MLP crossover:


    1. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy


      he's totally down for a Sonic/MLP crossover


    2. Miragnarok


      As long as they don't address Cozy Glow... meh. I hope she does finally get a redemption, if STARLIGHT GLIMMER also got one.

    3. blueblur98
    4. shdowhunt60
    5. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I’d be up for it, if only because I have a major soft spot for insane crossover premises.

    6. Monkey Destruction Switch

      Monkey Destruction Switch

      It's not that long ago that I'd be all for this... which is crazy to think about now.

    7. Spin Attaxx

      Spin Attaxx

      Wake me up when we get Sonic/Transformers.

    8. Stay at Home Ultima

      Stay at Home Ultima

      What about a crossover with Usagi Yojimbo

  4. https://mobile.twitter.com/IanFlynnBKC/status/1225495576462139398 Ian says he is totally down with crossing over MLP with Sonic. OH BOY.
  5. Wait, some people actually dislike the visual style of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy? The graphics and visual direction were one of the parts of the original trilogy that aged the worst by far. (Also, I don't have any nostalgia for the PS1 games, so I have little issue saying that.)

    Well, there is one thing from the PS1 games that aged nearly as poorly - Spyro 1's "boss battles". Gnasty Gnorc is probably the most pathetic and cowardly final boss of all time, all he does is shoot projectiles and then run away like a pansy for the rest of the "fight".

    1. TheOcelot


      I think the Reignited trilogy looks fantastic. I love the creative design given to the dragons in Spyro 1.

      Yeah the boss fights were less than steller in Spyro 1. The stages they are in are more challenging than the actually fights with the boss.

    2. Jango


      What, no?! Who said that. Easily one of the top 5 best looking platformers of this generation. 

    3. Dejimon11


      The only negative I have with art style are the enemies. 

  6. So while the modding scene for Spyro Reginited is pretty small, what is there is actually pretty impressive. I've played level mods of Savannah Citadel Night from Unleashed and Half Life 2: Lost Coast.

    Also there are mods for putting boobs on Elora and Bianca (complete with physics), but that's not surprising to anyone.

    1. Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      Nina Cortex Jovahexeon

      All mods in good favor of course. 

  7. So I discovered that My Sweet Passion works really well in eurobeat form:


  8. Gabbard did worse than just saying "present". She did the both sides thing with the impeachment debate when explaining why she did so, equivocating the Democrats' language and actions as being somehow just as bad as the GOP flagrantly defending a blatant criminal for political purposes. Then she proceeded to hang out with the Republican reps. Also, she's been pretty shitty for a while, nobody should be voting for her at this point. There's actually rumors that the Russians plan to groom her as a third-party spoiler candidate. Not that she's getting the nomination, anyway. It's gonna come down to either Biden, Warren or Sanders. Possibly also Bloomberg or Buttigieg. Everyone else has no fucking chance at this point and really should just get out so the serious contenders can battle it out properly rather than deal with half a dozen pretenders as well.
  9. Well, that's only part of the problem, and that's why they're branching out into new content, such as ShortZ and X In X Minutes. Even if the burnout wasn't a factor, they've cited various other reasons why they can't continue doing traditional abridging, primarily Youtube making it harder and harder for them to actually do it, and harder and harder for them to defend against copyright strikes, and they feel like they can't afford to lose the main channel. They also have an additional incentive to abandon using the original footage in the form of wanting to branch out into original stuff, and as noted in the above link, as explained by Kaiser: Basically, they've stressed that without the format shift, there wouldn't be a Season 4 of DBZA. Period. I get it, it won't be the same, and I get the disappointment, but frankly, the original format of DBZA ended in a really good place, and this way is better than nothing at all, and it'll help get Toei off their backs and be able to more easily move into more original content, much like Rooster Teeth did... And hopefully do better written stuff than Rooster Teeth did post-Red vs Blue.
  10. So, slight roundup of content, for those living under a rock... Machinabridged is back, for starters. Shit's getting real. Also, DragonShortZ episode 1 is out, and it's pretty great: Also, Kaiser and Lani did a Patron Q&A which they also released to the public. It's really worth watching the whole thing, because it illuminates some recent decisions and what they're doing going forward: But the TL;DW version is: Bojack didn't have the material to actually work with for them to actually do anything with it. It's really just fight scenes and surprisingly little dialogue from the actual villains. A combination of that and burnout caused them to abandon it. They admit that the announcement for the Bojack cancellation was poorly done. They've got 10 projects in some stage or another, whether it be planning, pre-production, actual production, etc. DBZA Season 4 will be completely original animation ala DBShortZ. In fact, DBShortZ is kind of something for fans to enjoy in the meantime while all the requisite assets are prepared for full production. The main reasons for this come down to burnout from working on the same thing for over a decade while being severely constrained by the material they have to work with (fucking hell I don't blame them), the feeling of finality of Episode 60, as well as legal issues and changes to Youtube making continuing to make DBZA as it is increasingly untenable. So yeah. A lot of people are gonna be miffed about that last big one. But they've stated in no uncertain terms that if DBZA is to be able to continue, it's gonna not be in the normal abridged style. And frankly? I'm absolutely okay with that. That first DBShortZ episode is pretty great writing-wise and the visuals and animation are good enough that I think I can live with it not being the original anime footage.
  11. So some mad genius is making a Spyro mod for Half-Life that is literally Half-Life but a Spyro game: https://www.moddb.com/mods/year-of-the-dragon

  12. The Dragalia Lost crossover with Mega Man would be perfect if it wasn't for the complete lack of story content. Megs himself doesn't get any lines! Huge disappointment, really.

  13. Really, what you want out of a headset will depend on what you'd prefer most - if you want perfect tracking with no compromises and just want a great experience in that regard, I'd suggest buying the regular Vive first and then getting the Index Controllers, which will work fine with the Vive. If you want something with easier setup but with less reliable tracking, get the Odyssey+, or a Rift if you're willing to save up a bit more for better tracking and don't mind worse screen/fresh rate quality, or even the Quest if you want to be able to play entirely wirelessly for some games. If you want the best possible overall package, save up for the Index. Also, a bit of an update on my experience with the Odyssey+, the main issues with tracking are generally when the controllers are either right up against your face or outside the camera view for an extended period of time. You will need to have them back in your view whenever you have them by your sides for a bit, but generally that's when you'll be moving to pick something up or do some specific action anyway. It's up to you if that sounds like that'll annoy you too much, though. Quick actions like moving your arm out of view for throwing objects will work just fine.
  14. I mean, fair enough. But hardware in general is usually a hefty investment. This is about as cheap as you're gonna get for now with the Odyssey+'s overall quality. It's essentially equivalent to a console in that it provides experiences you can't get from any other type of device. Every headset has its compromises in some way. The WMR main compromise is the tracking, but it's also good enough that you won't notice any problems outside of specific edge cases that you wouldn't be doing in VR gameplay anyway. I got my Odyssey+ recently, it's quite an improvement over the first-gen WMR headsets, and the screen quality is fantastic, no screen door effect. Seriously, from my experience, I doubt you'll have any major issues. That being said, if you think you might as well save up for the Index, all power to you. At least you can get the Index, it's not available here in Australia... The other thing the folks at Valve disqualified from the running for their big VR title was multiplayer-focused stuff, due to the limited install base. They wanted a game anyone would be able to properly experience, and while L4D is technically playable with bots, you need actual players to get a proper experience, especially on higher difficulties. While Valve games usually have some kind of playerbase all the damn time, there is always the risk of there not being players to play with.
  15. There's a specific reason Valve didn't go with Portal when they were deciding on what to actually do to make the VR prototypes they were working with that would eventually become this game, and they said it themselves - it would be nauseating as all fuck. Valve have done plenty with the Portal stuff in its VR tech demos. At some point while working on their AAA VR project, they decided Half-Life would be best suited for it. Simple as that. The game didn't actually start off as a Half-Life game. Also FFS you do not need the Valve Index for this game. Any reasonably decent PCVR headset will work just fine. The Samsung Odyssey+ WMR headset is on sale on Amazon for about $230 USD right now. Sure, the tracking isn't amazing but the controllers are better than the Vive and the headset itself is really fucking good in terms of visual quality. You want an entry-level VR headset that's of sound quality? Buy the Odyssey+. Side-note if you're willing to spend about $200 more, the Quest is also good for being able to play some games entirely wirelessly, but you'll either need a 5G wifi connection to play PC VR games wirelessly as well, or a cable to use with Quest Link. Both of which have their own downsides and compromises. You're not gonna get a wireless experience both for cheap and without some kind of major visual compromise or latency. To be fair, even if HL2 was really well optimized, let's not forget that Half-Life as a series used to be Crysis before Crysis was a thing, they basically demanded that most people upgrade their PCs. Half-Life was the killer app for graphics cards as a general concept, and Half-Life 2 was such a graphical leap forward that it made the original Xbox fucking cry. With this game, the requirements are increased mainly because not only does the requirements for VR right now increase due to stereoscopic rendering and high-FOV and above HD displays, but also because 60FPS is the bare fucking minimum. And I do say bare minimum, at least 90FPS is the rough bar to ensure that the framerate isn't gonna make you nauseous. You can't get away with just 30 FPS like you would on console. And with such high fidelity, you need high requirements to maintain a high, smooth framerate.
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