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  1. Oh hell yes, River City Girls is a thing, it's being made by Wayforward, and it looks dope as hell:


  2. Holy shit, the Hong Kong protestors just hung the old British colonial flag in the legislative chamber. On the very anniversary of the handover. The balls on these people - it's the biggest possible "fuck you" to China they could've done.

  3. As someone who has actual game development experience and prior knowledge of what Game Freak has already done in 3D... I'm gonna echo Stricker and Blue Blood here, I cannot fathom any reason why there isn't a National Dex. The models, textures and animations already exist. Other data can also be imported with some coding for specific things like where special effects start. And they're workable for the Switch - hell, they were significantly overkill for the 3DS. We even know Sword & Shield already has imported animations from the 3DS games. This reeks of complacency biting Game Freak in the ass, or laziness, or incompetence, or any/all of the above. And considering Game Freak have stated they have no intention of rectifying this mistake going forward, I'm going to say all of the above, because fucking hell. There shouldn't be any reason why they wouldn't port everything over, unless their development toolset is that terrible, and that implies an incredible amount of incompetence. If development of an entire roster of Pokemon is a problem, then get a separate studio dedicated to handling the problem (which would also allow Game Freak and other devs access to a library of Pokemon assets of consistent quality). I'm pretty sure that was Creatures Inc.'s job with X&Y, at least, make them do it, for fuck's sake. Seriously, I'm really getting fed up with Game Freak's whims. Their previous shit such as not carrying over cool features between games was one thing, but this is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Also, I have to roll my eyes at the defense force that's sprung up, because God forbid that Game Freak actually fucks up.
  4. Seriously, the number of candidates is ridiculous. At least half of them should know better than to even try. It's a repeat of the 2016 GOP primaries, but at least here the frontrunners aren't complete garbage. Except Biden. I know voters are into him because Obama, but Hillary was working for Obama, too, and guess how that turned out.
  5. So I just found out that Chivalry II was announced as an EGS exclusive... But Mordhau already exists on Steam and has that market on lockdown with better mechanics than Chivalry, so...

  6. That was... Surprisingly good. They completely fucking wasted a Smash DLC slot with the DQ rep, though.

    1. KHCast


      It was to market the franchise to the west, and give japan a character they like for once. Nintendo with smash typically prioritize western popular characters 

  7. They'd also be picking a really bad time to release in the US without reworking how the F2P elements work, because of the anti-loot box bill on its way through Congress. Though, the licensing stuff isn't gonna be that much of an issue if the Phantasy Star Portable games managed to do it. I'm really just interested in the Fate cosmetics, and they made into the Portables just fine. Though, I'm wondering if there's gonna be JP account transfers or do we have to start all over again.
  8. Star Wars: Fallen Order looks incredibly disappointing. All they had to do was make a spiritual sequel to Jedi Academy, for pete's sake, and yet this doesn't even remotely reach that bar.

    1. Perkilator


      More like Fallen Stock amirite

  9. It seems MS' upcoming press conference is leakier than a sinking boat.

    1. PublicEnemy1


      What else leaked?

    2. 8ther


      What was leaked?

  10. So this probably is of most interest to a gaming-focused forum like this, so... The text of the anti-loot box bill proposed by Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) is available online. It is being co-sponsored by two Democrats. This could be tightened up just a little, but analysis so far basically confirms that this bill, if it passes, will basically kill loot boxes and pay-to-win microtransactions outright. The intent is to prevent exposure of loot boxes to kids, but in practice it'll force games with loot boxes to have an adults-only rating, which is a kiss of death for games outside of Steam these days - when push comes to shove, I expect that devs and pubs will junk loot boxes and P2W stuff rather than risk losing a big chunk of their audience. If this passes, this will basically force a fuckton of games, especially most of the free-to-play market, to completely change their monetization strategies. Asia-only games will continue to have gacha and such until Japan follows the US' lead.
  11. Amash apparently breaks rank regularly, so his colleagues really shouldn't be surprised. He may be a piece of shit libertarian, but he's a principled piece of shit libertarian, and his analysis of the Mueller Report is spot on. He was the only Republican who actually used his time during the Cohen hearings to actually ask him relevant questions rather than grandstand about nonsense bullshit. What happens next is gonna be the fun part. Amash is from Michigan, in a seat that isn't solidly red, so anyone trying to challenge him from the right might honestly be making it harder for themselves to retain that seat for the GOP if they somehow win the primary.
  12. I had to look up what the TSR teams were and I was reminded that Team Vector is such a baffling assemblage (Vector, Silver and Blaze? Really?) that I still can't comprehend why they put those three characters together. Vector already has the Chaotix, and I really don't get Sega's insistence on pairing Blaze and Silver whenever the opportunity arises (the only time those two have ever had any kind of chemistry is in that one story in the IDW Annual, even if I disregard the fact that the pairing reminds me of the garbage fire that was Sonic 06 and how it derailed Blaze's backstory for a while).

    1. mayday2592


      Atleast it gives us a reason to see certain characters interact when they normally wouldn't.

    2. Ellipsis-Ultima


      Some of the team choices were questionable really.

  13. Yeah, I consider them canon, but they could literally take places in virtually any point in the "continuity", for what worth that word has with Sonic these days. It's implied that Sonic might've taken on the role of Aladdin in Secret Rings, and he definitely took on the role of King Arthur in Black Knight, but they could be roles he unknowingly filled during his adventures rather than really becoming the characters themselves. Though, in the case of the latter, it's only fitting that he leaves the world of the story at the end, because that's literally what King Arthur does - returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake and disappearing from the world until the time comes again for him to return to save it.
  14. Yeah, it seems weirdly puzzling logic to try and push the Storybook games out of continuity with. I for one enjoyed the reference, and I do open it leaves the door open for additional opportunities, such as, well, revisiting the Storybook worlds. I would actually be down for Sonic seeking non-scientific solutions to the problem of the Zombot plague if Tails can't cure it in time, such as using the World Rings to empower a wish by Shahra or using the power of Excalibur's scabbard to purge the infection, and perhaps using the World Rings/Excalibur to combat Eggman with the Chaos Emeralds if needed. (And yes, Exalibur's scabbard is depicted as a corrupting influence in Black Knight, but that aspect is honestly out of step with the Arthurian mythos and the vast majority of depictions of the scabbard in general, and the titular Black Knight isn't the 'real' King Arthur anyway, so it's probably that said corruption is really just misuse of its power driven through temptation by unworthy individuals, since Excalibur and its scabbard was meant to be owned by the true Once and Future King, aka Sonic.)
  15. Crazy idea: Sonic and The Black Knight except everyone all the story characters are their Fate counterparts, Merlina inherits Fou from her grandfather, Modred is an ally (I think she and Sonic would actually get along), and the titular black knight is actually real but it's Alter Lancer!Arturia who then switches to Saber Alter mode for the second phase of the climactic battle, and both Sonic and Mordred have to team up to beat her. The credits sequence involves a DMC/Bayonetta-style interactive duel with Mordred.

  16. Wait, we're talking about Penders again? What'd he do this ti-

    Oh. Oh noooooooooooooo.

  17. So I just received my 8bitdo M30 controller from Playasia and it turns out I had ordered the 2.4g version (aka the wireless MG/Genesis version), when I actually wanted the Bluetooth version. I didn't even realize there was two versions. FML. At least they're happy with refunding it if I send it back.

  18. I don't think anyone can top this one. The best April Fools jokes for me are the ones that make you legitimately doubt if it's actually fake even when you know it is ahead of time. Like... This looks like an actual legit Splatoon mobile spin-off, even if there are small details that indicate lack of polish, mainly animations.
  19. To be fair, the owner posted on Reddit and he was a very good sport about it and was flattered. It wasn't Scott's fault, though, in any case. In any case, though, it's nice to finally have an official FNAF game with real-time 3D visuals.
  20. So nobody is talking about the fact that Nintendo let an indie dev make a Zelda game?

    1. KHCast


      We were talking about it a bunch this morning 

  21. Hilarious idea: Sonic Riders 4, guest starring Warframes using K-Drives, complete with a track based on Fortuna and a story involving Eggman and Nef Anyo competing for the villain role throughout. Will probably never happen but it would be all sorts of amazing.

    1. SupahBerry


      Hilarious Idea:                                           Sonic Riders 4

  22. I decided to just spoil myself on KHIII's story (because I likely won't be getting it for ages and I usually don't care about being spoiled anyway), and oh wow it's even more of a convoluted trash fire than I expected, to be honest.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Being convoluted and having bad writing aren't mutually exclusive.

    3. Wraith


      Kingdom Hearts 3 shouldn't feel obligated to catch people up. 

    4. KHCast


      Metal gear is convoluted yet is able to have fun stories usually positively received. You can do convoluted right, but KH3 doesn’t even come off as that convoluted after previous titles stretched that trend thin. Just badly written, paced, and full of unexplained shit. 

      @Wraith I’d have preferred they didn’t, but they went the route of trying to integrate catching people up into the narrative, and it doesn’t work 

    5. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      @Wraith That's the least of that convoluted story's problems.

    6. Wraith


      I didnt get the impression that they were trying to catch people up at all. 

    7. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Then why bring that up then?

    8. Wraith


      Khcast says "it’s just those things usually require prior understanding of the games, and it does a shit job at catching people up even when the plot awkwardly attempts to explain stuff " in the first comment of this status.

    9. KHCast


      Goofy and Donald attempting to explain the gist of re:coded, lea and isa’s Friendship just happening and isa explaining what he’s done, 3Ds events, Riku and Mickey explaining what happened to terra, something that should have been a no braineer, Axel randomly brining up that he and Ven met that one time, etc

    10. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Oh, yeah that's really not an excuse for KH3.

    11. Wraith


      Those are more reminders to the people who have played these already because a lot of things have happened to these characters in 20 years. In general I don't think the story really tries to accommodate for newcomers at all.

    12. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      I don't think @KHCast is saying that it needed to, but more like one its flaws was trying to do it but poorly.

    13. Wraith


      And I'm saying that's not what they were trying to do. 

    14. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      So, speaking of story, can anyone explain that ending?

    15. KHCast


      @Wraith I mean they did have the memory archive, so it’s clear Square wanted the game to reach more than just kh fans, so it certainly felt with how awkwardly those moments just happened, shoehorned in to let newcomers know what happened. Whether it was or not the intention doesn’t change to me that these moments regardless felt forced in to reference a past game 

    16. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice
    17. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      @Jovahexeon Fitzroy The secret one. I was scratching my head hard at that, like was that an ad for something?

    18. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      It pretty much was.


      Verus Rex shown earlier in Toy Box is real.


    19. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      .... I forgot all about that TBH. God, I feel like Fry trying to understand Blurnsball with this.

    20. Ryannumber1gamer


      I would’ve been disappointed as hell if Lea didn’t address Ventus. Certainly wouldn’t consider it as a dropped point for catch up. It makes sense for Axel to ponder if the kid who was a keyblade welder and world traveller all of those years ago even remembered him. I thought it was pretty heartwarming now to establish he was remembered.

    21. KHCast


      I wish they would have broght it up at least once in the year+ time he and roxas were hanging out then, whether it be like in a secret report or in a conversation between him and saix. This being the first time he legit brings it up in the games just felt so unbelievable 

    22. Ryannumber1gamer



      The one point of contemption I have is I still find the video game world in Toy Box being real as absolutely idiotic, and an obviously bad attempt to shove KH with Nomura’s vision of Vs. XIII.

      Whats worse is I could maybe excuse the lack of FF stuff if you wanted to focus on the KH stuff. I think it’s a big loss, but I can see it. Disney is more engrained than FF at least and for the finale to this chapter, I could see them deciding they wanted to keep the Final Fantasy cast away for this one.

      When it looks dubious is when you rid it of the FF cast, and then throw in your expy cast in exchange because they’re totes better than the real thing.

    23. Wraith


      "I'm just gonna put dumb shit I like in Kingdom Hearts" is literally the premise of Kingdom Hearts

      Also Noctis and his friends got butchered by square so I can understand why Nomura's been put off by the idea of using them. We can see what his original intent was and I'm interested in that. 

    24. KHCast


      Nomura seemed really on and off regarding FF’s characters inclusion, I recall him going back and forth in interview on if they’d show up, so wouldn’t surprise me if in a dlc expansion, we see them show up in their own contained story for 3(or at least Cloud and sephiroth’s arc getting closure. With maybe Zack showing up.)

    25. Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Jovahexeon Ogilvie Maurice

      Well in that case, the moral of the story is to wait for Final Mix rather then have hopes in the base game.

    26. Wraith


      Nomura only seems like he's contradicting himself in interviews because of how many things likely got left on the cutting room floor when it came down to releasing the game on time. It's very rare for a dev to come out and say we had to cut something for time for w/e reason. I'm guessing they aren't allowed to divulge that insight or are heavily encouraged not to by their bosses, but that's just me speculating. 

      Either way I suspect a lot of things that seem 'off' about Kingdom Hearts 3 just come down to the game releasing too early. It's frustrating but nothing new for...games, to be honest. I'm glad this is one of the few series that have a history of going back and adding the shit they couldn't fit in the first time though because we'll probably see a fully fleshed out version of 3 in a year or two.

  23. I don't believe in the 'bootstraps' myth or the 'dignity of work', especially since automation is increasingly going to eliminate many jobs. In the cases of many people, getting out of poverty is simply not achievable without outside assistance. Over time, the threshold for being able to even get a job is going to get higher as automation becomes more common, and suddenly not everyone will be able to get fancy degrees or even be able to survive through college/university. It isn't helped by the fact that unionism in the US is in a horrifyingly bad state thanks to the demonisation of unions by the right-wing and union-killing laws, which reduce wage growth and working conditions. Economics requires the vast majority of the population to work right now, but that's going to change. Ultimately, to avoid a violent revolution, policymakers will have to think about how capitalism will have to change to accommodate the rise of automation and an increasing class of people who simply can't get a high-skilled job not taken by robots. And, well, that will likely involve taxing the rich who own the robots. Still, even a universal income isn't going to stop the vast majority of people from working. Humans are greedy, we want more shit and fancier shit. And, well, some people just straight up enjoy their work. But universal income will also free up a lot of people to do things that aren't stable income-wise, like art or writing, or more 'charitable' work (such as actual charities and stuff like wildlife rescue centres). And ultimately, the goal of society should be a system where everyone doesn't have to work, and ideally people should be able to do work they want to do.
  24. Ugh I want this keyboard so bad but it's expensive and mechanical keys are loud https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07771GCBS?th=1

  25. I have only one thing to say in reaction to seeing the contents of this direct.
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