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  1. Killer double post after a long long long time with another thing I've done. This time, that gosh dang Sonic Channel wallpaper style of my own original do not steal character, Phoenix.
  2. Thank you! I totally forgot I had a thread here so I'm posting more recent work I did. We got Marine, and updated Tails, and Eggman Nega! Hope you guys dig it! Here's a little bonus too. I don't normally post non-Sonic work, but I'm sure there are people who'd appreciate the Ninja Gaiden picture I've been working at here and there!
  3. Woah we lost some stuff! Guess I'm dumping all the stuff I've already posted, plus more! Take a look! More to come of course!
  4. Good lord! Spaz, you are my god. I can absolutely see Sega finally taking advantage of the comics now. Considering what they could have done, I'm happy to see these comics still having tons of integrity.
  5. Double post update! Here's another commission I just finished! I really enjoy drawing the little details
  6. Thanks guys! I can post the various fan characters from commissions I've done if you'd like! Edit: Here's one, for Gold Hedgehog!
  7. After all of these years, I'm going to break out of my heavy lurking status and post some Sonic art! I've been doing digital work for years and have lots of traditional work too. Lately I've started a series of some sort, drawing each character in my style and keeping it simple. My goal is to actually, for once, get every character drawn! Here's what I got so far! And here's my fan character, Phoenix, for kicks I'll definitely be posting more as I make'em. Hopefully this will kill my terrible lurking habits haha
  8. Guys, what do you think are the chances of Uekawa making a Deadly Six wallpaper this year?
  9. I think it's Rouge. Wild guess.
  10. Ah, I didn't get that. Wanna try that again? Ha sorry, don't mean to stray from the topic. And thanks Aquaslash, I'm just the biggest lurker in the world XD
  11. Dude, I can tell you're improving a whole lot lately, keep this up! It kind of inspires me to try another shot at the style too. Is it ever possible for me to see that other end of our trade? With the Becky picture, maybe you could try to keep the width on her "locks" consistent. I'd say make them a little wider on her head before they reach down.
  12. Take a look at Silver. I guess that settles that. Not to look back too far or anything. It WOULD be cool if Metal Sonic was in the game though.
  13. I'll just put these here... Shirt colors Normal colors Now everyone can make their own! At least that's what I'd do. *Edit* First post!? I lurk too much.
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