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  1. Sonic the Mehdgehog.

  2. Last year, I collected all of the emblems in SA2 for the first time so that I could play Green Hill Zone. The next day, I load the game up, and it tells me that my memory card has been damaged and the only way I can repair it is if I delete all my save files on it. At least I got to play the stage before that happened, though.
  3. Sonic games are nice.

    1. Semi-colon e

      Semi-colon e

      You're on the Sonic Stadium, you're supposed to hate all the games, especially if they have to boost :P

    2. buba


      All Sonic games are shit, only 3&K is good.

    3. MegaMan_EXE
    4. -Robin-
    5. The drunkard from space!
    6. The drunkard from space!
    7. Blackthorne


      You can say that again, Rowdy.

  4. Happy birthday, nice letters in your username.

  5. Conflict is in our nature, unfortunately.
  6. I can't really see Silver as a villain type. It would be like Anakin before he turned into Darth Vader.
  7. Christopher Dolan.

    1. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      dirctor of teh duck knihgt trilgy

    2. Jmh


      Don't you mean "Chiligy"?

    3. Chili Dawg

      Chili Dawg

      i liek hao u think, boi

  8. Blonic is my hero.

  9. I think I understand why you like the Super Sonic boss fights. Because they add a sense of climax, being invincible and stopping the boss with sheer dominance. However, a boss with normal Sonic can feel more intense because instead of the usual dominance over your foe as a Super being, the boss is the one who has the upper hand, and Sonic has to rely on his pure skill and determination to win an unbeatable battle, making for a pretty good struggle to overcome and an even greater victory to seize.
  10. Feelin' good!

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