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  1. happy birthday if you ever come back :D

  2. I'm still expecting Sonic Generations DLC >.> Phantasy Star Online 2 is going to be epic, but probably won't be released in english this year.
  3. I've often wondered what Sonic's favoriate soda falvor was. If I had to guess, I would think Grape soda. The drum barrel in Sonic 3's carnival zone can be done without looking up and down while on it. It's just very hard. I remember spending weeks trying to get past that point. It was an amazing feeling once I finally passed it. I didn't use the internet much back then, so I didn't know about online guides <.<. Had no clue you were suppose to look up and down on the barrel untill sometime right after Sonic Heroes was released. Sonic Adventure 2; I remember doing the Sonic VS Shadow right before the Green Forest(my favoriate Sonic level). I ground-bounced next to one of the metal plates on the ground half way through the fight, and Viola, I was in Knuckles' Mine level. As Sonic. Couldn't do much, but it was fun. Can't remember exactly how I did it either <.<
  4. Yes, if they removed the limitations, which they could, they would have no problems with churning out the old games much faster. I specifically called it the PSP2 because that is what it is. The fact that it's legal name reminds me waaaay too much of the failure that was Windows Vista doesn't help either. Everyone knows what the PSP2 is anyways <.<. I don't plan to use it's name, 'cept for google searches. You ignored my rant on purpose >.>, but that's fine...it was just a rant...nothing more... I also hope Microsoft doesn't name the Xbox 720 "Durango". Xbox 720 is a fine name >.> Note: I'm not a fan to any of these, PC gaming FTW! Maybe even Open Pandora.
  5. I have looked though the lists of games for the PSP2 and 3DS. Currently available and future releases. For the 3DS, there are already a few games out I am interested in, not to mention the obligatory eventual Pokemon game. Looking at the 3DS Pokedex, and seeing it can handle 11 of those pokemon on the screen at once gives me high hopes for the next Pokemon game. -I have no plans to ever pay $4 for a black and white gameboy game. (unless it's for the physical cartridge) 99 cents sounds fair. And really, if Nintendo would just churn out the old games much faster they could work with each being 99 cents easily. It wouldn't be hard at all to churn them all out in less than a month. If they didn't worry about royalties they could have them all out tomorrow. And really, why hasn't anyone tried something where you give out the royalties you save up when someone asks for them? There can't be THAT many people needing the royalties for GameBoy games. -The 3DS could seriously compete with the Iphone (in terms of the number of games you can buy before you run out of money) if they had all the Gameboy/Gameboy Color for 99 cents tomorrow. -Nintendo could of also carried all the VC games on the Wii over to the 3DS. It's money they are refusing to take from their willing customers. For the PSP2....well I had hoped it would have something like Gurumin 2. Gravity looks good, but I don't want to buy a system for just one game. -The PSP2 would also handle emulators much better than the 3DS....once it's "jailbroken". Which might take a year or two. The 3DS isn't even "jailbroken" yet. -You also gotta take into account the proprietary SD card Sony made for the memory. I don't want to spend more money than I have to on SD cards. -/rant/ And if you want to bring in the argument about the downloaded games being cheaper because of it, don't. They are suppose to be cheaper anyways, as Sony isn't making, then shipping the game cartridge to a middleman store which would increase the price anyways, to make some profit. /rant_end/ Bottom line(s)? 1. I'm not getting the PSP2 untill I can play Dark Cloud 2 and the Dot Hack series on it. ("jailbroken", or otherwise) 2. I would wait for the pokemon game to come out before getting the 3DS. 3. I'll probably end up owning both of them in 5 years, though.
  6. Hmm...I guess I should expand on my idea of that 3rd type I mentioned. I'm not 100% sure it would work either. Currently; One type = 100% of the extra damage for that type of attack. Two types = 50% of the extra damage for each of the two types of attacks. My prototype idea of a third types would be low-impact, but enough to explain some extra attacks. Maybe 45% extra damage for the two main types, and 10% extra damage for the third type. Lets give a Weevile a third type, for an example. Ice/Dark (electric) That would give it the ability to learn the lower tier electric attacks. I guess that's everything I was thinking about when I thought this up. Definitely a prototype idea. ===== I also like the idea of getting rid of levels, getting rid of that extra growth would make adding extra trainer battles very simple. Would also make things such as making all your pokemon Lv.100 for an even WiFi battle a thing of the past.
  7. Ah, didn't notice the other thread. Not sure if this should go in there or not either o.o. An action rpg that actually had good controls would be good. And by good controls, I mean look at Zoids for the gamecube. Yeah that zoids game was bland, no vibrant color landscapes, and lagged when there were more enemies, but the controls were great. One of the control sticks were used for quick maneuvering, and felt very natural after just a few uses. Being able to accurately have pokemon do what they can do in the anime would be great, though without the proper controls, it would definitely be a flop.
  8. I got the feeling from all the TV shows and games put together, that Sonic can go much faster. My ideas are; If he went max speed he wouldn't be able to see the scenery. He probably can't watch where he places his feet at max speed either. It also seems he holds back so he can surprise bad guys, in a pinch. And my main point is this: Sonic practically never gets tired while running around. So of course he can go faster, he'd just get tired...probably...
  9. I normally just break out the cheat searcher when I'm having trouble in a game. Infinite lives normally does the trick. Infinite rings/health, for example, is a tad overkill. Just search for the number of lives, die, search again, repeat 'till you have one variable left. Sometimes there's more than one, but rarely too many to handle. Just try all that's left and at least one of them should work. Only game I've really had trouble with cheat searches is Phantasy Star Universe 1&2, PSP. Those skill points for learning new weapon grades were weird. Someone else has probably figured them out by now though. I never use cheats Online, or go online with save files that have cheats. One of my codes of honor/internet. (I have an unlocked PSP, and use Cheat Engine for PC games)
  10. Sonic doesn't need a story. It's just nice to have a general idea of what he's doing. Just running around for the fun of it? That's enough of a story for me.
  11. Yep, that video proves they are following pretty close to the art style they were going for in SA1. I guess the developers thought it looked bleak too and added that extra green... it could be ectoplasm, or radioactive particles it found somewhere in the water. It could of also taken out a nuclear plant that was near the city.
  12. A secondary skin? I imagine you could just copy the current skin and add the new code...though that'd be a bit untidy when more skins are added. Maybe an option in the user settings for Fixed or Stretched? That way it'd work with other skins down the line...though it could also open up a fairly sized can-o-bugs... Decisions, Decisions.
  13. The new skin looks great. Feels like a true sonic forum now, and adjustable width would be nice, as most people have widescreens <.<. The empty spaces on the sides added together are the same width as the forum posts on my main screen. I seem to remember this being a problem in some old skins for some reason....Though, I do prefer this over the default. *waits for the green one*
  14. I would think if there were multiple people working on the landscape, there would be more variety. More places to explore is always fun. Easter eggs are very welcome, though too many leads to them appearing boring. A wide-open free-run world where you can speed across to find dungeons, castles, mountains with caves that have dragons in them rarely, very diverse wildlife and enemies, loops, and ramps that can send you flying!
  15. I can live with realistic landscapes, although I do like the loop landscapes. Realistic fur is acceptable. Logical actions by the characters is a must. Not a fan of realistic or unrealistic drama. For realistic explosions- Robots shouldn't explode unless filled almost entirely with fuel. I imagine they are usually built with non-exploding materials; flexible metal muscles, hydraulics(I can see these as flammable, not explodable), pistons, gears, etc. I like unrealistic explosions though, who doesn't? Realistically, Sonic would need to eat his weight in chillidogs every 50 or so miles.(wild guess) Showing characters heading towards the restrooms? nevar!
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