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  1. Rosemary never seemed to let go her hatred of the royal family even after the formation of the council meant a best-case scenario for everyone. I mean when Sally disobeys the council, Rosemary immediately starts babbling about a royal conspiracy, saying that Elias is probably involved as well; which is a REALLY SERIOUS accusation, especially since it was really just Sally messing with the rules to get what she wants. I mean Elias is her co-worker but the second something minor goes wrong she's all like Royal Conspiracy! Plus she was the first on the council to suggest that Naugus takes the throne. Even though he tried to kill her son. And then she has the audacity to act sad when Elias leaves even though Naugus' rise to power is to no small part on her. Plus she was part of the whole 'Let's banish Nicole even though she built this city and it's technically her's' thing.
  2. That's weird, look at this part of the Sonic Select 10 summary: That sounds like the story Running on Empty from the Sally Moon Sonic Super Special 8. But that story was already reprinted in Sonic Select 5! I mean I know Archie reprints the same stories in different places but they've never reprinted the same story twice within the same trade series. Perhaps they didn't realise because Running on Empty, along with the TUFF awards aren't actually mentioned as being in Sonic Select 5 anywhere. The list of stories which are at the beginning of every trade completely fails to mention the, but get to the end of Sonic Select 5 and there they are.
  3. I had a PS1 Tarzan game and it was a pretty good 2.5D platformer. There was also a Monsters Inc game that served as a prequel to the movie and was set during Mike and Sully's time at Scare Academy, years before Monsters University came out. I had the PS1 Harry Potter games and they were pretty good. Not great but for a young Harry Potter fan I loved being able to explore parts of the castle, even when the locations were incongruent with the books. They were consistent with each other though, with you exploring the same castle each game, the second game just added more areas.
  4. Sonic isn't underrated. You're just misrepresenting the fanbase. You say you haven't seen people praising Sonic's personality? You just haven't been looking hard enough. You act like Sonic being underrated is a fact. It isn't. You're wrong. I've seen enough praise for the skill and complexity of Sonic's personality on this very forum to know you're wrong. Like these two topics I found after a brief search: Besides you're assertion that Sonic is underrated because his popularity comes from gameplay, doesn't hold water. It doesn't matter why people like him, he's still the most popular character in the franchise by a longshot. Coupled with the fact that people may have unconscious reasons for why they like the character- I mean most people don't spend time analysing why they like things, they just like things.
  5. I mean Shrek's still well known but the movies have stopped coming out. You would have to have parents keep showing the movies to their kids to ensure that the franchise stays popular with kids. Also this isn't the first Shrek theme park attraction. Theme park Dreamworld in Australia has entire Dreamworks section of the park which obviously includes a Shrek section which has a few rides, shops and costume characters. Other areas are Madagascar and Kung Fu Panda I think.
  6. You think it would get old seeing them talk to the old man by now but nope. Everytime they tell that old man that they aren't busy, I crack up laughing. 'We're not busy old man, not like we're going anywhere anyway'.
  7. So I did some searching and apparently the last page of Sonic Super Digest 6 says there are two parts to Sonic Comic Origins. Part One will be in Sonic Super Special magazine 11 (and presumably Free Comic Book Day) and Part Two will be in Sonic Super Digest 7. Which I have mixed feelings about. I'm fine with them sticking the game adaptations in the magazines and digests but when its relevant to the new continuity then it forces you to buy them which I've stopped doing recently considering most of the stories are stuff from Ian's run which I already have. Then again the content of Sonic Super Digest 5 sounds good (the worth of two Archives books in one of the digests) so maybe those two issues will have good reprints as well?
  8. So I'm looking at the 261 variant and I'm thinking 'Is Cubot playing volleyball by himself? Where's Orbot?' And then I see it. Good job Yardley! that was pretty funny when I finally noticed.
  9. Why were people rioting anyway? When I left they were walking through pokémon tower and when I came back the stream was on hold and everyone was rioting? What did it go in democracy mode again and start9 wasn't enough?
  10. I was watching at the time, the maze and the battle with the rocket grunt were all done in Democracy. But all throughout the battle the bar was sliding to Anarchy and switches over just before picking up the lift key. Fortunately now that we've got the lift key we wont have to travel as far but it looks like it's going to swing back to Democracy soon anyway, likely so that no one runs us around the maze again. I want them to stay in Democracy as long as it takes to get through Rocket Base. then switch back to anarchy but seriously, it's been over a day. There are a lot of people trying hard for a long time to get this and the only ones enjoying it now are the trolls. Nothing funny is happening because of Anarchy it's the same old stuff. People say Anarchy is more entertaining but it's not when you're in the same spot for over a day.
  11. And we just picked it up even though we are in anarchy mode! It only took, what a day? Day and a half? Now they're trying to teach Pidgeot Cut.
  12. Democracy is still a mess, but a manageable mess. Do you realise that they've spent like 20 hours in the Rocket Base maze? If they kept it as Anarchy they would never beat it. I mean just now on Democracy mode they managed to get through the maze after hours of trying (Democracy is far from easy, there's still fighting over button inputs) only for the game to switch to Anarchy mode right afterwards, and now: THEY'RE BACK IN THE MAZE! Because Anarchy mode does not work in the puzzle sections. Democracy still has the chaos of thousands of people playing, just now the trolls aren't being allowed to take control and send everyone in an endless loop. Keep Anarchy for the battles and walking around and use Democracy for the puzzle sections.
  13. How about the fact the ads talk about how cute Luigi and Tanooki Mario are? I cringed at that, it's like 'Girls like cute things, let's tell them how cute our characters are so they'll buy our games!' I mean I applaud the fact that they're not just putting the traditionally feminine games in there and using some of their big titles. I thought it would all be fitness games on the channel, so there's something good about it at least.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  15. If they do use a mixture of live action and CG, Rabbids is one of the series where it may actually work as it has precedence in the games. The second Rabbids game mixed live action with CG for the shooting segments and had a whole 'Rabbids invade the real world' plot to the game and promotional material.
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