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  1. I’m still a little sad that there seems to be no secret characters/tracks. I kinda expected something like Classic Sonic or Dodonpa itself and Radiant Emerald as the ultimate R reference. Heck, not even Eggpawn which is actually ready. Nothing... there’s still hope for DLC’s... I know this is a huge leap, but imagine if this game sells well enough we could have a massive Expansion a la Ultimate Team Sonic Racing with 15 more characters and 15 more stages. No way huh? 😂
  2. In the last olympic game I noticed that the characters were not actually splitted in categories such as power speed etc... so I guess we should not necessarily expect to have an All Around and Power for the Sonic Side and a Speed/Skill for Mario. We can speculate who might be the most prominent characters that are still not playable. in the Sonic Side I’d say Rouge, Espio and Big (the last one is very possible due to his boost in popularity). as for the Mario side I’d say Rosalina, Diddy Kong and Toad (Maybe Cap. Toad) I’d personally like to see 8 new characters, but it’s unlikely. Maybe the last two could be females. I’d prefer Sticks and Wendy
  3. I forgot to say that I’m litteraly praying for Radiant Emerald to be a secret final stage with “Super Sonic Racing” remixed theme. That would be awesome
  4. I like what I saw in the last video. Sand Road seems fun and The Boo stage is a bit linear but it looks very nice and intersting with all those hazards. i seriously expect Sky Sanctuary and Galactic Parade as easy and cash grab DLC, maybe with a new stage as the third one. I am not that enthusiast about re using old levels, but SS and GP are awesome , so I don’t mind. They could add some twists to the old stages, for example add some cloud bouncing in Sky Sancturay and change the weather at sunset. For Galactic Parade they could use bounce jumps as well or maybe some other tricks like portals to avoid the original flight section. I’d also like to see a rainy stage at some point, maybe something Frog Forest inspired? I will gladly buy DLC for this game. as for characters, I’d love to see Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles, and I still dream about some secret unlockables as a surprise. Don’t you find suspicious that there’s just the right space for another team next to Sonic in the character select screen? Who knows, It might be stretching out too much, but it could mean secret chatacters that are kinda related to Sonic /Tails/ Knuckles. The Best example could be Classic Sonic, Tails Doll and Metal Knuckles. and then there’s still EggPawn basically ready to be used. Not a big fan of it, but one more character is always welcomed. DLC racers? I’d personally go with Espio, Cream, Infinite and the Babylon
  5. For easy DLC they could give us packs of 3 stages. Galactic Parade and Sky Sanctuary from Transformed along with a Chemical Plant inspired level should be an easy thing for them to make. then a couple more packs of 3 stages, entirely new ones. I’d like to see Mushroom Hill from Sonic 3 as a proper forest level with elements from other games. Could be autumn themed Radiant Emerald from Sonic R: it would be so nice to see this stage return Windmill Isle from Unleashed Aquarium Park from Colors: an oriental themed stage that could include some chun an throwbacks too *the futuristic City from Forces, maybe one of the few good looking stages in that game
  6. I’m gonna say the last character will be Tails Doll. Obscure, fan favorite and an R representation. I’m pretty convinced about this since the logo was announced
  7. Eggman was an unlockable character in Transformed too if you remember. I believe we can expect Team Chaotix. Those 3 are the pretty well estabilished as a team, and they could deliver funny interactions. I strongly believe the villains team is going to be unlockable and that in the end the roster will be of 18 characters. So Eggman, Metal Sonic and possibly Tails Doll (as a Sonic R throwback and a welcome obscure comeback) as for the 5th team It is not an easy guess My idea is team Babylon, the only real estabilished team they have left, with whom they could write funny dialogues. This way they can leave very popular characters like Silver and Blaze as cash grab DLC. I can be wrong, but in the end I can see something like this happening: 4th team: Team Chaotix Espio (speed) Charmy (tech) Vector (power) 5th team: Team Babylon Jet (speed) Wave (tech) Storm (power) 6th team: Team Eggman (secret unlockable) Metal Sonic (speed) Tails Doll (tech) Eggman (power) DLC ideas Classic Sonic (speed) : some sort of pre order or day one bonus dlc DLC Team Dimensions Silver (speed) Sticks (tech) Blaze (power) Team Villains Infinite (speed) Chaos (tech) Zavok (power) TEAM SEGA #1 Ryo Hazuki (speed), NiGHTS (tech), Bayonetta (power) TEAM SEGA #2 Amigo (speed), Morgana (tech), BD Joe (power) those sega teams are very unlikely happening , but I can dream. when it comes to stages I expect (and I think it was kinda confirmed, but I can be wrong) them to be split in group of three, like Wisp Planet that will include the track already revealed and other two based on Sonic Colors locations. the icy world that has been announced could include a Holoska inspired level, the Frozen Factory casino inspired level from Lost World and possibly something like Chemical Plant covered in snow from Sonic Forces. Another “world” could be Angel Island, with a selection of 3 stages that could cover Sonic 3 and Sonic Adventure, like a Mushroom Hill or Lost World from SA we saw Spogonia in the trailer, and that could deliver something like a “world” based of big metropolis , so we might expect City Escape and Metropolis from Forces. something I’d really love to see is an Apotos based track
  8. All things considered, I guess we can expect Sticks, Wave, Storm and Infinite Eggman would also be hilarious. who knows, maybe they could go the Runners Route and bring back Tikal and the Werehog, and at this point guests like NiGHTS and a little extra like Tails Doll shouldn’t be that hard to implement. we’ll see!
  9. Since I’ve always enjoyed doin lists, I’ll give my 2 cents about it I believe that the 15 characters mentioned will be those who will be part of the story, I expect some unlockables. Team Sonic: Sonic (speed) Tails (tech) Knuckles (power) Team Dark Shadow (Speed) Rouge (tech) Omega (Power) Team Rose Blaze (speed) Cream (tech) Amy (Power) Team Chaotix Espio (speed) Charmy (tech) Vector (Power) Team Eggman Metal Sonic (speed) Fang (tech) Eggman (Power) I strongly believe there will be 3 unlockable characters in the game, folks that might appear in story mode but are not playable. My best bets are Silver (speed), Big (power), Sticks (tech) there might be a couple of secret characters too, and my choices are NiGHTS (tech) Tails Doll (power) I put Tails Doll in because I think Aaron is referring to him whe he said that thing about a character not beeing playble for a long time. Another hint could be the “R” from Sonic R. Also NiGHTS has always been the number one Sega guest in sonjc games. Classic Sonic (speed) will be a Day one DLC or a pre order bonus of some sort. then I can see at least 3 dlc packs of characters Team Babylon : Jet (speed) Wave (tech) Storm (power) Team Bad guys: Infinite (speed) Chaos (tech) Zavok (power) Team SEGA: BD Joe (speed) Bayonetta (tech) Ryo Hazuki (Power) For stages I’d like to see new ones: Planet Wisp (confirmed) Apotos (Unleashed) Rooftop Run (Unleashed) Aquarium Park (Colors) Sweet Mountain (Colors) City Escape (Adventure 2) Pumpkin Hill (Adventure 2) Hang Castle (Heroes) Frozen Factory (Lost World) Sandy Hill (Forces) Metropolis (Forces) Studiopolis (Mania) Radiant Emerald (R) Lava Reef (S&K) Mushroom Hill (S&K) Chemical Plant (S2) NiGHTS themed stage returning Sky Sanctuary Casino stage fron the first Asr Death Egg Starlight Carnival DLC Windy Valley (Adventure) Dolphin Resort (Free Riders) Mirage Saloon (Mania) Press Garden (Mania)
  10. Broly is ok, the other one is just another Goku Clone. This game needs variety. I miss a joke character like Mr Satan or even Muten Roshi. Whis ,Jiren, Darbula, Zamasu... Kid Goku with the staff and the speedy cloud, that would be awesome Arale, ‘nuff said Like it or not, DB has no female fighters that are interesting enough, I don’t see the point of complaining about it. I like female characters but I’m also happy that for once I don’t have to look at oversexualised female individuals with giant breasts and barely no clothes just for a pervert sex appeal. That is also true for some male characters too, but that’s the minority. it is rellay sad to see that the majority of female characters in fighting games are treated like sex toys. I can understand ChiChi from a joke character perspective, but Satan and Roshi are x1000 more interesting. Videl is a human with no unique moves and animation to display, even with her great sayaman suit. I ‘d wish for interesting female chatacters , but simply DB doesn’t have them. I would be a lot happier if Toryama invents a new interesting female fighter for the game instead of Videl and Chichi
  11. I think the other franchise are famous enough to deserve a spot in a potential new game. as someone mentioned before, The Sonic franchise is more than well represented , they could just add a couple more entries like Silver and Blaze and still use a couple more slots for DLC. Crazy Taxi is a respected and beloved enough franchise, and BD Joe is really iconic. NiGHTS franchise is quite dead but the character is still well known due to cameos in Sonic games Aiai, Beat , Ulala and Amigo are quite popular and iconic too And then there’s Ryo Hazuki, the flag of one of the most important franchise of the history of videogames, and with all the stuff going on it would be a sin not to include him. There’s room for new entries too Bayonetta is a lot popular these days, and Sega still has her rights. They could also use Morgana from Persona franchise and Hatsune Miku to draw attentions from the japanese folks. Then they could add an obscure one like Ristar for the sake of “pleasing old fans” I would prefer more Sega entries but at the end of the day I’d be fine with the 11 Sega characters I mentioned combined with a larger Sonic roster. I want a funny game to play the most
  12. I trust Sumo, I think they will deliver a great game, if the rumours are true Btw, am I the only one dreaming for a 2D fighting game with Sega characters developed by arc system works? can you imagine Sonic ,Bayonetta, Jack Cayman, Ryo, Gilius... characters from Phantasy Star, Yakuza, Persona, Shinobi, Valkyria Chronicles.... ok I’ll stop... D:
  13. If this is the direction we’re heading to I’m quitting this franchise for good. Sega and Sonic Team don’t care about fans, with this game they’re gathering to 6-12 yo that like to play temple run. I hope this game sells bad, really bad.
  14. I think the best thing we can do as sonic fans is admit how bad Sonic Forces is and roar to Sonic Team. I am attached to this franchise and I’d like to see competent developers bring back Sonic once and for all. I gave up on Sonic Team, but not on Sonic. let’s make a petition of some sort
  15. I’ve always “defended” them (so to speak), because their recent games, while with several flows , had a bit of passion and few interesting ideas. This game is pure recycling in every aspect, and brought to the worst result possible. They are to blame now, and this is the first time in my life as a Sonic fan that I’d like to meet Iizuka again just to tell him to quit because his team isn’t capable of develop games. They should stick with mobile games, sonic runners is a lot deeper than Forces
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