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  1. Don't know if it was the same for you guys, but after a huge struggle with the 6th special stage, I thought the last emerald would have been hard as hell, but on the contrary I completed it in less than 40 seconds... I have a question. i have completed the game once with Sonic & Tails and managed to get 4 emeralds. Now I got all 7 by replaying Green Hill several times. Can I do the good ending now by simply start from titanic monarch ?
  2. This game is awesome, I hope they will keep this as a separate series and mostly I hope the next game will keep the same physics but with entirely new 2D sprites and animations, to look more like the awesome intro
  3. On a second thought, what do you think about the possibility of Classic Sonic having a 3D gameplay too? I'm gonna consider 2 things: - Mania will cover Classic 2D gameplay in the best way possible - We've seen Classic Sonic having a sort of upgrade in the end of Generations, it seems he have learnt how do homing attack. maybe Classic Sonic 3D will explore a more Adventure like gameplay with the use of spin dash and a proper phisics this time around. This is pure speculation, but the statement of the japanese producer (don't remember the name) suggesting we might change our minds soon about the game seems to lead to a key gameplay that fans are waiting. I am more than sure that Sonic Team is aware of all those fans asking for an Adventure style gameplay then it would also make sense the third gameplay being something entirely different like Eggman. I was also thinking about something absurd like NiGHTS, considering the setting and the fact they gave us NiGHTS DLC in Lost World... it is hard to pick up a third entry when you already have Sonic and Classic Sonic
  4. If Dreamcast Sonic is not a thing then I'm fine with Boom Sonic, but only with an good Adventure like gameplay
  5. Because Sonic's entire lore is basically screwed. There is almost no consistency in this franchise... from a serious rpg plot to a super mario wanna be, passing through kissing princess and giant amusement parks in space with cute child like aliens. From "damn fourth chaos emerald" to "Baldy mc Nosehair" I'd like them to build some continuity, not overcomplex storylines or meta-plots, just a tad more coherence
  6. This game needs 4 things to be a great title and maybe the best 3D Sonic game: - an improved Modern gameplay with better fps , smoother handling and a bit more 3D platform - right phisics for classic sonic and some unique power ups so it differentiates from Mania - A third gameplay with Dreamcast Sonic with an Adventure kind of gameplay - An interesting plot a la Sonic Adventure ... about the 3 gameplays there could be a logic classic = all 2D dreamcast = all 3D modern = both 3D and 2D and then at the end of the game there's a giant time ereasing stuff and Sonic Team does a soft reboot of the franchise
  7. The midnight bliss excuse for Demitri is just garbage in my opinion. the only reasons we're not getting awesome characters like Talbain , Donovan or Demitri is because of "sexual" fanservice. U simply put different girl models for the special move without being so specific with different palettes of colors or you simply remove the attack. Morrigan is an amazing character and she deserves a spot, don't get me wrong, but I find it hilarious that people complain that Demitri is just another shoto when Morrigan is a lot more similiar to Ryu than Demitri. Felicia and Hsien ko seriously need to take a break and give some space to John Talbain and Demitri. Even B.B. Hood would be awesome as DLC
  8. I like some of your ideas about a potential story for this game, and I'd also like something along the lines of Adventure/Brotherhood. I think the Sonic lore is pretty messed up though. Even with the first Adventure Game (which I prefer the most) there are big plotholes like the presence oh Humans and the setting being the Earth (Sonic X tried to explain it making things even worse). What I'd really like for Sonic is a retelling or a soft reboot, but I guess it will never happen I find it extremely hilarious that we are brainstorming 1000 ideas about a serious setting for this new Sonic game when it is almost cerain we're going to get the same quality of a Teletubbies cartoon
  9. Awesome news ! I was shocked I hope for an even bigger roster this time around, and I'm happy with 2v2 I would have liked a Guilty Gear 2d graphic, but I'm not going to complain about that Returning characters I'd like to see: Akuma, Arthur, Firebrand, Amaterasu, Stryder Spiderman, Wolverine, Deadpool, Doc. Strange, Storm New Characters I'm hoping for: Demitri, John Talbain, Tessa, Asura Venom, Elektra, Black Phanter, Scarlet Witch, Character I hope disappear (never to return) from last game: Hsien-ko, Trish, Tronn Bonne, Jill, Crimson Viper, the metal arm guy, Haggar Modok, X-23, She Hulk, Sentinel, Taskmaster, Super Skrull ... yes, I had some problem with half of umvc3 roster, even though I have enjoyed the game
  10. The franchise is already fractured, but we don't really know in how many parts... we don't know if classic is just a special guest or if it will become his own bunch of games Mario did it with paper mario and no one said a word, Megaman has multiple universes too. The dc universe is also fractured: comics, cinema, tv, injustice, arkham series and so on... Sonic could work very well with this, and every fan might be pleased. Sonic team ---> Modern Sonic games (adventure/boost/3D gameplay) stealth & taxman ---> Classic Sonic games other teams ---> Sonic Boom
  11. After what it seems to be a generations 2 25th anniversary celebration & knuckles director's cut game (which is fine by me as long as they do something a bit more different than a generations sequel) I'd like SEGA to split the franchise in 3 iterations. Modern Sonic: a soft reboot (or retelling) that could bring back the first Sonic Adventure feel and core Sonic gameplay. I'd like these games to be only 3D (with maybe a few 2D sections) and they could possibly use the boost formula for special stages or some sort of extra missions/max speed sections. These games should link to the movie produced by Sony and expand its world Classic Sonic: Introduced by Sonic Mania, this iteration should focus on 2D titles that resemble the classic. The next step I'd like them to make is a sequel that introduces completely new hd animations in 2D (like capcom did with street fighter 2 remake or even better) and add new folks like Amy, Metal or even Mighty, Fang, Espio etc... Boom Sonic: I really don't care about this universe that much, but It is fine if they keep this aimed to kids, with decent handeld/mobile/digital games and a decent tv show
  12. I'm all for taking back sonic adventure 1 core gameplay and build up from there. Better camera, better collisions with walls... I'd like to see something along the line of this: 3 main characters (can be Sonic Tails and Knuckles) with similiar gameplay and some specific abilities. the rolling would be for the three of them Sonic is the fastest, with the fastest homing attack, good handle, can use elemental shields and might have a kick move. In Levels there could be some hidden paths for his unique abilities Tails can fly less like SA1 , runs slower, best to handle , has no proper homming attack but can attack with his tails Knuckles glides , climbs and diggs but runs slower than the rest of them, worst handling, lower jump, has a kind of homing attack but slower. His attacks are the strongest and they could implement small group of enemies that knuckles could smash with ease compared to the others then I'd like to see 2 or 3 main hub worlds that can also be playgrounds like SA1 , where you can freely switch between the 3 characters and 7 different locations for levels Every Level has: - 2 main acts: for these you can choose one character at time to use as they can be completed by all the characters. It increases replaybility because the 3 characters can walk through specific places. The First Act or sometimes the second could have a mini boss at the end. - The proper BOSS act where you have to use all the characters - 3 side missions/ mini levels for a specific character, and every character could have 2 different kinds of special levels Sonic: a 2D level or a boost gameplay level Tails: a Tornado minigame or a mini level suited for his flying Knuckles: a treasure hunting level or a smashing enemies level. oh, of course a proper Chao Garden, please
  13. For me the perfect tone and setting for a Sonic game will always be something along the lines of the first Sonic Adventure and the Unleashed intro. The Mario-esque outings like Colors and Lost World are atrocious and with no personality at all. add some good writing a la Sonic and the Black Kinght and I'm sold. Btw, the more I think about it, the more I found the partner thing to be interesting. I'd also like to see an all 3D game but I guess I will be disappointed