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  1. I can hardly see these situations as a "big hammer". I've already brought up examples of Sonic Team refusing to drop the big hammer when they clearly should have. People reach out for each other and hold each other all the time. It's okay if internet chooses to be crazy about mundane stuff like that but no franchise can maintain a healthy development in such conditions.
  2. I've got an issue with how character conversations and interaction are handled in cutscenes in Sonic games. So for an arbitrary cutscene that is not action focused and most likely occurs either in the beginning or in the end of the plot there is a number of typical culturally accepted manual gestures one can expect: a guy holding a girl by her waist, an embracing hug, a brofist, a paternalistic backslap, a friendly "don't worry it's not that bad" kind of shoulder hug, a fatherly "time to man up son" shoulder hold, a friendly "haha you're an asshole" punch, a friendly hair grind mess-up, etc, you name it. Even considering the quality and humor-focused direction of writing in Sonic games, there are still all kinds of situations when such gestures would fit naturally into the narrative. As Peter Jackson used to say, hobbit party at the beginning of "The Fellowship of The Ring" was supposed to show to the viewer "that this world is worthy of saving". Sonic mostly fights robots in his games so it would be just natural to differentiate his friends from his enemies through a social and humane interaction, maybe even a little exagerrated. But I keep seeing the opposite again and again. It really seems like there is an unspoken rule over there at Sega: minimize manual or body contact between the characters. Exploit every trick in the book to either downplay it into a joke - by exaggerating character's behaviour or making him act rude for a moment - or if you can't, just halt the action in the middle, right at the moment when it would feel awkward already but not way too much. Every time Sonic characters get together - either for a party or they are just around each other like in Forces and Lost World - it looks like an official CEO meeting in the office. You expect characters to party but they just stand there and make gestures. Amy is about to hug Sonic but then he just grabs her face. Knuckles is about to establish a bond with a rookie like he wishes him good luck but then he slaps him so hard it's funny. Tails meets Sonic for the first time after thinking his best friend was dead(!) for half a year(!) and one expect them to have the biggest hug ever but then Tails just awkwardly places his hands on friends' shoulders and his body is still like half a meter away. Sonic is back from Lost Hex, he saved Amy and Knuckles from a certain death and one expect some kind of payoff from the characters, they'd have to come closer to him and express their gratitude. A hug, a handshake, just an emotional dialogue, anything. Nope, they just get not too far away from each other, then part again and camera pans out. Sonic lies down, they come closer again but the scenery pans up already. The emotional release never happens. Such situations aren't something special that should be scrupulously planned by an experienced director or anything, no. They occur naturally during human interaction. They are supposed to be an organic part of certain cutscenes, for example ones establishing a synopsis, a villain, or somehow happy ending. Any 7/10 fanfic have these not to mention any classic. The fact that Sonic games steadily don't, indicate that this is a deliberate decision of a director. Of course the world is not spinning around me and director can and should have his decisions but this particular practice feels outright weird. Such kind of writing cuts corners it should double down on instead to make player care for the characters and the plot.
  3. We are talking about the game released 5 years ago. Five damn years. Think about it. This is also pretty strange to refer to a five year old game as "this new era". Back then the entire dark age was this long.
  4. Who do I pay for Palcomix to fire bbmbbf and hire a normal artist?

  5. Has anyone translated Famitsu interview yet? Apparently patrykste's Twitter translation wasn't correct, and should be read like this:
  6. I wonder what "imbalance of two Sonics + friend" are you talking about. So far we've seen like 1 minute of Modern and 4 seconds of Classic Sonic. Green Hill is not in alpha state, all these "funny" shiny quadratic cliffs and peaks with slight bevels on edges are signature features of SLW design. (though even SLW didn't look that poor)
  7. How do I change my name every day?

    1. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      You can only change your name 3 times every fortnight I believe. 

    2. smogfog


      Thanks but I can't find where to press to do this.

    3. Lucid Dream

      Lucid Dream

      Account > account settings > display name 

    4. smogfog
  8. How to embed videos?

    1. Badnik Mechanic

      Badnik Mechanic

      Just post the video url in the post. 

      Click submit.

      Pray to the dark lord of SSMB that he hath lifted the curse of no youtube embeds and see if you were noticed.

    2. DBZHedgy


      It's currently not working for anyone so just post the link

  9. A guy from Retro helped me to perfect Closed Captions for this russian Sonic Lost World review, so now English speakers can watch this too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_5dJNX4GBAY
  10. I've realized that I have no idea of what things in a spoiler and after a spoiler were supposed to mean. http://board.sonicstadium.org/topic/12673-no-sonic-adventure-3-sa3-or-sonic-06-topics-please/?do=findComment&comment=475264

    1. Maddnsk


      all those games can be consider sonic adventure 3, you're welcome. lol.

    2. smogfog


      Well that's pretty retarded. And why does he say he had to lol?

    3. Maddnsk


      basicly it's a joke, its like: "like it or not, those games are pretty much SA3". he had to remind you about it. thats how i understand it.

  11. Do you remember Xen?

  12. This is "Hogwarts meets Black Mesa" and this gonna be made into movie. http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/dubikvit/65747770/1846783/1846783_900.jpg

  13. Any recent phones with nipple-like joystick?

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