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  1. Happy Birthday! c:

  2. You have not informed me that I have broken any rules, nor warned or banned me, instead you have derided and insulted me. I have not insulted anyone directly, only asked questions and discussed. I may not have asked the nicest questions, but I never intended any ill will from them, only understanding. I'm actually crying right now because I feel that I have been misjudged and my intent misinterpreted. I'm sorry that I see things that make me uncomfortable and ask questions. I apologise if I upset anyone because I don't understand how best to voice my questions and concerns. I certainly didn't wish to be addressed in this way. I think perhaps I should leave. I feel you would be happier without me. I'm sorry for coming back.
  3. Sean, I only responded after Tornado pointed out my "LOL" comment. He put me on the spot so I responded. Can I ask how it is hypocritical to expect mods to act more appropriately than normal members given the weight the position holds? I would obviously prefer it if all members acted and treated each other better, but I would say that mods leading by example would be a good way to encourage such behaviour.
  4. Tornado I am trying to be really careful how I respond as I do not want to implicate myself in anyway that would come off as deserving a warning or ban, but I do feel that I have remained very respectful given that it hasn't been easy to explain my point. Is it considered against the rules to bring mods into question? If you feel I have broken some rule by calling your judgement into question then please, by all means, act upon it. I understand that that is your position as a mod to do so, if I have broken any rules. Perhaps I simply misunderstand how this forum treats its mod positions, for which I apologise. It's nice to understand for the future. As to my point: I feel that the topic's very title is designed to incense members who would read it, which seems poorly chosen to me, especially if it were a mod who created it. If a later part of the same interview even mentions F-Zero by name along with the intent to hire more teams then that could just as easily negate what was garnered from the original quote. It's very clear, if not at conception, but at the very least a few pages in, that this thread could easily have transformed into an excuse to rant at a perceived threat rather than a necessarily legitimate one. Providing people with the information from that second quote could have been vital in changing the course of the thread, and in fact, it seems you and I have spent more time since it was raised questioning its legitimacy as an important element to the thread than people have even commenting on or debating the original quote. That suggests to me that perhaps it may have had an effect on people's views. I do think that your own personal view is making it difficult for you to remain objective, and perhaps that is why you do not consider my view and that of people who share it with me, nor my concerns at your being a mod influencing the discussion.
  5. I think it'd be funnier if he had a rocket-propelled rocking chair.
  6. This may be exactly why Nintendo are hoping to expand and get more teams working on projects, so that they can get out their money-makers while also allowing new and older IP's to receive some focus. It's clear that they are struggling to do it all and when push comes to shove, it's riskier franchises like F-Zero and Star Fox that take the fall because they aren't what Nintendo can afford to focus on at times like these. Again, the fact that F-Zero was featured in Nintendoland suggests to me that Nintendo have far from forgotten about it, it's just not their focus right now.
  7. My understanding is, as mods, people look to you as examples of how to act and as points of authority. It would appear disingenuous and even dangerous to purposefully leave out a quote that could alter people's view and, along with the structure of the thread itself, even incense members into unnecessary arguments. You are welcome to hold whatever view you feel, but as mods, ensuring that all discourse remains respectful and people remain informed, even about things you don't agree with or don't align with your point of view, when things could go sour without it, seems vital to me. That's what sets mods apart from normal users to me; the ability to be impartial, even when you don't want to be, all in the name of keeping things fair and respectful.
  8. Tornado, my "LOL" was more amusement that that particular quote was never brought up, leading the thread to where it did. Right now your responses to me sound like blame-shifting, due to your own claim at reading it, but neither you nor the original mod ever bringing it up which would have been highly useful given the way the thread was presented and the fact that emotions were clearly running high and discussions were becoming more heated as people applied their own take on the original quote.
  9. EuroMIX

    Nintendo 3DS

    Funny thing is, I did this yesterday and got a White Hero on my first try. Still didn't make the fleeing conga line from the previous day any better though. Oh, and I finally finished 3D Land and unlocked the second half of the game that people spoiled me on a bit (though it has been a while since release). It's nice to have more of the true Tanooki Suit's powers with the Statue Leaf. Still a shame that they had to retcon so many of the power-ups features though...
  10. I retained a neutral position, so I really don't see why you're picking on me in particular. Me being aware of that information or not wouldn't have mattered as much because I wasn't one of the ones calling for Miyamoto's head over the original quote. Perhaps those people should have been more well-informed. The fact that nobody brought it up sooner makes the whole intent of the thread rather disingenuous, exacerbated by the fact that the OP and yourself are both site staff.
  11. I think it might be prudent if Nintendo allowed players to select the difficulty at the beginning of the game with a short description of what changes. That way less confident players can play on an easier standard mode, and more confident ones can try a harder one.
  12. EuroMIX

    Nintendo 3DS

    I got a ton when I went to the Zelda concert in 2011, but it was new to me then so I wasn't sure of the most effective way to use them and it was hard to get through them all before the next batch came in, We arrived late and left early in order to get our coach back, else I probably could have gotten several hundred and completed much of Streetpass Quest and Puzzle Swap. I wish the 3DS could save up every Streetpass, even beyond the first ten, and then throw them at you later after you were done with the first set.
  13. It may not have helped that some of those titles were "test" games and horrendous ports. I'm not saying that developing for the Wii was necessarily easy, but some developers like Vicarious Visions didn't half try and it made the rest look really bad.
  14. Can I just say, after loads of people pretty much crucified him in this thread; LOL. Especially since he essentially said in that interview that Nintendo were looking to increase their teams and team sizes so more new games and less-focused upon IP's can have some development.
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