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  1. The reprint thing might be physical, i get the impression reading the tweets he's selling 100 $40 prints tro raise a little under $4000 to fund the printing of beginnings collection that'll set you back abother $35. Kickstarter would be the sensible way to fund it so I assume there's a reason why its not being used like He doesn't want to pay the fees. He's worried about it failing publically He expects it to be shut down before it gets anywhere.
  2. Probably need to clarify about layoffs for shareholder reasons.
  3. 100 probably gets a good bulk purchase discount and is enough to hold up any progress as most don't sell.
  4. Always funny seeing someone that went for a career in comics so bitter over the normal practice of taking the material that existed and continuing to deveolop it.
  5. They already are so any additional ports will need to have something to justify a purchase.
  6. Sonic 1 & 2 getting some form of new port is probably the safest bet you can make at any time,
  7. Deep cuts aren't about removals they're using more obscure pieces of work.
  8. You can lift objects and throw them too. The other attack isn't just another case jump and attack its more lifing yourself, aiming at an enemy and throwing yourself at them. I don't know if any game will be fully ideal for inserting Silver into but Gravity Rush does feel like a solid starting point to build Silver gameplay from.
  9. That split second you think he's about to suggest some worth cause that you know they wouldn't touch. Is this the first time he has actually begged for money in some form?
  10. Looking into it briefly roughly 10% of each systems library used battery saves Ninteno probably feels more prominant due to them being on more of the systems notable games.
  11. Save files were not common in the early 90's, out of the few dozen I played back then Micro Machines 96 is the only other one I played with a battery save and the games I've played on collections since then have been similarly lacking. Passwords were reasonably common back then but still not implemented in everything.
  12. I do admire his ability to keep finding new busy work to use an excuse for delaying the project.
  13. Well I already held off this long waiting to see what their next gen plans wee I suppose I can find a middle ground of play the "free" version now and buy the PS5 version after a year or two when I might want to revisit and the price has dropped.
  14. Really feels like those "conversations" are just a framing device for posting ideas on twitter.
  15. This does read a lot like they're just expanding what they have to additional PC stores.
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