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  1. Its usually about 3-4 months after the date of the question like last time it was asked in september or october last year it got a december date.
  2. Resident Evil started life at a 33 million budget and peaked at 65 million it had much lower break even points.
  3. It wouldn't be hard to fake it but if that is real it looks like we'll be following the old tradition of the non-sega cast having a different art style.
  4. Which it what makes the intentionally bad conspiricy just that little more dumb.
  5. Lets make it look bad then say we'll change it 2 days later but still put it infront of other movies. Great plan.
  6. Its probably like the Captain Marvel situation, DC didn't use it when they got it and the trademark expired allowing Marvel to step in and use the name and they have to publish something every few years to retain the trademark. So a name like Bunnie Rabbot would be available but the design and backstory wouldn't.
  7. Ever watched any cartoon? Its the episode where they insert themselves into a public domain story re-telling as filler.
  8. Top quality prank getting those licencing partners making wrong looking merch.
  9. I'm sure it wouldn't be hard for the smartest person around to have some reason to look towards nature for robot designs and the top brass be to "basic" to understand why.
  10. Tails is the only one that this is working for and thats only becase he's one of the few characters with a design thats closer to the source animal.
  11. That sounds like a lot, but put another way we've had 3 Batman films and 3? films that Batman is a part of.
  12. And that many again when it gets quoted with some small reaction several times.
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