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  1. Everybody involved with the production was on some everything is great don't worry with the old design too.
  2. One day we'll get a Sonic Movie but every frame is redrawn by a different artist edition.
  3. Same day as Adams Family so its reasonably plausible and theres Maleficent the week after.
  4. It's just vague enough that there's something in there that could be claimed as accurate after the reveal.
  5. I'm not surprised that some merch made it out, some items are too seasonal to delay.
  6. I'm sort of hoping that theres nothing in the next few days just to see those that made claims about something late August shift their narrative to early September.
  7. A post on https://movie-sonic-positivity.tumblr.com/ there was a claim by them a few days ago about posting news but they havn't produced anything several days later.
  8. In what can only be described as a shocking twist they are finding excuses to not post news.
  9. There's only 25 weeks of I know a rumour to go you have to make the most of it. Every week you're not saying something is coming soon is missed free attention. From what I have seen in other movies deleted scenes they first put in a low quality model to get an impression of how the scene looks then render the more detailed verion later on.
  10. A few scenes will be done twice but the majority will have had unfinished placeholders when they decided to redesign.
  11. Yeah its clear you ship Shadow and Snorlax.
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