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  1. I believe random twitter person.
  2. Rabid-Coot

    What's a good place to buy Sonic the Comic?

    Have you tried eBay UK? https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/50179/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=sonic+the+comic
  3. Fanart inspired by the movie designs while still weird to me does at least look a little better because its going back towards cartoony.
  4. Unfortunatly jobs would have been cut no matter who ended up buying Fox.
  5. They didn't move it, untitled terminator had been in that slot for ages.
  6. I agree it can be done it just seems like theres a load of lesser known folklore that existis in a gap between deleloping your own fiction and repurposing whats known.
  7. If they're still talking about folklore as was mentioned further up the conversation I would say its not that we're not ready its more that there's a reluctance to dive into mythology that doesn't have a built in background knowledge. We know werewolves because they're well represented in our media but something like the Meerkat being the Sun Angel that protects villages from the moon devil or the werewolf would need more effort to introduce.
  8. Second issue then Sonic was caught in the 4th.
  9. Rabid-Coot

    Eggman's Danger and Lethal Force

    Eggman needs to be killed off in increasingly elaborate ways in each game so they have to make increasingly convolutated I survived reasons in the next.
  10. Right now my expectations range from a short sneak peak to how are they going to address the room to shut down questions.
  11. A black lab coat is easily worth 10 pages and a 24 hour lock.
  12. I jokingly guessed about Robotniks design back in January so either its true and my low expectations were met or its made up with the same low expectation of Hollywood.
  13. Any attempt to take it down would be a confirmation that it was real.
  14. We'll probably get a days notice to make sure everyone is ready.
  15. Do they even debut trailers with movies now? I though it was all about the internet and that x million views in the first 24 hours now.

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