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  1. Embargo lifts after the film releases in a few countries and a few hours before release in the next batch of countries.
  2. https://www.boxofficepro.com/long-range-box-office-tracking-a-quiet-place-part-ii/ Boxofficepro have updated their Sonic tracking for both the standard 3 day weekend and total.
  3. A $40 million opening should leg out to around $100 million domestic and thats with a low 2.5x multiplier putting it in the ok range depending how it fares internationally. I expect we'll see adjustments to tracking as pre-sales go on. Please do keep us up to date on pre-sales in your little corner of the world. Not quite, Sonic is on a 4 day forecast because the monday is a holiday,
  4. That would be a respectable opening if it holds. I think the only thing to point out before things start being compared it that this is a 4 day holiday weekend forecast and not the typical 3 days of most films.
  5. They normally have embargoes on things for a while so it all comes out at the same time. First there'll be a social media impressions embargo date then a review embargo date.
  6. We're at 3 weeks to go with the premier on saturday, you can have no insider knowledge except the often mentioned days paramount puts up trailers and make a guess with good odds at this point.
  7. That part was about some comments further up on Sega spending money on promoting games.
  8. The general rule I've seen posted in box office discussions is that marketing budget is around the same as production budget which ots around 95 million for the movie. Sega might have that kind of money but they probably wouldn't see a return that justified the expense.
  9. I know, entertainment is littered with the corpses of things attempting to be an own version of something successful but there's just enough that do manage it that any trend will be chased.
  10. Somebody saw how well the Crash/Spyro remakes sold and wanted to cash in on their own nostalgic product.
  11. You can be bothered by whatever bothers you I just think we need to remember that as a fansite we are consuming far more of this than the ordinary person. A bad joke thats overplayed to us might only be seen a few times by a TV viewer.
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