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  1. 1. Its 10 months to release so trailer probability naturally increases as time passes. 2. We are about 2 weeks away from the biggest trailer event of the year 3. It either comes soon and they can say they were right or it doesn't and they can make a claim of changed plans.
  2. I see we have an old favourite back for 2019.
  3. Lets say Sega did have a moment of madness and let Ken do a Knuckles movie what next. Assuming he hasn't acquired much hollywood experience and connections since then where would the financing, studio, distribution and all the other things that go into a movie come from?
  4. Weird realistic takes are fun as novelty fan art but not the kind of thing I would want to endure for a 90 minute - 2 hour movie.
  5. People want characters like themselves represented in media.
  6. Wonder if thats non issue like its not in the comic but a chatacter will be outed on twitter later or somebody mentions their partner but the relationship isn't fleshed out.
  7. Rabid-Coot

    Will 2019 be a good year for Sonic?

    If it was just a racing game and comics year I could speculate about it being a good but quiet year based on what we currently know. Unfortunatly this is the movie year and that will be the thing that dominates with 2-3 trailers, character design reveals, vocal choices, interviews, tv spots, reviews, opening weekend, the drops in the following weeks and the staggered international release.
  8. Rabid-Coot

    What if GalaxyTrail Bought the Post-SGW Cast?

    I would guess that despite the death of the comic line and Sega having no interest in ever using the characters again they are probably bringing in some money by being part of the cartoons still being syndicaded on streaming platforms.
  9. The bad guy is giving off some serious yellow peril white guy in make up vibes, he looks like Ming The Merciless with a slightly shorter beard.
  10. Is not wanting to work under anyone the you can't fire me I quit version of not getting hired?
  11. Would you really want to be in the what this adaptation did wrong article.
  12. Rabid-Coot

    Starbreeze's Recent Struggle

    Payday is probably the safest thing no matter how this ends up.
  13. Burnt, shot, crushed, spiked, running into walls, falling through supposedly normal floors... feels like Sonic goes through hell in every game to me.
  14. Cleary improvements only get you so far, if the public end up not liking the first they won't be back for the second.

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