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  1. Stalking your ex series and hoping its new business fails is perfectly normal behaviour.
  2. Its the Kintobor origin, it was from an American promo comic and became the basis for various UK books and comics https://sonic.fandom.com/wiki/Stay_Sonic the "evil orbs" were the chaos emerald being used to absorb all the evil of the world. Erin from the scientific name of the european hedgehogs Erinaceus Europaeus. It was the last of the comics early one off stories before things switched to having an ongoing story.
  3. Its simple you get hired at Sega work your way up the company until you're in charge of Sonic then you put Sally in things.
  4. Same strength with or without the hammer.
  5. I'm expecting a 2021 Sonic to not be a next gen showcase anyway. It'll be somehing built around the PS4/XB1/Switch with PS5/XSX enhancements..
  6. They're going to be selling most of the costumes the characters have ever worn with the remainder being carved out for exclusives.
  7. It all starts with this, a drink containing the ultimate flavour.
  8. The first advert is out, Devs talk about implementing the Dualsense features. https://blog.playstation.com/2020/08/20/presenting-playstations-first-global-ad-spot-showcasing-key-immersive-features-for-the-ps5-console-generation/ Markering exec interview https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-08-20-playstation-launching-a-console-during-a-pandemic-is-a-massive-challenge-on-every-front And games have started appearing on ratings boards
  9. If you ever bought Zombie Driver HD on PS3 or claimed it on PS+ the PS4 port is free.
  10. Atgames put out their mini consoles at least as far back as 2014 up to 2018 with the same complaints through each revision. Complaining did nothing to change things but whay may have inspired the better in house solution is a combination of the existing contract reaching its natural end and the 2016 NES + 2017 SNES mini raising the standards for mini consoles. Aside from that bridge being well and truly burned he only cares about his own creations.
  11. I guess it depends on what it is being compared to, it looks average by the standards set by its sequels but it is amazing next to the bulk of the platformers that were releasing around the same time.
  12. Advance has been on the big screen for years. Unfortunatly its only on the Gamecube Gameboy Player if you want to do it legally.
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