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  1. There would be very little footage in a near complete form outside of what was in the trailer.
  2. If they knew they messed up months in advance they wouldn't have committed to the expense of taking it as far as they did. I coud believe them making a small joke about the contraversy but not one thats in the 7 possibly 8 figure range.
  3. August is right back on to the 6 months before release timing of the first and there's ample kids films to be in front of in that month. They might have had enough time to get a minute of presentable Sonic footage done and would probably fill the rest with some Jim footage.
  4. We're already 21/2 months into the 31/4 months delay getting close to that 6 months away time frame of the first trailer again. Of course it might not follow the same timing as the first but if they do have something finished they could want to get it in font of Dora or Angry Birds 2 maybe Playmobil.
  5. Yes I would also like a spiritual successor to Ristar.
  6. They might bring out that Robotnik footage that was at that other covention if nothing else is ready. Also it might be con exclusive footage.
  7. They look like a small distributor that buys up things that bigger companies don't want and puts them out to make whatever money they can.
  8. It'll be done by noon or earlier so don't leave it to the last minute.
  9. February has Peter Rabbit 2 and Birds of Prey the week before Sonic, Kingsman prequel the same day as Sonic and Call of the Wild the week after. Its not as strong as the November competition was but it should be enough to bury Sonic.
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