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  1. Isn't the going page rate something in the low 3 figures area? Thats going to get expensive fast.
  2. While we're being technical by summer would be a date before summer starts.
  3. 3 Months ago it was this now we're just about at summer and we have another 3 months away release plan.
  4. I assume he means its more viable because an animated project wouldn't need the gathering of people a live action one would.
  5. I can just imagine him spending the last decade waiting for someone to contact him offering a large sum for the use of his characters and creative input. For someone that seems to claim they know how the business works a lot he doesn't appear to know that only a small amount of thigs from licenced spin-offs make it into the main product and the vast majority will be ignored or discarded.
  6. Its multi level but not a board game.
  7. One thing having things like trophies in games has shown is that most people aren't getting to the end of games.
  8. First rule of the service is not to mention the service. Neither of its operations. And I suspect queen Alicia in this case would a plausible denial welcome.
  9. Dictionaries are never 100% of a language or how it is used though. There's always new words coming into use and existing words being used in new ways that haven't made it in yet.
  10. I want a real true solo Sonic game no friends no enemies just Sonic.
  11. "The Floater Island logo looks like a piece of shit so we're already off to a good start." But done better.
  12. I'm amazed they were able to source three explosions with resolutions that low.
  13. Feels like he bounces to a different thing every week to always seem busy while makig little progress. Erinaceinae is the Subfamily of Erinaceidae that hedgehoges belong to, it is correct just reads really badly because the scientific name for hedgehogs isn't one that has crossed over into everyday language. Species Mephitidae is a little bad though with that being the family for all the skunks and stink badgers. If he went the next level down the classification the genus Mephitis would be a better starting point for a species name paired with sapian or some variation of mobian. Or just be normal and call a Skunk a Skunk. Echidna have scientific names that sound made for sci-fi both the short-beaked Tachyglossus and long-beaked Zaglossus are easily better than the spell it weird and throw in an apostrophe method of sci-fi naming.
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