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  1. He was pulling the same crap with the republic a few days ago. I suspect this is because some other works have had a moment in the spotlight for some coincidental plot points and wants a piece of that without actually having the work published prior to current events to actually count.
  2. Doubt it, Frozen 2 is a Disney movie going on a Disney platform giving them all the money. A Paramount movie going on Netflix would be a much smaller revenue stream for the studio. Rushing an early digital release would be bigger money for them.
  3. I get the feeling it would be more along the lines of Alpha & Omega/Buddies/Beethoven/Land Before Time where you're just casually browsing the internet and someone drops the info about how many sequels they got. Direct to DVD is where movies go when their box office potential is dead but the home media releases are strong sellers still with budget slashed everywhere it can be.
  4. Sort of, the release date isn't constantly shifting to some point roughly 3 months away it just ends up being about that the few times the question gets answered.
  5. DC Thompson - Sonic moves to Beano Town for a weekly two page comedy strip.
  6. China is a bit of a mixed bag teritory anyway, it can add big numbers to the gross but only a quarter goes to the studio.
  7. I wonder with the desire to put Rob and Scourge into the story if tlsc is becoming less just tell a story and more find a way to make a story that incorporates every character he owns somehow.
  8. I could see it being picked up by a streaming service for a pitance one of those thats only there to pad the we have X movies on our service.
  9. No Pikachu was 54 million over 3 days that Sonic estimate is 60 million over 4 days because the monday is a holiday..
  10. I expect by this time next week we'll have his take on what he would have done "better".
  11. Like I said fairly good estimate, there's always some outliers that have weak openings and strong legs or open high and completely colapse but generally it'll be in an expected range.
  12. Sonic will know the precise amount of earth culture required to make a scene/joke work.
  13. BBFC has updated their ratings page with some details about the rating. https://bbfc.co.uk/releases/sonic-hedgehog-2020 Ratings info publication date 04/02/2020 Note: The following text may contain spoilers SONIC THE HEDGEHOG is an adventure in which a hedgehog with special abilities enlists the help of a local sheriff to help him evade government officials. Violence Threat and horror Rude humour
  14. That or viewers choice of film or tv show where they make friends say they're family to show how close they are.
  15. Maybe a combination of not being able to adapt existing levels to expected abilitys that could break them and no budget to develop levels that would suit those abilities.
  16. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3794354/releaseinfo I'm repeating myself here but it will be out in some countries before then and a few hours before release in several others. I do wonder how much earlier the social media impressions embargo will be because those are quite reliably posative for most films.
  17. https://www.boxofficepro.com/long-range-box-office-tracking-a-quiet-place-part-ii/ Boxofficepro have updated their Sonic tracking for both the standard 3 day weekend and total.
  18. A $40 million opening should leg out to around $100 million domestic and thats with a low 2.5x multiplier putting it in the ok range depending how it fares internationally. I expect we'll see adjustments to tracking as pre-sales go on. Please do keep us up to date on pre-sales in your little corner of the world. Not quite, Sonic is on a 4 day forecast because the monday is a holiday,
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