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  1. Badnik Zero

    Star Wars

    I'm not sure the comic matters. For continuity’s sake between series, they’re gonna want to include his breakout. For anyone who didn’t read the comic his arc is a big question mark between Clone Wars and Rebels. Deathwatch will no doubt play a part in these episodes. Their arc will likely include him. Especially given his recent appearance in other media, they’re gonna want to include Maul in this series. Actually, speaking of arcs, do you guys think it’ll be more like the Netflix season, with “movie” length 4-parters, or a more cohesive collection of individual episodes? I don’t really prefer the movie style, because it limits the amount of character POV, if you know what I mean.
  2. Badnik Zero

    Star Wars

    So if we are on Mandalore again I assume we will be seeing the breakout of Maul by Deathwatch? That’s a major gap they haven’t bridged yet, given how much of a role he played in Rebels. So far we have a throw-away line spoken to Sabine about how Deathwatch freed him from Palpatine. I bet he becomes a player in the Siege.
  3. Badnik Zero

    Star Wars

    Wow! I hoped this was another Netflix deal, but Disney is using it to sell their new streaming service they’re launching to compete with Netflix. That’s fine, I’ll pay extra for this. I’m gonna binge watch it with my girlfriend. She’s bigger fan of the show than the movies. 🙂
  4. Besides Amy though, I think Whitehead’s team lean more towards the Chaotix, given the amount of set pieces they borrow from that game. Not that I particularly need Espio or Vector in my game to be honest. I dunno, is it me or is playing as Chaotix kinda... just boring? Does it have to be?
  5. I never really meant to exclude the possibility that Amy could interact with the story in other ways, but I still think it’d be cool to be rescued by Sonic in an epic gameplay cutscene. We would get to fanboy/fangirl over Sonic being awesome, which puts us into the perspective of Amy during her own story mode. We never really get to watch Sonic be awesome in a way that affects the game. This also doesn’t exclude Amy saving Sonic at a later point in the game. In fact I think that’s a good place for the arc to go. Also these are classic games. As far as I know her only role in those games was to follow Sonic around with hearts over her. This idea is an expansion of that Amy. Right. These characters despite what we draw from story modes, side games, and other media, are still supporting characters to Sonic without their own series arc. Even Knuckles. That’s why every few games they snap back to their basic original character of “fan girl” or “boy sidekick” or “hothead rival”.
  6. In other games where Amy is playable she has an awkward hammer attack which is either only useful at a dead stop, and so does not flow with level structure, or flips her into the air which is just not great when other characters can fly or glide. She’d need a move set that makes playing her interesting. So far she’s been a low level unlockable for most games because she’s just not interesting to play. I think a hilarious but cool Amy mode could have her chasing a computer ghost Sonic through levels trying to but never able to catch him. Like every level would start with her and Sonic, but he’d just zoom off and you have to find him. This way she’d be interacting with the level Sonic left behind already, with traps sprung and routes blocked off so she has to use her own abilities to move through it. It also creates the chance to watch Sonic be a badass from a second character POV, like watching the SA-X ruin stuff in Metroid Fusion. Imagine playing as Amy, being captured, and being rescued by Sonic in an in game cutscene where he just totally wrecks shit. That’s what I wanna see from an Amy mode really.
  7. It's true that environment gimmicks make the level in this series. Would a gimmick creation tool help with this? Or is that too complicated for a game maker game. I've never played a game creator game, honestly. I don't know if it's just complaining, but it would bother me how all the gimmicks (because Sonic is such a stylish series) are so aesthetically tuned to their levels. Would it be too much to ask for skins on gimmicks, like a chrome skin for the Aquatic Ruin head, and then being able to make it shoot lasers instead of arrows? Like I said, I never played a game creator. Is that a thing?
  8. The problem with slopes is that the level editor would have to figure out where the trajectory of the thing goes so the level doesn't become unplayable. For example, Sonic CD has a lot of slope/ramp placement that is just right at the right speed to make certain jumps. I think a trajectory tool would be useful when creating slopes and ramps.
  9. For the rest of the day, answer all yes or no questions with "Meowth! That's right!"

    1. Darinian


      Okay then, seems funny enough

  10. I'm not really confident that a $300 USD price point will sell the system against the half-gen PS4s and Xboxes. I mean, is more motion gimmick mixed with a hybrid portable really the next big thing? I thought VR was trying to be the next big thing. Ninty is outgunned in the specs department, and outgunned in the innovation department as well. The battery life is equal to what, a Game Gear? What brings people with no current home console to the Switch if they sell at equal prices? It's not the non-exclusive FIFA or four year old Skyrim. Mario is a Christmas game. The launch titles are... Zelda basically. Zelda is hot and I will buy it, but I don't see it grabbing any new players who are not already Nintendo devotees. Waving logos around in celebration of third party support reminds me of the Wii U. If sales tank, third parties will get their business elsewhere like before.
  11. At the end of his game, it's revealed that /fanbaseimplodes
  12. Did you guys like or dislike Super Tails? What about a Super Tails mech. Good/bad idea?

    1. kirby1up


      design wise I think they could improve on the super tails design (he's glowy with a couple of birds following him yay .,.) i'm not sure if a super mech would make sense simply because eggman has made a bunch of chaos emerald powered machines and none of them started glowing yellow or achived a super form (save for the mecha sonic boss fight for knuckles)

      but at least its still a better idea then titan tails.

      Image result for turbo tails

  13. 100% what Tornado says. At a certain point you have to consider the real world reasons for the super forms. Shadow was created for Sonic to have an evil twin type character. The story makes him a hedgehog for whatever reason they want to make up. The real reason he's a hedgehog is because Sonic is a hedgehog. So the evil twin, obviously, will be a hedgehog too. Silver is a future twin character. So he is a hedgehog too. They're all based on Sonic, from the popularity and design angle. The story in this series comes after the design. Also, as main characters in the games they come from, they end the games with a super form. That's how all the main characters end the games. So when people say there should be female super forms, they really just mean there should be more female main characters. It's not a cause without merit, but I'm just saiyan saying. Blaze was a main character in Rush, and she got a super form. The story says it's because she uses her world's own Emeralds. But really, it's just because she's a playable main character. Also, one afterthought. Knuckles was introduced in, and had his own story in S3&K. That's probably the only reason he has a super form in that game. They might have given Tails one at that point just because they could. I'd even say that just because a character has a super form in one game, it doesn't guarantee that we'll ever see that form again. Because the gameplay creates the super form for its characters whenever it feels necessary. Trying to sort the story reasons doesn't make sense because they'll just make up the reasons for super forms anyways. if they decide to make Tails super again tho I want some kinda super form Tails mech
  14. The information available now is all from independent mobile researchers, so any figures are only estimates which range from 3% at the lowest to 8% at the highest. It's really anyone's guess but I'd say 5% conversion is about fair. Nintendo's own people thought 10% was a fair target, but myself and most people would agree that's extremely optimistic. At worst Nintendo misunderstands the reasons most people keep games on their phones. They're casual distractions, and free to play. I know Nintendo shareholders wanted another Pokemon GO with this game in terms of success, but Mario has none of the viral aspect of Pokemon GO, and these shareholder types forget that Pokemon GO was also the first augmented reality game based on a star franchise. While Mario is popular with the masses, SMR does nothing new in terms of gameplay. None of the non-gamers that I know wanted to pay $10 for the game. My girlfriend's little cousin was bugging his dad for the App Store purchase over the holidays, and that was the first time I saw someone consider buying the game. I wouldn't be surprised if many of the 3-8% of purchases were for kids by their parents. I think Ninty is set to release the sales numbers on either the 17th of January when they have some kind of conference, or the 25th of January when they report earnings. As for the game, I am a fan of the competitive aspect of Toad Rally. It's a fun time-waster, but the game is in an awkward place between a full game and a casual game that I don't think many consider to warrant the $10 price.
  15. Badnik Zero

    Star Wars

    Just popping in here to say that after seeing Rogue One, I might like it better than Episode 7. Or maybe I'm just a sap who can be sold anything. But really, fresh characters. Fresh characters with character types that haven't really been explored before on screen. Morally grey rebel trigger man? Rebel extremist factions? Force monks? Mid-level Imperial bosses concerned with ladder climbing and influence? These are all second-rate versions of characters we have, just a little bit more to the right or left in terms of morality or purpose. But that's the point of the movie and that's what's so great about it. On one hand a fan could say these are knockoff characters, but on the other hand it's easy to see why they aren't a successful team in that regard, compared to the cast of the main series. It's not just that they don't have a Jedi besides them. They are all generally unwitting heroes on a last ditch mission. Mothma and her council doesn't even support them until the end. On some of the new elements. Imperial scientists, we've never seen that before. And Vader's home? On Mustafar. It never really occurred to me that he lived anywhere at all on his downtime. That's quite the estate you've got there Lord Vader. All in all, Episode 7 felt like much of a rehash, and while it was satisfying it wasn't necessarily refreshing. This stand alone movie however, was a breath of fresh air. If the side movie series continues like this, I'll gladly line up to see them all. And rest in peace, Carrie Fisher. She was much more than Leia, but that's how we'll all remember her. Those who know her better must be shocked. It seemed to happen just as she was entering the public eye again as her title character.
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