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  1. So apparently MIT (the university) has a load of free programming courses archived... Excited to try one!

  2. To me the concept isn’t that different than point A to B, it just allows for larger environments. When using an objective based structure you are still moving towards your goal, in as straight as a line as you want (or as deviating a line as you want). Sonic’s moveset isn't so handicapping that it couldn’t be tailored for a new style. Tighter turns allowing for u-turns, and a camera system made for larger maps and different types of mobility. Mario or Banjo levels would not be suitable though. Sonic needs more space to move, and precision jumps require larger platforms than an average character. Speed and small platforms do not go well together. “Open” Sonic levels have been far too small in the past for a collectathon to be viable. A game like Shadow of the Colossus (different genre but still) used large open spaces between areas, with literally nothing to do but look at visuals. Similar to that I like the idea that open space in a Sonic level is not wasted space when speed is its own reward. Level architecture does not have to be located close together when a 6 second boost covers most space and feels good. Movement in wide open space, with slopes and verticality for variety. In short I think it’s the level design that would need to change a lot, not necessarily the moveset.
  3. Underrated Chaotix music:



  4. But they do lend themselves to great platforming sections. Is Sonic no longer a platformer if he can’t function in a wide space dedicated to movement? I get what you mean about turning though. At high speeds Sonic would make some wide turns.
  5. Back in the days of the N64 Mario introduced us to the collectathon. Any fan of 3D platformers knows what it is: A hub world with access to smaller but open levels, with a mission style structure that rewards you with the game’s magical trinket. Stars, moons, puzzle pieces, bananas and more. Wannabes copied this formula with varying success (Gex lol) so it is understandable that Sega wanted to stand apart from the competition, especially because so many of these were Nintendo’s hallmark titles. Eventually these types of games wore out their welcome. Donkey Kong 64 did a character swapping thing. Mario Sunshine introduced a gimmick to make the concept as fresh as it could. Mario Galaxy used more levels per star, which added variety. In Odyssey they don’t even remove you from the level, making them more part of natural gameplay. The closest Sonic comes to this is the emblems you receive in SA1 for completing levels (and sometimes loose in the overworld). A case could also be made for the sun and moon medals of Unleashed. But now that the trend is collectathon-lite, how come Sonic hasn’t experimented with this kind of game? Are mission style levels not particularly Sonic enough? The goal has always been to speed towards the end, and now we’re several games deep into a style that is all about shooting down a straight path in a reflexes matter type of gameplay. It’s not compatible with modern Sonic. The last truly open levels in this series were SA2’s treasure stages. If something like Meteor Herd had objectives, would that be bad for the gameplay? Or if a level like that was more suited to Sonic’s playstyle? It’s clear Sonic has a style of his own now, arguably the most unique among platformer styles. Games like Yooka-Laylee and a nostalgia among gamers for Banjo prove that this genre could be in a revival. But Sonic Team has always avoided making this type of game. Why though?
  6. Well, the Chao were just a way for Sonic to ride the Tamagotchi wave of the late 90s. While the virtual pet craze is long dead, there are other viral games like Neko Atsume, which is close enough to the same type of game. If they wanted to create a non-intrusive Chao feature they could link it to a mobile game that uses your overall ring count or other in-game metric as currency for raising your pets. Then they could have micro transactions and who doesn’t love micro transactions.
  7. This applies to phones today, mostly. The first model is likely to be a buggy, exploding piece of shit. That battery life is something though. I rarely play my Switch docked because I have one TV and a girlfriend who doesn’t play a lot of games. The market for married 30-year-olds who just want a second screen is huge for Switch actually. 😂
  8. My favorite thing to do with water in older games was run on it. Or skip on it in Aqua Lake from Sonic 2 8-bit. It’d be good if the devs wanted to give 3D underwater a try. Like others have said water is a punishment in Sonic games, it robs you of your speed. I’d like to finally see water you can run on, but without dying when you fall in (2D in Colors doesn’t count). You know who swims though? Tails.
  9. Eggman got really bad at Puyo Puyo.

    1. FReaK


      I bet a ton of people would never get past CPZ if he was still in his MBM form. I beat the game only once in all these years..

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      The CPZ boss has to be really easy. It's literally an entire different game that functions as the boss of a level (and only the second level at that!). A lot of people are already confused or bested by the boys because it's the most insane genre shift possible.

  10. How about a having a continuing series of handheld games that are not handheld companions to the main titles? Remember the Rush series? They gave us Blaze, Nega, Johnny, and Marine. The entire boost concept comes from that game. Fresh ideas that might have never developed if Dimps was told to work on Shadow the Hedgehog DS or Sonic 06 DS version. In fact the Rush games were the only games positively received during that period. Let the handheld division make original concepts. Also, how many people who are not hardcore fans are buying both versions of the game? It can’t be a lot. In business that’s called cannibalism.
  11. @Darth InVaders Sonic X is not even remotely a recent show, but I can appreciate the hypothetical. If you talked to a Sonic X head writer twelve years ago then yes, I’d say he’s a decent source for what is and isn’t canon. The difference is that Ian is a Sonic fan and constantly stretches new ideas in the comics. I have the impression that Sega denies him storylines sometimes. Because he pushes the line a lot, he is good source of what’s allowed and not.
  12. I’d rather that than dilute a game with nonsense. Give me short 3D acts, or 2D acts that center around a platforming gimmick, anything except something that feels like a chore to play before I get to the next good part. We’ve agreed that management is the problem. Now I’ll say that whoever is on design team that thinks filler material is a good response to management needs to be replaced too.
  13. I didn’t only say reviewers, I said fans as well. I’m talking about reviewers because they influence perception and adoption of the series by new people. Anyways Gens and Colors are not bad just because reviewers like them. But they help to sell copies.
  14. Yeah, that’s right Colors came before Generations. My mistake. The point is valid though. If making boost levels are so inefficient, how were Colors and Gens even possible? They leaned on 2D a bit more but reviewers did not have a problem with that, and plenty of fans don’t either. Colors has a number of shorter acts based on the core gameplay to fill it out. Generations has classic 2D to fill it out. The main course stays memorable and polished in these games though, and that’s where they’re remembered. Unleashed is well made, which can’t be said for Forces. If the Werehog was canceled from it, and filled with more Colors style acts it would have been well received. For every review outlet to say “Half of the game is shit” hurts Sega more and loses more money than reviews that say “It’s fun but short”. Shorter, cheaper games, with a commitment to episodic DLC expansions would work well with what I think is their main problem - Deadlines and padding.
  15. The worst games Sonic Team puts out suffer from a lack of focus. They have some great ideas, and then screw it up by putting too much on their plate. I don’t know what leadership is to blame for this, whether it’s in Sonic Team itself or Sega as a company. I also don’t know their budget for games. I know they need focus. Maybe they need some support as well. For example, Sonic Unleashed was a very ambitious game - New engine, entirely new playstyle, real world level inspirations, hub worlds, and nice character design. Even the story was very much on point. New characters in Pickle and Chip, and they didn’t suck. Night of the Werehog was produced. There were a lot of new ideas coming out in this game. The daytime boost levels were praised to high heavens, but someone decided to pad out the game with the God of Hog. Why the padding? I bring up Unleashed because it leaves behind a legacy in the games. They focus the mechanics in Unleashed, and produce Generations, the best received game in forever. Then they focus again, innovate a little, and produce Colors, the second best received game in forever. Forces used the same style, but the Avatar creation seems second to the actual stages. Suddenly the other sections in the game seem to suffer in quality. Back to padding. Why do that at all? Why not focus your best ideas, like before? Yoshihisa Hashimoto, director of Unleashed first said the Werehog was a way to draw in new players. He also said they were under time constraints. Sega is the company that released Sonic 06 in the state it was in, so I’m inclined to believe that padding is a deadline thing. I don’t know if ST needs new leadership, but new blood is good for creativity. Unleashed was Hashimoto’s first director role. They probably gave that to him for creating the Hedgehog Engine. Sonic Team needs talent like that, new or old. They should also hire outside teams to support them if padding for time is an issue. What about Sumo Digital. They need to maintain focus in their team and stop green lighting dumb ideas. If the entirety of the Werehog or Avatar sections were three more levels of main gameplay, would anyone complain? A shorter game can still be good. If game length is an issue, why not sell shorter games at a lower price point, and then have a team dedicated to legit expansion pack DLC packages? I feel as though the deadline thing is a Sega management-level issue that would repeat itself with future leadership. I don’t know what Iizuka is like as a boss, so that’s all I got.
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