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  1. Cool analysis of movement in platformers using Celeste:


  2. Yeah, but you just described half of Sonic games in the past 10 years.
  3. Since Sega seems to want to keep play styles separated, why doesn’t someone like Shadow play a slower less boosty Adventure style, while someone like Sonic plays a more boosty style. Both styles are solid to me. I’d prefer all styles belong to Sonic, but hoping for them to make a third hybrid style probably is fruitless. Wasn’t that Lost World’s experiment?
  4. I want to see the monster of the week trope reversed on Eggman in a big way. Eggman, mad scientist, is constantly one-upped by random ass mythological creatures. I want to see him take a mad scientist’s approach to these monsters. A mythical creature is just a big Flicky to science. This is the guy who turned little squirrels into batteries for his robots. I want to see him put a harness on Chaos and ride that sucker into a tornado. That’s a final boss. Why can’t that be the final act of just one game?
  5. Fans should notice that any artwork as early as the above page will have some of the only appearances of pink Sally Acorn. Her hair scheme is black, and she was pink in the comics for maybe seven issues.
  6. I finally know what I can do for the Sonic community. I can do a let’s play of Chaotix on the original hardware. 🙂

  7. Is the eerie section of Scrap Brain in the Twinkle Park theme or is it different, and I’m crazy?

    1. Forgetful Panda
    2. Badnik Zero

      Badnik Zero




    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      They're vaguely similar, but definitely not the same.

    4. JezMM


      Yeah can see the resemblance but almost certainly a coincidence.

  8. R&B from the 80s. I think this has Mania written all over it. I wonder what inspired Tee Lopes to find such an accurate style.
  9. I quit the Metal Gear series because MGS4 was twelve hours of cheesy cinema and six hours of gameplay. I’m going to buy this, I just hope it’s enjoyable for me. I see in the trailer that Del Toro moves with that kind of Japanese pantomime motion capture style that really is not immersive for me. Like when Ocelot starts making Super Sentai gestures it really takes me out of the story. I don’t know if this is a regular gripe about Kojima games. This is a good genre for him to stretch his sci-fi skills though. The setting reminds me of movies like Sphere or Annihilation, where the researchers are set up at the edge of some world consuming phenomenon. Kojima was influenced by Western action films for Metal Gear. I wanna say I see some Stranger Things influence in the mirror worlds type of concept, but this is more likely an idea from his Silent Hill game. Im not even going to get into gameplay, because I have full confidence in Kojima to make new styles and have them be fun as shit. We will see in November.
  10. After all these years, Invader Zim was still good.


  11. Has anyone touched upon how this will affect streaming platforms? Disney majority owns Hulu and is now launching Disney+, so between these two they will squeeze Netflix to death. After they grab their IPs back from Netflix, I give it two years before Netflix starts bleeding cash. Remember how popular the Marvel series were on Netflix? I don’t think original content can compete with the likes that, or of Star Wars tv. Disney doesn’t need to pay anyone to license stuff like Simpsons or Alien and it’s going to destroy the competition.
  12. Parappa the Rapper had an anime? WHAT

    1. Menace2Society



      Although it might as well be called “Papa” because there’s barely any ounce of rapping in it.

    2. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yep, although unfortunately I don't think anyone has done a full effort subbing it. Last I checked, only the first 13 episodes are subbed on YT.

      Ape Escape also had an anime.

  13. I don’t usually tend towards this type of blues/rock as a genre but this lady’s got style. They are the Tjiros from Japan.
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