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  1. There is a rumored early script from Colin Trevorrow when he was still the Director and the movie was called Episode IX: Duel of the Fates. The summary is in this long ass YouTube video and it sounded awesome.
  2. My major gripe about this trilogy is that all of the best parts of the story seem to happen off screen. Luke has an academy, and one of his pupils falls to the dark side? Why not show that kind of thing on screen, for fucks sake. Despondent, failed Luke is actually a great concept, but not when it forces him to appear in only one movie of the trilogy. This just goes to show that TLJ is not necessarily bad, as it is jarring. If anything, Rian Johnson should have been given the first movie of the trilogy, if he was going to run with such new ideas. By switching gears in the second film, it stops the momentum of the trilogy. And that’s my second gripe, that the trilogy has no direction. When the second film throws the first one out of the window, and the third film disrespects the second openly, only the audience loses. Who the hell at Lucasfilm was in charge of stopping the pissing contest between directors? Well, at least the Mandalorian will be on for another few years.
  3. So TLJ is controversial among fans for its treatment of Luke and refusal to follow with the movie before it, but this movie takes that last mistake and doubles down. The end result is a trilogy that course-corrects twice. That’s a reversal between every movie in the trilogy. How frustrating. I’m starting to think that TLJ is the better movie out of the two, since the details of how JJ makes the plot walkbacks work just don’t add up even when compared to Force Awakens, which is his own movie. At least TLJ looked nice from a filmmaking point of view and has some memorable (if controversial) lines of dialogue. No lines in this movie stand out to me that are not at prequel levels of cheesiness. At least there will be memes from the fans. The philosophy here seems to be “bigger is better”, which results in an up scaling of force abilities that will affect the longevity of this franchise. Also, the blatant shade being thrown at the previous movie is too much. Can we not fight in front of the kids, please, Rian and JJ? To betray the plot once in TLJ was enough. This would have been better made if they stuck with the decisions made in TLJ, to at least produce a coherent trilogy. All three movies have a continuity that is loose at best. They managed to write themselves into a corner, which is why we get this Lich King as the final threat of a disappointing three movies.
  4. Knuckles’ favorite Chaos Emerald is the purple one because he likes grapes and imagines it has a grape flavor. When playing Pumpkin Hill it is appropriate to change the lyrics to ”I know that it’s here / I sense it in my feet / the grape Emerald’s power allows me to feel”
  5. I’m baffled that Sonic stories continuously treat dimension and timeline as the same thing, interchangeably. That’s what made Blaze’s story all twisted up, when 06 and Rush came out within a year of each other. It’s like, they made this mistake already. I would want classic and modern Sonic to remain the same Sonic, one from the past and one from the future. But I’d rather not need to have a second Sonic for classic gameplay. Like others have said in different threads, it might be a branding thing, but if it is it’s way off target from what people were asking for. I’d also ask that Chronicles be dropped from the canon, although it likely already can’t be canon given it’s place in any timeline. I’m not a detractor of Chronicles, I liked it and wanted a sequel to improve on the areas they clearly dropped the ball (audio), but it’s a shame to see a Sonic RPG hit a wall and go nowhere. I just wish it never happened so that they could start over with that concept.
  6. Cool analysis of movement in platformers using Celeste:


  7. Yeah, but you just described half of Sonic games in the past 10 years.
  8. Since Sega seems to want to keep play styles separated, why doesn’t someone like Shadow play a slower less boosty Adventure style, while someone like Sonic plays a more boosty style. Both styles are solid to me. I’d prefer all styles belong to Sonic, but hoping for them to make a third hybrid style probably is fruitless. Wasn’t that Lost World’s experiment?
  9. I want to see the monster of the week trope reversed on Eggman in a big way. Eggman, mad scientist, is constantly one-upped by random ass mythological creatures. I want to see him take a mad scientist’s approach to these monsters. A mythical creature is just a big Flicky to science. This is the guy who turned little squirrels into batteries for his robots. I want to see him put a harness on Chaos and ride that sucker into a tornado. That’s a final boss. Why can’t that be the final act of just one game?
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  11. I finally know what I can do for the Sonic community. I can do a let’s play of Chaotix on the original hardware. 🙂

  12. Is the eerie section of Scrap Brain in the Twinkle Park theme or is it different, and I’m crazy?

    1. Big Panda
    2. Badnik Zero
    3. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      They're vaguely similar, but definitely not the same.

    4. JezMM


      Yeah can see the resemblance but almost certainly a coincidence.

  13. R&B from the 80s. I think this has Mania written all over it. I wonder what inspired Tee Lopes to find such an accurate style.
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