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  1. I don't think Sonic had any negative critics in the early '90s. In fact he rode this critical appreciation out well past his prime when both Adventure games and Heroes for frick's sake (which is an extremely average platformer) also got wonderful reviews probably because of the Sonic name. Sonic is most often cited as a series that took multiple missteps, but you really can't fall if you were never great to begin with, so... By acknowledging Sonic's fall reviewers are saying he was once great.
  2. ohhh youre my best friend

    in a world of pokemen

  3. I used to have these a couple times a week when I was younger, like six years old, and at least once a month until I was 21. It was frightening, but I never thought it was demons or ghosts, since I'd always had it affecting me. It almost always happens when I'm falling asleep, and starts with a tingly feeling like pins and needles in my head. When I was younger there was a crushing sensation, like I was slowly being pressed out in a vise. As the pressing continued, the tingling would get worse. And all the time I was paralyzed, but able to see things, like the time on a digital clock for example. As I got older it started to come with the sensation of a stalker, a man or thing, somewhere outside the field of my vision. The best interpretation I've seen of the stalker I used to feel by my bed was in the movie Insidious, where the demon by the dresser is reaching slowly out to the little possessed kid from the shadows, with a long claw. In my teens I stopped really believing in the divine and supernatural, so I was confused as to what the sensation really meant. Sometimes the tingling I felt would become a buzzing noise, and I imagined myself speeding down a tube pressed out by gravity force, and the speed and buzzing would increase together until my panic put me to sleep. Sometimes I'd overcome the paralysis and snap up out of bed, but most of the time I fell asleep from the panicked state. But I developed a way to stop panicking, and I stopped having frequent episodes. I still have them once a year at least, but I no longer panic. When I was 21 I adopted this outlook like, if it's not gonna kill you, how bad can it be really? I applied this to many situations, but I used it especially to overcome sleep paralysis. Whenever I had an episode, I'd relax, and ask myself why I was panicking if I'd been through it so many times before. Had it ever hurt me? Had it ever done anything except make me scared, mostly through my own panic? When the answer to all these questions were no, I became kind of a thrill seeker with my episodes. I began to feel that not everyone has this experience, and if it is unique, then I was going to use it. I wanted to see how long I could feel the buzzing in my head without giving in to fear, or if the stalker I sometimes felt could ever catch me. When I believed I was stronger than the paralysis, and I kinda gave in to it, they started to become less frequent. That's probably why for people who pray, that also works, because it places you in a position to overcome the fear. So basically, face this thing. It can't hurt you, it's literally only in your head. Trust in the fact that it's never harmed you. Treat it like you would a roller coaster ride, and dare yourself not to be scared.
  4. u poke me and i poke u


  5. Can I ask what levels people posting in this thread are at, and generally what your day to day activities are to reach higher levels? I think I average about 20-30k exp a day from eggs hatched and pokestops. I ride a lot of buses to work and the stop and go motion of the bus makes it really good for egg kilometers, and I get off the bus at night several stops after my stop to walk back an additional 2-3 kms. I try to visit at least one park on my way home. About to hit lvl 24. I also stopped using lucky eggs a bit back and now evolve my dudes on the spot. How do you guys find the gym system to be working out? I just recently realized I've been doing friendly matches all wrong. Training at friendly gyms is for Pokémon weaker than the opponent, and I was using my strong ones. For example since you can only use one Pokémon in friendly matches, it gets worn down on lower lvl guys until it falls to the higher lvl Pokémon in the gym. This is a waste of potions because the reward will be only 200-300 prestige points, and your Pokémon has to go back many times to open a new slot. However if you defeat the first let's say 1200 CP guy with only an 800 CP guy using type advantage, your underdog victory nets up to 800 prestige from a Pokémon you probably don't use. Plus, because of lower level he is probably less costly to heal a couple times. I feel like even some high level trainers don't even know this, because I see them stacking newly captured gyms with Pidgeys to give other friendly players an opportunity to jack up the prestige. Was anyone else confused about gym battles like this?
  6. Something thing like two weeks into the release of this game, and I have never seen more interest in a game by casual or non-gamer people since grandmas were playing Wii Bowling ten years ago. The appeal, like with the Wii, is the simplicity of the game. It has no learning curve. So many people, like my girlfriend for example, cannot be bothered to learn the mechanics of a traditional rpg like Pokémon on handheld, nor do they have the patience for level grinding and exploration on handheld. Pokémon Go completely removes any boundaries to game-phobic people, and leaves one simple fact remaining: Everyone fucking loves collecting Pokémon. It's just become simpler. It succeeds in being basic enough to be that ridiculously popular. Just the other day I saw an old man and his wife wandering towards a park, at 9 pm, looking for the active lure spot at the park's memorial. They were met by a set of parents escorting their kids and a group of young couples cathing Growlithes under a tree. I gave in to the temptation last night after taking out the garbage, to stroll around the block and scope out the Bellsprouts in my neighborhood. At 11 pm. Anyways, this is addictive. They need a few more extra features on update! Go Team Mystic!
  7. happy birthday :)

  8. I expected Teen Titans Go to be garbage since I'm a fan of the original, and people hate it, but its absurdist style is too funny. Robin trying to explain building equity to his team and investing in a rental property with Batman's money is hilarious, I don't care.

  9. I think it's kinda overblown, really. Asian governments are so sensitive about these damn islands, and at least in the cases of Japan and Korea it goes back to national pride related to WWII. Same is true for China and Japan. In fact where Japan is concerned, probably no one but the Japanese agree with Japan's claims on the islands, because of the amount of conquering fuckery Imperial Japan was involved in. So really this goes back to who originally owned the islands before the Japanese navy started conquering shit in the 1910s, and who is even willing to honor 100-year-old treaties between governments that in most cases don't exist today, and all this after several wars. In some cases these islands are just coves or uninhabitable rocks in the sea. China's taking it to a new level actually, by modifying these islands and saying that means they're theirs. It's clever, because it's more than just building an outpost and raising a flag, they are actually growing the islands which is fucking nuts. But probably it won't deter any claims countries have on them. Why the United States decided to grow this into an issue of contention with China is beyond me. Maybe it has to do with the militarization of the island chains, but I don't think we're building our involvement in this into anything except a bargaining chip. Later we can pull our harassment back in exchange for China's cooperation in some other thing. There really needs to be some kinda official island dispute summit between all the Asian Pacific countries though, because they all claim islands against each other and it's dumb. They all float military vessels past each other over these dots in the ocean. I'm no expert, but doesn't this also come down to resources? I know maritime borders are used to claim resources extending out into sea a certain distance from the land border, which comes into dispute. For example, possibilities of oil in the Falklands turn it into something more valuable than just a piece of land with a population of several thousand.
  10. I heard that the download version of Unleashed loads noticeably faster than the disc copy, can anyone verify this?

    1. Azoo


      PS3 or 360?

      cuz the PS3 version loads a bit slow, but I can't tell if it's any better or not since I never had the disc PS3 version

    2. gracias por nada

      gracias por nada

      Aw, sad to hear that. I mean the PS3 version. The disc is ridiculously slow to load, between every map, every area, and every level/mission start. It's my main gripe about the game.

    3. The Dog

      The Dog

      I would in imagine that: A. Yes, it would, since it doesn't have to load data from the disk. B. Loading times depends on how quick your HDD is. 

  11. Well, haven't we had this kind of system before? This is essentially a slave society, no? Except the slaves are not people and so the results of their work are guilt free. If everyone lives like a Pharaoh, what eventually comes of that? I don't know the answer. Were the aristocrats of slave cultures necessarily productive people? Or did they simply get fat off the rewards of their slave enterprise? A system like this would probably create two classes of people. The producers and the lazy people. I wouldn't imagine this kind of world is a utopia either. Let's say your system abolishes money entirely. Currency then resides with people with influence, whoever has more of what people want. Which in this case, I think would be jobs, as funny as that sounds. The ability to work and produce something new would be currency in a world with no jobs.
  12. I think I saw a former SSMB mod on a train the other day, but I wasn't sure. Now it might be too late to PM the person without looking like a creep, yeah?

    1. Tara


      The train an SSMB mod would take is the hype train.

  13. Well... It's like, aren't some things with a human touch irreplaceable? Let's say creativity for instance. This is larger to me than an economic system, although certainly it goes into the basics of a society. It's like how they say humanity developed culture when it learned to plant crops. Because we had time to do things besides follow a herd of wildebeests for food. Supposing we don't have to work for anything, what else do we develop with our idle hands? Do we transcend our current mindset? Do we slide into torpitude and debauchery? Not really sure if this is relevant but I'm also reminded of how people complain that the US has moved from production of goods to basically retail jobs. If jobs are so easily automated, then I wonder if work itself would become a commodity in a system like this. But I wanted to say something about creativity. What about entertainment, or the industry of new ideas? We'll always be looking for new ways to amuse ourselves, or produce new ideas and not just things. Assuming the robots are not intelligent then this is a job that falls to people and will always fall to people. If the robots are intelligent however, well then we're probably fucked.
  14. I'm not really opposed to simple, like others have said in the topic. The original games were simple in story, but they were... I don't wanna say immersive... But rather its the sense of progression I miss in Sonic story. S3&K has a certain feeling of direction in its levels, where story events (Knuckles encounters mostly) only punctuate the feeling of moving forward towards your goal. Small things in the game really set a tone of wonder, Hidden Palace was just a story showcase level for example, or the Death Egg in the background of Sky Sanctuary, these things really gave life to a really basic plot of "stop Robotnik" that was still the norm. To contrast this with Sonic Colors, a recent game with a simple story, you can ask did the cutscenes and humor round the basic plot out into something memorable or not? I would say something like the Eggman PA announcements succeed in that respect, where the regular cutscenes do not. It was okay for Sonic to be simple in the past because his world made it up with layers of color and charm, and I would say charm is lacking more often than not in titles. Wonder and charm are two essential parts of the story and setting that make classic games still stand out again story heavy titles like SA2. Wonder was laid on thick in Colors I'd say, the level themes and setting execution are so good in this game that it makes you excited to be in an interplanetary theme park saving squiggly aliens, and ultimate lifeforms be damned, you know? If Colors had less actual dialogue I don't believe the game would suffer, the environment is strong enough. Now a game like SA2 I feel, has minimal wonder in its levels, and I have to ask if that's because the levels are so geared towards adrenaline, because its predecessor SA1 executed this nicely in hub worlds. But recognizing that they were telling a different type of story in SA2, I gotta say there is nothing wrong with that either. As opposed to simple stories which need to be driven by supporting environment and interesting cast, SA2 is all about what's going on as the story gets more complex. There's nothing wrong with that, SA2 resembles a movie much more than a bare bones video game plot, and the game does it well because despite being hailed as the first type of "serious" Sonic game, there is plenty of humor in the script to balance it. SA2 as a cutscene driven game is actually quotable, which is just what a story like that needs to do. And maybe this is where I bring it back around to say that a simple story need not be cutscene driven, because the story isn't really the main attraction there, its the background and the setting. Sean said Unleashed and I agree. The world locations give the story flavor, because it's otherwise just a game about putting stones in altars to stop a monster. Like Colors, if Unleashed had less cutscenes, I don't think it'd suffer greatly. So in total I think Colors and SA2 both succeed highly at different things. Colors and the classics win in environment and charm and background story, while SA2 wins in strictly by the script terms which is what most people mean when they say story. Its a shame that Generations didn't have a better hub to create progression for the player, because all that game was missing was not this idea of a strict plotline, it was missing a cohesiveness, a chain of events kinda thing that would've brought the levels together in progression instead of literally just worlds from an abyss. There's a third type of story in Sonic, and that's the Storybook games which were more moral based type of stories I think, but I'll write about that another time.
  15. see u on the other siiiiide