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  1. I will say I have been completely overwhelmed by all the responses and support we been getting so far. I wanna say thank you to everyone so far and we will not let you guys down as we move towards the future for an even more awesome event next year!
  2. Actually TMZ asked "Are you still with, what's that chick's name, uh-uh-" Aaron: "Amy Rose." (I took the video, sorry about poor audio, my cameraphone sucks)
  3. Botan Rice Candy - my favorite before-bedtime sweet!

  4. Hitting up some of that Crush 40/Cash Cash Sonic Boom sweetness. Yeeeaaaa!

  5. Was watching Needlemouse the Musical (Sonic Boom version), forgot how hilarious it was.

  6. It sounds like I have something you GUYS want. The Urband Legend strikes again!

  7. The urban legend is easily amused by these status updates -giggle-

  8. Back to the grindstone tomm. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  9. That Sonic 3D model is scary beyond all reason. Though I got this nagging feeling in the back of my brain that I've seen worse somewhere...
  10. Frankly, I cannot say with all honesty that there is any particular that I hate, or even dislike. Sonic has an entire world of friends to interact with, each with a certain flavor of personality. (Or what little personality some of them even have).
  11. I'm gonna continue lurking around here for a while. Oh wait, SA2B's calling me. Never mind.

  12. I'm probably NOT the best person to be giving my opinion about Shadow, considering my reputation and everything (and if you have no idea what I'm talking about, SonicRemix on DA should point you in the general direction). But I personally thought Shadow was a great addition to the cast. He had a great back story, and I really felt for the character. I was sad for the ending of SA2, and I practically jumped for joy when SEGA brought him back. Just because he DIDN'T die, doesn't make the fact that he SAVED THE WORLD mean any less. A death does not necessarily make the notion that much more powerful, and nothing pisses me off more than people who bitch that him cheating death makes his attempt to save the world mean NOTHING. The risk was still there. It just happened that he came out of that a little crispy but not DONE. And I am so gonna get trashed for sounding like a complete and total fanbrat, aren't I? I do miss seeing Shadow around. I would love to see him in the story. Not necessarily playable, because it's still all about Sonic. (I'm a Shadow fan but I'm not an idiot). But enough of a presence to contribute to the story.
  13. All this is making me wanna do is to flip on my Wii and play SA2B again. Re-release? Perhaps for a new generation, maybe, especially if the game is unobtainable in its current format anymore. But I have a copy, so I don't care either way.
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